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30 Hubs in 30 Days...Now What?

Updated on October 25, 2011

I Took the 30 Day Challenge...It Took Me 90 Days!

I took took the 30 Day Challenge beginning on July 27, and just ended a few days ago. So I actually took a bit, erm, read that a LOT longer than 30 days. But I feel like I did my best to honor the spirit of the challenge, and now I'm reporting in my results.

Why I Took the Challenge

I knew my two year anniversary at HubPages was coming up and I decided to participate in the challenge because after starting out on HubPages with a strong start, it seemed like my best performing hubs kept going back to the hubs I wrote when I first signed up. I love being a member of the HubPages community, but I was in a rut, and just felt my writing wasn't quite where I wanted it to be.

I read another hubber's claims that after she took the challenge, her earnings rose by 400%. When I did the math for myself, the possiblity of those kinds of results seemed very attractive too.

How I Handled the Challenge

The first eight or ten days of the challenge, I was on fire. I had a huge group of ideas, and some gaps in my existing collection of hubs I wanted to fill in.

Then something happened. Actually a few things. I discovered the Adwords Keyword Tool and began using it to draw traffic to my existing hubs. That wasn't in my plans. My children got sick. Actually, they got very sick. One evening my son actually had a fever of 107 degrees. It was scary and distracting. I felt like the Universe was telling me "Time Out" with a capitol T! Other distractions followed, and I realized life is what happens when you are trying to Hub!

My publishing pace slowed down. But in the meantime, I wrote a hub titled How to Be a Success on HubPages in 100 Hubs or Less. All that hubbing got me to thinking about what it takes to be a great Hubber. I realized that I had learned an awful lot during my time here, and though I still have a lot to learn, maybe I could offer some advice to new writers here. That hub was a hit with you all, and soon I started seeing some tremendous traffic results. Encouraged, I decided to press on.

Thanks to the wonderful Hubbers who inspire us through HubMob, after my slowdown I wrote a few more articles on the Performing Arts. I kept pushing. I tend to write verbose articles, but that's just me. I continued to rework my HubPages tags and added many new keywords. I reworked some old hubs that needed some polishing, and even deleted a few hubs that I wrote on bad mood days. No one likes a whiner. But deleting just two hubs reduced my count, so I needed to write a few more.

Other Stuff I Learned

  • From the Hub Challenge I learned how to drive traffic to my hubs. Lately, based on some of the informative articles I've read, I learned how to backlink my hubs and I've stepped up use of RSS feeds and keyword optimization. The free Google Adwords keyword tool makes this super easy because you can copy the URL of your hub into the keyword tool, and it will generate recommended keywords.
  • I started keeping an idea file. It is just a simple online document containing hub ideas. At one point during the Hub Challenge I had 16 hubs in process. I deleted several and soon realized that I work best when I am only creating four or five hubs at a time, maximum. Otherwise I lose interest and momentum. Having an idea file gives me topics to work with if I begin to run low on ideas. I can refer back to my idea file and piggyback off of hubs I have already written.
  • I discovered that I have areas of knowledge and interest that a I haven't even begun to tap into. I'm excited to explore these new areas. I am still happy with the topics I have selected to write about, but many of my hubs are seasonal in nature. I'm excited to have found some new areas to explore.
  • I made a lot of new friends along the way, and discovered some great writers. I actually have increased the time I spend reading other writer's work. I've learned some things from them and tried to incorporate my learnings into my writing process.
  • I learned that some topics are easier for me to write about. They just flow a bit easier. I'm going to write more easy-flow articles and continue to work on some of the ones that are a bit harder for me to write.
  • I developed a sense of what I can reasonably accomplish. I also learned to balance my personal life against my writing a bit better. My goal now is to try to publish once every three or four days. If I publish that often I can still publish 5-10 hubs a month. That is doable for me and is a manageable amount for my busy family life.
  • I doubled my earnings. See above. In some regards, it's all mysterious Adsense mojo, but it happened. I also credit this to reworking my existing hubs.

Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

I knew participating in the HubPages Challenge was a success when I was talking to my husband this morning. The last three months marked a noticeable increase in my HubPages earnings. Enough that HubPages will be paying the Christmas bills this year--a modest Christmas--but with some guerrilla shopping techniques, it is enough to put several new toys under the tree. I am expecting my next Adsense payment sometime in November, then possibly again in January.

I told my husband that I really hoped to step up my earnings from my online writing. His supportive response "It looks like you're doing that. You just need to keep on doing it" made my efforts worth while. Participating in the HubChallenge produced an unexpected result: My husband's improved respect for my writing hobby has been upgraded to an understanding of my goals and an increased support for my efforts here.


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  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 

    7 years ago from Texas

    I have been hubbing for 1 week now. It has been a long week as I've tried to absorb all that I can, and I still have so much more to learn. I hope to possibly do a 30 day challenge beginning sometime next month. I admire the fact that you completed it despite the fact that you missed the initial deadline

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    8 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks Wayne. 4 times 30! Wow! That is indeed impressive. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • waynet profile image

    Wayne Tully 

    8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

    Well done!

    The earnings only increase and mine did when I did my first 30 day challenge, now I'm on my 4th challenge and learnt alot along the way!

    Keep on hubbing when you can!

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    8 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks Pamela. Probably the biggest thing I learned from the experiment was that writing on HubPages is a labor or love, with an emphasis on work. I love writing here for a variety of reasons, but increasing my earnings will continue to be a goal for me. Life really does happen while I'm writing, so I have to be careful to keep the balance, too. Thanks for reading this and sharing your thoughts.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    8 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks Pamela. Probably the biggest thing I learned from the experiment was that writing on HubPages is a labor or love, with an emphasis on work. I love writing here for a variety of reasons, but increasing my earnings will continue to be a goal for me. Life really does happen while I'm writing, so I have to be careful to keep the balance, too. Thanks for reading this and sharing your thoughts.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    8 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Congratulations, obviously a belatedly. This was a good hub for me. I am still trying to understand some keyword optimization but I do use good keywords. You listed a lot of important things to simplify keeping organized and putting out a quality article. Thanks.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    8 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks Joel,

    I can't take credit for that particular tip (Ryan Hupfer and others have shared it in their articles), but I'm happy to pass it on to you. It is a useful tool and I was looking at your topic selection based on my little keyword research, you should see an increase in traffic too.

    I'm always very flattered when people bookmark my hubs. Thank you!

  • Joel McDonald profile image

    Joel McDonald 

    8 years ago from Denver, Colorado

    Awesome post! I especially liked the keyword research tip about pasting your URL into Google's application. I've never heard of that.

    I've bookmarked this post to come back and reference again. Thanks again!

    Thumbs up.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @RNMSN: Our water bills are almost $100 a month. That would really cut into our Christmas purchases. My Adsense has done pretty well during the last two months. I was wary about 30 hubs increasing my income, but my increased time on HP also meant I was learning some new techniques too. I learned that some of my hubs could be monetized better by changing up some keywords and have spent a lot of time cross-linking them. I've also added some RSS feeds using my own Hubs. The overall improvement has helped me increase my revenue quite a bit over just generating new writing.

    @Cheri Schultz. Hi! I think the nature of the challenge is just trying to push yourself to the limits of our creativity and productivity. I needed to do this because it helped me to see what was realistic and what wasn't in my personal life situation. I'd recommend the experience to just about anyone because challenging ourselves is always good. While I'd never tell anyone to quit their day job doing this, it is a great potential source of extra residual income.

  • Cheri Schultz profile image

    Cheri Schultz 

    9 years ago from Midwest

    Congratulations on achieving your success. You have inspired me to join the Hub Challenge. I love reading your Hub and the experiences you went through. I am glad to hear your earnings increased too..

  • RNMSN profile image

    Barbara Bethard 

    9 years ago from Tucson, Az

    I never expected to get rich but I was hoping to pay the water bills well as increase my wriing ability...but wow!! pay for xmas to go!!way to go!!

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @Hub Llama: Thank you for dropping by! I've read your writing and found it clear and informative. Anyone who wants to learn more about the HP system should look at your writing when they get a chance.

    @GreenMathDr: I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment. Thank you for the complimentary association with your best friend. I am deeply honored to receive that kind of association. I think you were still thinking about my other $20,000 hub. ;) But in all seriousness, my life has been in a bit of a turmoil over the last two years, and beyond my religion and my family, HP has been an anchor point for me. I slogged through the hub challenge and hope some time that I can do it again and succeed in writing more quality hubs in a shorter amount of time, but until then, I agree that what I learned from putting my focus on Hubbing made my messy house and half-naked children worth while.

    @A DANDEE REPORT: Thank you. Wow, you encapsulated some thoughts I have been having for a while. Sure there are a lot of internet marketers here and people who see HP as an avenue to get rich quick, but it is also a wonderful community of writers. Comments can sometimes take on a life of their own at HP. I love it when that happens, because it shows that something you wrote struck a chord with your audience. I've been surprised to learn that there are a number of professional writers who post on HP from time to time because they don't have the constraints of working with a publisher. Best of luck here.

  • A DANDEE REPORT profile image


    9 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

    Your article is timely to those of us that are just finding out about the Hubpages but equally impressive is the comments that follow your article.

    With all the hype advertising seen on the internet it is inspiring to find down-to-earth folks that are enjoying what they are doing and willing to share that joy.

    I am looking forward to becoming a real part of this wonderful society of writers and readers. Sure, I know there is some money to be made here but that is secondary to the community minded folks that are obviously the true base of this close knit writer society.

    What I am seeing in my short time here is that Hubpages attracts a much higher element of writers than what is normally found in places like scribd and ezinearticles.

    Everyone seems a great deal more interested in providing entertainment and information rather than just slapping words together to promote some affiliate program.

    I intend to take more time reading articles on the Hubpages simply because it is enjoyable reading.

    Thanks to you and to all who are providing their time to writing interesting thoughts, information and ideas for others to enjoy.

    Best Wishes to All

  • GreenMathDr profile image


    9 years ago

    Great Hub! I'm either just going to make 30 hubs in 30 days, or just miss 30 hubs in 30 days. I felt rushed and I'm not really satisfied that many of my hubs really say what I wanted. On the other hand it was a great experience. You on the other hand remind me of my best childhood friend who always set his mind on something and got it in spite of his disadvantages. He was valedictorian in spite of being at about the 75th percentile in IQ in our class.

  • Hub Llama profile image

    Hub Llama 

    9 years ago from Denver, CO

    Nice. I love to hear about other writers's processes.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @stephhicks: I agree with you. Fortunately we keep our Christmas purchases pretty simple each year. I see HP as a great Christmas bonus, but still learning about this online revenue thing. But the thing I love about it is that it's all frosting! You are a great writer and I'm glad you've stuck with HP. I think you've been here longer than me.

  • stephhicks68 profile image

    Stephanie Hicks 

    9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

    Well, I can tell you that after nearly 2 years here myself, I am still going after the "magic bullet." I make considerably more on AdSense from my own blogs than from HubPages (coming up on 200 hubs). Yet, even combined my top earnings would only pay my utility bills each month. I know that there are some people that earn more, and I suspect many more that earn less. If only HubPages would pay for my Christmas.... I may start to believe in Santa Claus.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    itakins, you should. You definitely should! Just pace yourself. Success will come. Thanks for commenting!

  • itakins profile image


    9 years ago from Irl

    Encouraging for me reading this on 'one of those days'when I'm wondering should I /shouldn't I !!!

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @LeonJane That is a splendid comment, thank you for such a lovely complement! I've done the same thing! Balance and routine are such an important part of life and yet I tend to push because I'm impatient. The rewards here are slow building but worth the effort. I think I'll have to keep at this for another 15 months before I start seeing the serious results I'm looking for.

    @escritor I've been there, too. Now I'm curious about the one thing you've published! I've written a lot of junk figuring out my writing voice here. Don't worry about getting anything perfect. You can always go back and edit, or even remove things you can't stand to see in print! Regards!

  • escritor profile image


    9 years ago

    Thanks for this hub. I have been on HubPages for 6 weeks and have only published one hub. You inspire me to lose some of my apprehension and move ahead.

  • LeonJane profile image


    9 years ago from Australia

    Yeah it's balance between personal life and writting hub pages that I have to keep an eye on and properly manage. When your partner keeps asking why you are taking photos of everything you do, and then they realize its for hub page articles, thats when I think I need to slow down a bit. I guess not every aspect of your life should become a hub, but then again it is a more rewarding hobby than watching tv or using facebook (i think). Your hubs are great, ive got along way to go as I am a hub bub!

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @Dohn121: LOL! The only whip being cracked at my house is by me. I think I was a self-flagellating monk in another lifetime.

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @Hello, hello! Thank you. You are very kind. I think good things will come if you try the challenge. It's worth while, but does require a time commitment. Now's the time to do it, before Christmas!

    @Duchess OBlunt: Many of us wouldn't be here if we weren't writers first. Dare I say it? There are so many other ways to make money! I love the HP community and especially need the camaraderie of like minded people since the biggest part of my day is spent changing diapers and washing my hands very very well! If you try the challenge I think you'll benefit as a writer. Though I've read your hubs and know you to be very talented! Part of taking the challenge is developing a discipline to write even when it is inconvenient. I agree HP is a special place with unique freedoms to express what we wish. I'll be watching you from now on. In a good way. Not like an internet stalker lol!

    @Travelerhubs: Thank you. Even though I was late the results were pretty great. I want to keep doing this and building my hub empire. LOL!

    @lynnechandler: I like your positive attitude. I'm looking forward to reading your stuff. Good luck with your 30 Day Challenge this month. I hope you have fun and learn a lot. I did!

    @dahoglund: I've got to look at what you are doing these days. I think you are off to a great start! You are very very kind. Being an inspiration is a great honor.

    @Lupo: Thank you. I know a lot of us Hubbers have lives outside of hubtopia here, but it is so nice when someone acknowledges your challenges. I love writing. I look forward to it every day, but my children will always be first in my life. I think my husband saw this as an annoying hobby but now understands why I'm investing my time and creativity here. Overall he's been extremely supportive of me and I'm so thankful to have that from him. He understands that hubbing fills an emotional niche as well as a monetary one.

  • dohn121 profile image


    9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    It certainly is great that your husband is supporting your hobby, wannabwestern. Hey, you did what you could with the time you had and that really is all that counts (no one HubPages came to your house and cracked the whip did they?) Congratulations on the HubChallenge! You're a inspiration here!

  • Lupo profile image


    9 years ago from Boston Area

    Very nice. It is not good to be challenged in reaching your goals with stuff like ill children. It is great that you stuck with the spirit of the challenge and kept with it despite getting slowed down.

    I also liked reading that you were rewarded for your efforts, in terms of increased income and some support from your husband for what you are trying to accomplish (and working hard at!).

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 

    9 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    You are an inspiration to us who are still learning the basics.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    The HubChallenge is an awesome experience. I am doing the one for October and have already seen marked improvement overall. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • travelerhubs profile image

    Travel Lover 

    9 years ago from USA

    Well written hub. Congratulations. Better late than never.

  • profile image

    Duchess OBlunt 

    9 years ago

    Thank you for this Hub. I know you are "reporting in" as they have asked but it was well done and very informative.

    My reasons for being here are not to make money, does that sound ridiculous? Maybe it will just happen, but I just really like it here. It gives me a venue for writing that I just have not found anywhere else. I'm getting my feet wet so to speak.

    Maybe I should look at taking the challenge. hmmm thinking . . . must check it out.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    That was really informative and I thank you for sharing. I hope Hub doing it again and I can increase my income and also my fun writing hubs. Thank you again.


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