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3 Free Ideas for Storing Content Ideas in the Cloud

Updated on June 29, 2012

"The Cloud" is a great place to store ideas for turning into content later. Here's some tools you can use to store your ideas (content or otherwise) so that you can have access to them anywhere there's an internet connection.

1. Evernote

I tried Evernote a long time ago, but I could never fully integrate it into my daily life. Evernote allows you to tag (or not tag) just about anything and be able to pull it up later. Take a look at their learn more page if you want to get an idea for it's potential. For Evernote to really shine, though, you need a smart phone. The fact that I don't have one *gasp* makes it tough for me to adopt it. If you do have a smart phone though, Evernnote is probably the way to go.

2. Diigo

For people that spend most of their time in a web browser Diigo is a great way to clip the web, tag it, annotate it, and share it. One of the great things about Diigo is you collaborate on bookmarks and annotations. So if you're researching an article or project you're doing with another person, you can create what's called a "shared library." Shared libraries are basically project-specific collections of web clippings that everyone in your group can add to. Check out their learn more page for more info.

3. What I Use

Because I like to think of myself as a content creator (as opposed to consumer), I use two different tools in combination: DropBox and Both of them are simple, no-frills tools that fit my workflow perfectly. Dropbox is a simple way to store files and pinboard is a paid bookmarking site. Here's what happens when I come up with an idea that I want to store: I get most of my inspiration from hanging out on forums and blogs. So when I come across a thread or blog post that interests me, I'll bookmark it on Pinboard. If I decide to use said idea for a piece of content, I start a text file. Usually, I just write a working headline the first paragraph for an article and save it to my Dropbox. Later on, if it's still promising, I'll turn it into a piece of content. That's really all there is to it for me. Nothing fancy. Just a simple method I've come up with for storing ideas to turn into content. How do you store your ideas? Let me know in the comments.


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