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Turning A High Quality Blog Post Into Professional Article Writing

Updated on December 1, 2017
Deon Christie profile image

Deon Christie, successful affiliate marketer. Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimization expert. Published Diamond Expert Author.

WordPress Blog Keyword Research Secrets

WordPress Blog Keyword Research
WordPress Blog Keyword Research | Source

Keyword Research and Ranking Your WordPress Blog

Any attempt at writing content regardless of the topic will depend on the level of your knowledge thereof. Knowledge is the only weapon you have to persuade a visitor into a responsive action, from commenting to actually purchasing. Your content must be compelling to the point of fascination, fuelling a desire to want to know more. Unique and compelling content requires hours and even weeks of research, where direction is so much more important than speed.

Article writing has many different avenues of generating a passive income online through writing jobs but regardless of your exposure tactic, keyword and keyword phrase placement are of utmost importance. The technique we will discuss involves writing the perfect blog post, and then simultaneously publish your work on a high ranking article publisher.

Direction is so much more important than speed and many newbie writers find themselves lost in an ocean of information overload. When in fact it all comes down to a few simple applications to get your work in front of interested readers.

Using Keyword Planner For Research

Let’s Look At Your Post (Or Article) Title

You first need to decide which audience you intend to impress with your work, so you can ensure that the appropriate long tail keyword phrases are present in the said title. You want Google to recognise your work and in doing so direct that interested audience you need for actual engagement or conversion.

Long tail keyword phrases are normally consisting of 1-3 short tail or primary keywords used in conjunction to make up a certain search phrase. But, it must always be consistent with a similar sequence to form part of a sentence. For example, your visitor may be looking for; (What are theBest Ways to make Moneyonline in 2018) which is also known as the “Anchor Text”, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

This particular search phrase get searched from 10K – 100K per month on Google with a surprisingly Medium competition level. Always research your keywords while targeting low to medium competition levels. See where this is going?

Super Successful People are just Dreamers who Refused To Give Up. But dreams without action is just Day Dreaming.

— Deon Christie

A Perfect Title is deserving of an Outstanding Body

Your visitor is already interested in the topic, as they have entered the particular search phrase. They want to make money next year, so you must provide them with the means. Based on the need you have identified which inspired you to write your article, you need to offer a solution based on your own knowledge.

Something you have personally had success with, but professional writing is not about using large words impressively. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way, and inspire curiosity within your reader. Your article body must contain exact keyword search phrases also known as anchor text. Basically this is the kind of exact search phrase you’re convinced your reader may enter for a search result request.

In fact a search phrase like “How to lose weight fast” get searched from 1 Million to 10 Million times on Google per month. See why nothing can drive traffic like proper S.E.O? Remember that the particular article you’re writing through this method must be laser targeted, because it will also result in attracting interested readers to your blog.

Keep your reader entertained with valuable guidance, but not all at once as that’s not entertaining it’s overwhelming. It’s not always easy demonstrating the exact content that need be written, because that can only be determined by your niche. Always try and “Talk” to your audience as if you were face to face, be a person and not just another “Generated Conversation”.

Your primary goal is to inspire, provide a solution and build a trust with your audience because people are more likely to purchase from a familiar. Your Blog Post and Article are your chances to prove to your reader your work is worth the time to study it, which should be in excess of at least 1000 words. Compelling Content means Intensive Research before You Write which may result in drinking too much coffee, just saying.

Long Tail Keyword Placement

Long Tail Keyword Research For Google Traffic
Long Tail Keyword Research For Google Traffic | Source

Love what you do. When you're truly fascinated with what you do, it will simply be Impossible to Give Up.

— Deon Christie

Directing Google To Your Blog Post

Providing you have a plugin like “All in One S.E.O” or “Yoast S.E.O” installed (Easily done from your WordPress c-Panel), you want to maintain the keywords and search phrases within the Meta Description. This way Google can find your work by knowing exactly what it is about. Your Meta Description must not exceed 155 Characters, with a title no more than 55 characters.

How to Schedule High Quality Blog Posts

Getting Your New Blog Post Published On My E-Zine Articles Dot Com

If you have not yet registered for a free membership on My E-Zine Articles Dot Com, then you will need to do that in order to proceed. Just search your browser for the search phrase as mentioned above.

This particular publisher have a free plugin available that you need to download and install the zip file as a new plugin. Just check under tools in your membership. Once that is done, you can share your new blog post as an article from your WordPress c-Panel when you publish the new post.

You may run into a few snags, like perhaps sharing your name in the blog post. Your name is not allowed to be in the article body when publishing an article with this publisher, among other preferences but you’ll get the hang of it.

It always has been and always will be about the keywords, search phrases and content be it writing or creating videos. Especially with blog posts, it’s important what your visitor sees the first few seconds after your page opens. That is what will determine whether they will stay or proceed with their search.

Search Engine Optimization For A WordPress Blog

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research
Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research | Source

The key to success is to keep going Until You Succeed, Not until you grow tired of Trying. Search Engine Optimization is an Art, not a contest.

— Deon Christie

In Conclusion to Your High Quality Article

With your article after sharing it to be published, you may want to log into your publisher’s account and edit the Summary section, it may influence your first few lines of post body. But as I’ve mentioned, I’m convinced you will figure it out because being adequately informed dies take a little time. The only difference between the super successful affiliate marketers and the ones not quite as successful yet is time and method.

For interest sake and in conclusion, the keywords and search phrases used in this particular article get searched between 1 Million and 10 Million times combined on Google per month…just a thought.

© 2017 Deon Christie


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