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38 Reasons Why I almost Quit Writing on Hubpages: Why I did not

Updated on November 6, 2010

Have you ever felt like qutting before? this was how I felt when I started writing here, but...

Writing on hubpages can be fun especially with the gigantic improvements done so far by its editorial management since it came on board; I know a lot of hubbers who make tons of money doing what? Writing articles or is it Hubs here.

But for me, it has not been a very smooth ride; of course I’m not blaming any one for the peanuts I earn here, after all I’ve not been very consistent with writing enough hubs that will bring in the much needed revenue, and come to think of it, I write strictly for the fun of it, though it is not a bad idea getting some red cent from the handwork we hubbers put here (my recent comment on Lady E’s hub).

But my main purpose for writing this is not to lament on any hub misadventure or boast of one hub achievement or the other; but to announce the reasons why I almost quit writing on this very wonderful writer’s community, 38 reasons in all; you can continue reading below.

I felt like severing links with Hubpages just like this...

  • Why should I join and since I joined what next? This might sound very absurd and you will wonder why this is reason number one; well this is so because I easily become pissed off when people start screaming about some wonderful web app or site where any thing could get easily done, this is why I am not a frequent user of FaceBook, as a matter of fact I want to cancel my account there. This is exactly the case with Hubpages when I joined precisely 48 months ago, a lot of writers and freelancers where over heating the whole place with their spurious claims of earning six figure income just from writing few (childish hubs) articles here: I just signed up like I did with FaceBook, just to satisfy the curiosity in me; and after a couple of hubs with no real income to show for it, I did what any rookie writer would do, Quit!. But after I saw some steady increase in my Adsense revenue, I checked the channel that was generating the most clicks; and was really surprised where most of the clicks were coming from, Hubpages! What!!!, maybe there was some sense in writing here if the ads where making sense. Oh my! I jumped right back in (a fortnight ago), and I’m glad to be back, please fellow hubbers join in welcoming me back. Cos I’m back for good!
  • What can I write on? The dilemma of every writer, even the so called hub Elites, is coming up frequently with what to write on or write about. Yes it is true that I know a lot of things, but what can be of interest to my readers? This was the question that was running riots in my writers mind. Should I write on blogging? no there’s so much information on this issue and writing on it might be considered surplus to requirements, what of weight lose and dieting? Just imagine the number of DIY articles on this niche, writing on this can be likened to adding a cup of water to a mighty ocean, considering the fact that there are many heavy weights and professionals on this site strutting their stuff and expertise on this weight lose niche; and competing with them will be like an ant contending with an Elephant. But I decided to do what I know best; write, write and write, I wrote on topics I know a thing or two about, like my hub 9 Health Benefits of Coconut Water, which I wrote 48 months ago, and I’m still getting occasional comments on it and even got a boost when a fellow hubber, Jen Solitude had it included in a similar article she did on coconut water. So I stuck my guns, and wrote topics I feel comfortable and had a natural flare for even if there had been a similar hub or information on it, and you know what? I feel fulfilled and happy that I did: now I easily come up with writing ideas, and when I do I quickly get it jotted down in my notes, and apply one simple technique I learnt from a mentor, mind-mapping; to easily build the idea into a hub.
  • Traffic- this remains the number one headache of even the biggest online experts like the Yanik Silvers and Ewen Chiahs of this world. When I got on board this site newly, I felt the only thing I needed to do was write and the traffic will be coming naturally (as was the assertion then), but after writing and with few traffic to my hubs, I felt like quitting and taking my stuff else where. Then, I do not have any idea what back linking was all about, I disregarded Social Book marking sites like Digg, delicious, stumbleUpon and maybe Twitter, I wondered how article directories will see my weird hubpages url if I wrote an article with a link back to my hubs. I tried to figure out what commenting on hubs with similar theme will really do for me. But after some time, I began understanding the importance of back linking, using social bookmarks (there was none then initially on this site), and I want to start writing article and submitting to article directories with a link back to my interesting hubs, and on the issue of commenting, I think I’ve left close to a hundred comments on many hubs I find interesting, and my hub score and hub-metrics is slowly improving, so is my hub followers. I believe if I sustain the tempo, traffic to my hubs will increase over the following weeks.
  • Poor Google Adsense Clicks: I’ve read a lot about how you can increase your Adsense revenue; that the information I was getting simply turned from useful information to information overload. These tips were not working, those that worked did not sustain for long. It was really frustrating that I decided it was wise if I left. Some suggested tweak the ads to be more contextual (as against Google TOS), use impressive large or leader-board type ads, then change the color of the ads from blue (default) to something like pink. I tweaked and tweaked and almost got banned from the program. But when I told myself that it was best I found out my self what works for me and what doesn’t, only then will I find the fulfilling benefit of being an Adsense publisher, most especially on this site Hubpages. This I’ve been doing ever since, and I’ve not been faring badly I think.

If you need help with Adsense, this resources can come in handy

  • Poor commenting on my hubs: even as I write this, I am yet to get even half a comment on the hub I wrote recently titled 11 Sure Ways to Write a Profit Pulling Product/Service Reviews, this is really not encouraging at all. But I think I got into the niche log jam of writing just any of those hubs on “how-to-write” stuffs or maybe I did not do justice to this topic (which I know is not the case) or maybe I do not have enough followers (about 22 as I write this) that’ll drop the comments that I need. This is absolutely frustrating to me, as I have even commented on poor and not well written hubs by other hubbers, making useful suggestions on how those hubbers can improve upon what they have; but on my hubs, I’m yet to see the best of days as regards comments,. Though I feel like quitting initially as a result of this, especially when I see the lengthy discussions in the name of comments on some top hubbers Hubs. But I have resolved to continue what I’ve been doing, that is Keep on writing and most importantly commenting, especially dropping useful comments: and I surely know one of my hubs will get those kinds of comments in the future, this I believe!
  • No Amazon Revenue, not just yet: I feel surprised when most hubbers release or make public their earnings, especially what they’ve earned from Amazon’s associate program, I know people love buying stuff they get reviews of, but buying some contextual bullshit (as displayed in the Amazon capsule) is something I still wonder how (maybe I’ll get the feel soon). this was another source of worry for me; I decided to eliminate the Amazon capsule in most of my hubs, but on a second thought, I have decided to leave them there, just one day I think some one might just decide to follow the link on any of my hubs (this one I think) and buy some thing, I just wish.
  • Kontera Just refused Showing on my Hubs: Text link ads are not just my thing, so kontera is still an idea I’m still yet to get used to, especially when it just refused showing up on my hubs; even after I have set the ads level to high. Should I quit hubbing? Or forget Kontera? since my main aim of writing was knowledge sharing not just getting kontera poor clicks? But I choose the latter; switched off kontera and concentrate more on creating good and useful hubs. I might reconsider switching it on back, maybe right after this.
  • Complex URL Arrangement: there you go again; how come getting my hub URL right is becoming really hard? This was the case at first and one thing that got me frustrated to the point of quitting. I wondered if it was a dash or an underscore; most of the time I spent many useful minutes trying to get my URL to Hubpages standards, and keep getting those red marks telling me that my hub page address is not correct, I should remove dashes or special characters and bla bla bla, damn! This was quite frustrating and stupid, and I thought something, Quit men! and take this article to other places where it’ll be better appreciated. But with the new URL arrangement in place, I think it has been really great hubbing again or what do you think?
  • No Freedom to place Ads where you Want: unlike some other content management systems like WordPress and Blogger. You had the simple freedom of placing your ads wherever you wanted them to appear. Is it on top of your content? Right below or even by the side? It’s all up to you to decide. But on hubpages, the reverse is actually the case. To me I felt they’ll have given a little concession to where we wanted the ads to appear, I wonder if they’ve forgotten that the contents on this site is truly ours and without them, Hubpages would have looked like a grave yard (sorry no offence meant here) so therefore we had some say on certain issues (ads placing being one of them). But I think this site is doing just great in ads placing, they seem to understand the simple art of ads placing (that is if you get your capsules well arranged), that with their arrangement any mediocre can get a click or half a click.
  • No Custom Template: From Wordpress to Blogger and other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Type Pad and even micro blogging CMS Sites like Twitter, give you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of custom templates; hubpages do not, every hubpage look like the other. This does not augur well for me. I think they should be a flexibility of some sort here (hubpages are you hearing?). Lets have the ability to differentiate MR A’s Hubs from that of Mr. B and Mr. C., having our pages look alike is not just that cool, though content is king as many will say, but adding a little pimp here and there to our hubs is not a very bad idea; It is my believe that hubpages editorial board and programmers are doing something about it, and will come up with some thing in the future or have they?
  • No knowledge of basic SEO: Another problem that was bedeviling my writing activities on hubpages was understanding the concept of Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. I was just naive to the idea of keyword listing, SERP and co. Free tools like the Google Adword tool was alien to me, I did not put much thought to what the search engine bots wanted vis-à-vis my human readers. It was just about writing and nothing more. But as I got more matured with writing online; I understood the importance of keywords, long tail and short, tagging, page rank checking and more, I even hope to get even better as time progresses, and might even lend newbies some of the basic SEO Tactics I know and use; you can never know!
  • Writing on Exhausted Topics: It might interest you to know that the number of Hubs created on Hubpages on different topics have reached and even surpassed a million Hubs, which this site celebrated not too long ago. What this means is that there’s virtually no topic that has not been covered on this site, from dating and relationship, freelancing, geography, academically inclined topics, Adsense, Global recession, celebrity gossips and so on; however some topics are more saturated than the others; topics like Adsense, writing on Hubpages, freelancing, make money Blogging, weight lose etc; so writing on this topics are better left for some Hub-gurus and Hub-Elites with an impressive track record of success on topics of this nature and at all times have something new to write about or say. This is one candid reason why I almost jumped off the hubpages train, when I found out that there’s no information you can give here that seems new; but I recently discovered that the only hub that sells here are hubs that bare truths about personal experiences; and not experiences you read about in some gossip magazine. If you want to write on Adsense and you honestly write the truth about what you know, disregarding what many have been said before, you’ll get more people interested, because you are presenting an entirely different point of view from what is considered generic. The summary of my take on this point is TRUTH SELLS, WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK PERIOD!
  • Writer’s Block: a lot of online projects from blogs to ordinary websites have packed up as a result of this problem. Even great writers every now and then get hit by this bug; when I got on the board of Hubpages, I suffered similar fate of lacking ideas for writing. Even when the ideas where coming up, it was pretty difficult to get these ideas together and sum it up into articles or Hubs worth reading. But I devised a grand plan to solving this problem called writer’s Block via the following ways
  1. I left the computer keyboard and returned to the real world (off line)
  2. I read more offline publications like dailies and weeklies
  3. I mixed more with people and looked at the kind of issues and problems they discussed more about
  4. I visited sites like Amazon, ClickBank and other affiliate Directories to see what was in vogue
  5. Forums became one of my cyber hangouts, niche based forums most especially for example the warriors Forum; to follow long threads with interesting discussions
  6. I read more articles on various article directories
  7. I did a retrospect, especially on my previous write ups
  8. I began building new ideas
  9. I used the mind-mapping technique I learnt from a mentor
  10. I went back to writing

  • Is Hubpages a Blog? Till this very moment, I am yet to classify Hubpages to where it rightly belongs; however one thing I know for sure is that it is a content management system though not in the class of Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, TypePad etc. this was what was confusing initially, it got to an extent I called it an article directory, a reviews site and any thing I thought it was or is, of course I know it is an Ad-Sharing site; then wont it be wise if I ditched my blogger account and put every thing here? Then I remembered this: on blogger, you must choose a niche to blog on and you stick to it, but here on Hubpages, you can build Hubs on any topic of your choice, though I know of hubbers who stick to just one topic; professionalism did I hear you say?. Then one more thing I realized about this site which has kept me on is wonderful site is that each hub is seen as a website; that is if I build a Hub on Dog Training; then it is like a website or blog on dog training, as I can discuss stuffs like dog training kit. Dog food, dog collar, dog medicine etc, then I can add videos, feeds, polls, sell Amazon and eBay stuffs related to this niche, add just about anything I fancy as I would do with a website or blog on the dog training niche. When I understood this, I stuck back and ever since then I have been developing great ideas on almost every niche, which I’ll be turning into hubs in the weeks and months ahead.
  • Adsense Sharing Formula should be Reviewed Up: I felt the 75% or so Adsense revenue we hubbers get from using this site should be reviewed upwards, how can I suffer and put up a hub and don’t get a 100% Adsense rights generated from the impressions served on my content pages? I was really greedy, and thought it was wise I quit and moved on to sites that are ready to allow me keep 100% Adsense revenue accruing from my contents. Then it struck me, this is a site with a high Google PR, if I can utilize this to my own advantage I can get patronage and gain more audience from here. Then I started seeing Hubbers who are earning good sums of money from the Affiliate programs here (especially Adsense), the funny aspect being that most of them do not have a blog or a web site; all their contents are only on this site and other sister sites they write for. Then I realized that the 75% sharing formula was not a bad idea (it’s actually cool) compared to the level of exposure a person can get from writing and interacting on this site.
  • Don’t understand the Forums? what’s the need For Hub Questions? Forums are online platforms where people of like minds and common interest meet and interact via discussions called threads. But on Hubpages, the forum here do not seem to conform with traditional forums I know and use; then I was also confused as regards Hub questions and answers; what the heck do these guys who ask most of the time silly questions, like the one I answered a couple of months back, think? Are they daft? Which one is hub question? Which is hub forum? Confusion galore I hear you say. It was just a few weeks back that I understood this two, especially the hub question segment, I came to realize that most of the elite hubbers with close to 900 hubs on their stables all earned these number of hubs via hub questions they answered, this was when I resolved to stay on and answer more questions that can help improve my Hub Karma or what it is they call it?
  • How do I embed these Amazon capsule with Relevant or Contextual Products? Another big one, I read hubs and I see Amazon and eBay products that are relevant to the topic of discussion of the hub; I was wondering how is it these hubbers get to do this?, I read many how-to-hub resources on this issue, the more I read, the more confused I became. I continued struggling, and even forget posting a Hub question to fellow hubbers soliciting for help, of course the forums where there, but I regarded it as a gathering for celebrating mediocrity (how foolish). It was after constant trial and failures, did I come to master the art of finding relevant products on the Amazon store via suggested keywords, then include the number of products I wish to appear. I’m still editing my old hubs to add amazon capsules with relevant products especially my hub titled 23 ways to get your Blog Easily Indexed By search Engine with Submitting it that is generating the most traffic.
  • What’s the importance of RSS? What’s all these noise About Feeds Syndication? I hated it when people keep re-sounding the importance of something as if it was as important as oxygen which we breathe. RSS which is Really Simple Syndication was one of such. On Hubpages, a lot of self acclaimed Hub Gurus talked about it as if it was going out of fashion; when ever I visited or read a How-To-Hub Article, it was always one of the top tips suggested, it really got bad that I felt if this is the only thing I could do to raise or improve my Hub standings, then I rather quit than be enslaved by some pimped out technology I know little or nothing about. Now I understand the RSS thing, if I should say, this is one of the best things to ever happen to the Cyber World, and every Netizen including hubbers should be grateful that it has been included in virtually all the website and blogs all across the web, including this site. I specially thank Hubpages for including the RSS capsule, I can import my blogs feeds relevant to any Hub I was writing, it updates and becomes fresh anytime I add fresh contents to my blog. I can also import external feed from highly crawled sites, and enjoy or take a little slice of the traffic they enjoy. Thanks Hubpages for this insight!
  • Comparing Hubpages with Blogger: when I started comparing Hubpages with Blogger, I had this feeling that quitting one and remaining on the other was the best thing I should do, because having divided attention or it loyalty will not help me at all in realizing my online potentials and goals, I decided to ditch the former (to my detriment for sure). It was later that I got to know that combing Hubpages and Blogger (via RSS) can be very beautiful. But on the contrary, I plan to do a hub soon on this issue, so Watch Out!

Blogger Vs Hubpages

Blogger and Hubpages which is the better CMS?

See results

other reason that informed my decision to quit could be attributed to...

  • Where do I get free Videos To embed on Hubs that are more of DIY? Though I am yet to embed any video on any of my hubs (I am planning to do that soon), but getting free videos that I’ll embed on my hubs can come in useful; the question now is where? I conducted a search on Google with the search term “free video sharing Sites” the SERP was quite amazing, it was how I got to know about the following sites
  1. Google Video    
  2. BrightCove    
  3. PhotoBucket    
  4. YouTube    
  5. DailyMotion    
  6. iFilm    
  7. Break    
  9. GrindTV    
  10. Metacafe

  • Why should Hubpages be Filtering off my Affiliate is Links from other sites other that the ones they have Agreement with like Amazon and eBay?  I published a hub with about three of my affiliate links, and was really surprised on how Hubpages via their auto filtering bots, got these links detected and triggered off an alarm warning me that my content will be flagged and my account subsequently suspended as my hub is being classified as spam!, oh! I exclaimed; why now? I unpublished the hub immediately to avoid getting banned from spamming. I felt really tired and frustrated when it hit me that all the hard work I did put in place had been just for nothing; I got so fed up to the point of leaving. Then I understood why, over monetizing web contents with little or crappy information will negate the primary function of the web, which is knowledge and information sharing. Hubpages understood this, and seek to comply with this objective (web-jective) to the latter.
  • Every Hub is Treated as a Separate Website, why? I thought this to be weird and very unusual when I first got on the board writing on this site. My motive of joining this site was to get a platform where I can express my knowledge through writing and sharing what I know; then why should I start creating websites after websites just because I write here? Stupid you can say, but that is the original disappointment I felt. Then I studied this site, read more and researched a little more; then every thing stars to fall into place. I then understood that what this site served was a platform where you can write and promote your website just like where you are promoting various pages of your website. Oh how sweet this is, I thought.
  • TOS Against some Topics I’ll have Loved Writing Stuffs on: recently I wrote a content I though will conform with the editorial guidelines of this site, only to be disappointed when the hub was flagged and Adsense and other Ads removed from it; I was a sent a message and referred to the Hubpages TOS on the topic I chose to write on, in the TOS, it was said that topics related to violence, hate etc  (as I can not use the other words here, lest this hub gets flagged for no reason) were not allowed since it was against Adsense policy to publish adult related contents and so on. I felt so bad and worn out, remembering the length of time I put to prepare the hub, but I thought of something else to do with the content, then I remembered I was promoting a dating site (if you need are lonely and need love,you can sign up for free: US Residents only), then posting the article on EzineArticles and other article Directories I used won’t be a bad idea. I did exactly that, the article has been approved, and I’m still sending traffic to this site through the link in my resource box. But after getting over this initial disappointment, I decided to jump back and continue strutting my stuff on this platform and I am very glad I did.
  • Not knowing any Hubber, oh this felling of Isolation: for this one reason I felt like leaving. I was having this weird feeling that I was all alone, and nobody cared a hoot that I existed. But I was wrong you know, the thing was that I was not interacting the way I should, for example I was not reading other hubbers stuff, I was not leaving any comments on topics I loved and maybe I was not following enough people that will make them want to follow me. Ever since I have improved on my interaction here, all that has changed, as I have made some nice people my friend here.
  • Should hubs be Niche Based? I was still confused since I really don’t know if this is like posting on blogger, but going though the various stuffs on many hubbers here, I found out that this is about sharing and you are free to share you knowledge on any topic you know a thing or two about; from blogging, weight lose, fishing, gardening, writing, debt relief, gossips, poetry etc.
  • This thing is really eating deep into my useful time: oh! I need to be fast or I miss my lecture, yes I’ve forgotten to read for test, aahh! I was supposed to see my friend by four pm: this was how it seemed at first when I got into this online thing, not just hubpages. It was really boring a hole in my time and I felt like quitting every thing. Till I devised a cool means of doing this and other things I loved and feel obliged to do.
  • Never thought it Wise to Compete with the Self-Styled Gurus: how can I get noticed here with all these array of writers, this sites paraded one of the industries finest; professionals from every walk and field of life. I felt so little that I though using the back door will be the best thing to do. after I’ve resolved to keep keeping on; write side by side these gurus, followed them, placed comments that are controversial yet intelligent on their hubs, introduce controversy when I write; the story have changed, as I know have one of the best and most credible hubbers in my following. How great I feel, really great.
  • What is the meaning of this “Hub Challenge?” how come a group of people will come up with a crazy a**s idea of writing 30-60 hubs in a month? I remember on constant content where I sell articles; I get request of articles of 300-400 words on a particular niche from many people. This same people who promote the hub challenge are the ones who place these requests, and we that do not have the money for advertising for writing jobs, will be busy bemoaning our fate for not reaching the ill-fated 30 or so articles as stipulated in the challenge. Oh! I must leave this sorry a##s site (I thought). I never knew that the hub challenge remains one of the best ideas that any hubber have ever brought up; and through this challenge, many hubbers have had their hubs exposed to heights which they themselves cannot take it to. How stupid of me to have not joined this challenge, if I did I’ll have been more popular and had more followers than I have now, I’ll have earned more form Adsense, sold more Amazon stuffs and so on. Recently, I have resolved to join the challenge and I am even contemplating of taking the tally to 70 articles a month (hope I’m not living a pipe dream?)
  • Writing for my blogs: if you are a consistent writer and a blogger, you’ll understand how difficult it is to write on different topics and niche at the same time. I had a network of Blogs, most especially my writing Blog, how will I cope with all these? It looks like quitting will be the best option looking at the reality on ground.
  • Poor hub score Again? How do these guys even compete this Hub score? hub scores then was automatic, it is not like now where you start from 50 and steadily rise to 100, I was kind of wondering how most people scored so high, and when I go through hubs of these people, I don’t get to see any thing special; unless for some amateur video embedded on the hub and probably as many Amazon and eBay capsules as possible. It got so bad that I felt like quitting, till I managed to score 84 one of one my hubs, only then did I decide to stay on, maybe I could even score more than 84, I thing I have scored 91 now, this is wonderful, but my target is still a 100, and with more hard work I will cross the Rubicon.
  • Is hubpages one of Google’s son? I wondered if this was one of those Google franchise like YouTube, Blogger and Twitter (I hope I got it right?), the big G keeps dominating the cyberspace, and every body is now under the influence of Google, that if it sneezes we catch cold. Now there are out with another app or is it CMS (Hubpages), I don’t want to be under the big hammer of the big G again, so it will be nice I left. But after more research, I discovered that this site was just on its own; I was mistaken because this was actually the first revenue sharing site I know, so if you can display your Adsense pub-ID here (like with Blogger), then it is owned by Google. But after reading Google Adsense TOS, and seeing sites like Digital point, Seth Godin’s Squidoo etc, did I realize that Hubpages was a franchise of its own.
  • How come Hubpages is a “No Follow” Site?: when I discovered that my inbound links did not matter here, I felt it was wise I went to site with a “Do Follow” arrangement like Squidoo. I felt bad because this is a site that was loved by search engine spiders, and the opportunity of getting my paged quickly indexed was lost (see my hub on how to get your blog quickly indexed to understand what I mean). But looking back I feel happy staying put, remember I can still give my site exposure, there’s an RSS capsule where I can include my blogs feed that are relevant to the hub topic. I can also get clicks from here to other links I included. What more do I want? Nothing.
  • So I can’t take my Contents elsewhere? Initially it was not a good deal considering the fact that it was actually my content. But now I know it was actually a wise thing by hubpages to avoid duplicate content and reduce plagiarism.
  • Little privacy concerns: Just as it is with FaceBook, I felt a little wary considering that just any body can follow you with out your consent; but it is not really a bad thing, looking the caliber of writers that this community boasts of.
  • 800-1000 word Listing: how can I sit on my computer hitting the keyboard for like eternity in the bid to get an article with at least 800 words; this was my initial thought and it almost made me run away; but now I know that what mattered most when compiling a hub is not how lengthy it is, but how rich and educative the information you are sharing is. I’ve seen hubs with as little as 200-300 words and it is still getting quality traffic.
  • Jeez! I’ve been hit by a Computer Virus: call it Trojan, malware or just any thing you feel like referring them as, the simple thing here is that they are known to do one thing, that is make you unhappy and seemingly frustrated. This is exactly what happened to me when my computer got infected by a computer virus. This virus went straight for my hard disk deleting and corrupting all my files, including the back up. Most of the files contained articles and contents that I’ve written and was preparing to post them to Hubpages and other sister sites where I write; but bingo! They were all gone with the wind phew!. This made me downcast, and now it has taken me close to two one year to get my acts together and go back to doing what I loved most, WRITING!
  • How do I join the Hub Elites Club?  This was the exclusivity for certain individuals, and the privilege they were enjoying was making me quite envious to the point of wanting to leave. But looking at the credentials of these elites, most have experience of close to two decades to their credit, why should I complain, the only thing left for me to do is to keep writing and doing all that is necessary, in the course of time, I could get inducted into this elitist club, till then I have to keep doing what? WRITING!!!
  • My Girlfriend almost left me: yes! She threatened that if I continued neglecting her and her needs for some sorry a**s writing site, then she’ll have no option but to leave me and looked elsewhere. I really cared for this young lady, but I also had a passion to satisfy. Now, I am between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; what do I do? Should I quit writing to keep her? Should I continue writing and risk losing someone that mattered a whole lot to me? While in this dilemma, I decided to do one thing; Dialogue! I called her and explained to her how this thing was very important to me, then I also told her how special she is, I used words to make her head swell like pumpkin, the long and short of the whole story is that we are still together and I still write for hubpages.

This is my story, but I am glad and very happy that I'm still here, what of you?


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    • whoisbid profile image


      6 years ago

      Definitely long enough to convince your readers you have thought deeply about it

    • profile image

      Saswata Nandi 

      6 years ago

      Hi, Chinemeremz, this is a good blog

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank askem62 for your comments, Hubpages from experience is the best place for both aspiring and established writers. The site has made many positive and far reaching changes post panda, I'm very happy that I'm still here.

    • aksem62 profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for the wonderful story. Read in one breath. You writing is not only instructive but also entertaining.

    • Ssq1985 profile image


      6 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

      Sorry for your frustrations but I'm glad to hear you're sticking with it. I think this hub topic is one many can relate to and that made a worthwhile read for sure!

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi Mizjo and thanks for your comments, question and following.

      Well Rss means really simple syndication, it is a web 2.0 app which is used to syndicate contents across via feed syndicators like feedburner and delivered to your subscribers. This technology used to be wonderful back in the day before the panda attacks, but post panda it has led to many sites de indexed as a result of duplicate content.

      I hope my answer would be useful to you. Thanks for dropping by.

    • mizjo profile image


      6 years ago from New York City, NY

      Hello, Chinemeremz, this is an awesome blog, so full of information and tips. I can relate to a lot of your past fears and frustrations. My earnings have been negligible, and I understand that's because I haven't written very much. I have to find the time to rev up the engine!

      I don't understand about RSS, and I think I should go to the Forums. If i can't find the answer I might post the question to Hubbers.

      I'm going to follow you because your hubs seem to be relevant to my need to know.

      Thanks so much for all your information.

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank melchi and travelabout for your comments.

      After the panda attacks on this site, i felt those my fears have been confirmed and I almost quit writing here, but after the series of panda reforms by The Hubpages team, it is good times again as my traffic have spiked lately.

      So thanks for your comments once again and thanks for stopping by

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I can relate. So much to learn but writing should be for pleasure and therapy as well as for profit. I think it is hard to earn money from any source unless you enjoy and have an interest in it. Thanks for your Hub and the useful information. Also, it helps to know that others have the same feelings and frustrations!

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Great hub and very good advice for writer's block - thanks! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These are perhaps some of the frustrations that I've had in the past as well!

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks BigD For your comments and the fan mail you sent me.

      Its nice knowing that you found this useful.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • bigdogacb profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      great hub! there is a ton of great information here, and i can really relate to this


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