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4 important troubleshooting strategies for writers

Updated on December 26, 2009

Troubleshooting strategy #1

Troubleshooting strategy #1 - Writing in your natural style of language

Everyone has their unique language that they have been using most of their lives.Remember the conversations at home, school and even outside of

the home. Have you ever tried to impersonate another person only to be discovered who you really were? well writing is pretty much the same way,

and when a person tries to be who they really are not on paper, it will come through to the audience. So what is the answer to this problem? be

yourself and your audience will understand what it is that you are trying to convey. Writing in your natural style is not using words that you

normally would not use simply to impress your audience. Many people would find it distracting from the article if the meaning of words or

phrases could not be understood unless a dictionary was near by. Don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with improving ones vocabulary,

in fact that is what should be done. But we are talking about your potential prospects, those who will either help make or break your campaign

understanding your message.

Troubleshooting strategy #2

 Use ITTS:

 Itts is the abbreviation for "I'm trying to say". Have you ever heard that expression words just cannot express the way I feel. Well this cannot 

be the attitude of the writer who must convey what he is thinking and feeling. There are times when I run into this problem and I have learned 

to stop a moment and think about what it actually is that I'm trying to say. This is a good strategy because it forces one to focus all of their 

attention on the problem at hand. If a writer does not know what they are trying to say, certainly their audience will not. Another problem 

solver is to take a break and come back later to take a fresh look to make sure that what was written is what was meant to be said.I have come 

back to my own writing after a break to find that I didn't understand what I was trying to say. Remember while writing,if you don't know the 

proper word or phrase to use in a sentence, simply stop and take a moment to read what has already been written,and with a continued flow fill 

in that blank.

Troubleshooting strategy #3

Substitute a phrase or sentence for a word:

 There is more than one way to reach a destination and if the preplanned route has been blocked then a detour must be taken. As a writer don't 

feel as though you will never reach the destination of saying what it is you are trying to say. Everyone hits those walls where it seems 

everything goes blank. So the thoughts that you had when you began your writing assignment has been blocked by a word that just does not fit and 

the harmony of the article has been jeopardized, what do you do? Make a detour by coming up with a different phrase or sentence that brings 

continuity and continues the flow of what you are trying to convey. Remember you can reach your destination by taking another route. Listen, 

lawyers can use different sentences and phrases to make the same point and just because the Judge says sustained because the opposite attorney 

says I object!! does not stop the affected attorney from driving their point home.They will simply say it another way. As a writer don't allow 

writers block to stop you, use a substitute phrase or sentence for a word.

Troubleshooting strategy #4

Ask someone:

  When in doubt and having a problem, do the obvious and ask for help from a qualified person. This does not need to be from someone you know, 

but the Internet also has an array of websites and people who are ready willing and able to help.


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    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      7 years ago

      The only problems that I can foresee with following your 1st strategy is that too many people have trouble with spelling!

      That being the case and these people writing how they talk would prove to be both awkward, as well as very difficult to understand!

      Overall I like the fact that you have used what I would classify as a "common sense" approach to this topic and when reading this i find it works on many levels.

      Nice job getting the word out! ;D


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