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5 effective ways to help children "detox" tech toys

Updated on April 5, 2016

5 effective ways to help children "detox" tech toys

You're a teenage son? I love to chat, messaging and active throughout the day? Even when I was busy eating message? At bedtime the embankment embankment also "crickets love"? You can refer to the following 5 ways to effectively help the "detox" tech toys.
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Today, children growing up to become "addicted" to chat, messaging and network throughout the day. In the network to find information and gaming really good for children, but the problem occurs when children spend too much time using the technology map. This leads to poor children in social skills, health problems due to lack of physical activity and got a bad grade in school. So parents need to find ways to help your child fit reducing dependence on the technology map.

Here are 5 effective ways that parents can take to make the gradual "withdrawal" phone and computer:

1. Provisions day 1 hour completely unused technology map

Prohibiting the use of technological equipment is absolutely ridiculous. The best can do is limited time to use equipment and technology. You could work out a deal in that house every day with 1 hour but no one in the family used technology items, including watching television. Such means, no television, no computers, not smartphones, not tablets.

1 hour use this to build linkages between family members and sharing of learning, employment of each person or thing that a family member is concerned.

2. Only allow children to messaging and social networks on the computer at home

Since you can not absolutely forbidden to use a computer or smartphone children, you can allow only the use of the laptop at home to chat, read the news ... Feel free to experiment and make this 4 day for 1 week and asked me not to use smartphones and tablets at home.

It's too hard to pull children out of social life by prohibiting the chat, because that's the way the world operates today. You can install the most popular applications on the computer at home (such as Viber and Snapchat).

At first, your child will see this not make sense, and you can carry your laptop around the house. However, at lunch and dinner, you will not be fixed on more smartphones, and really, that's a victory then.

3. Sign up for a class that the child likes

If your child is in adolescence, maybe they will hate every activity that involves not be gathered with friends. So you need to choose a class that you will really enjoy, an activity that children will continue to train. If your child likes to draw, play, sing or dance, you can sign up for these classes children. This is also very useful for the development of children's creative abilities.

On the other hand, if you love the sport, can talk to your children about the sport that you can start playing.

Do not expect me to be a professional basketball player or an actor to win an Oscar. Simply encouraged me to do what I like and pursue their dreams. This way, you will really help me forget "crickets love" and laptops in at least 1 or 2 hours.

4. Organization of the whole family to exercise for 30 minutes

Many children spend hours sitting at a computer and play games or surf the mice without interruption. For healthy children, you can organize the whole family together to exercise for about 30 minutes. After some time, the exercise becomes a habit with children, and you will realize how good they feel. If you get bored with the activities of this type, you can take me to the pool, or play sports such as tennis or basketball.

5. Organize trips on weekends

Today, the world's only natural that many children see is ... desktop wallpaper. This must change. Let's organize picnics to the outside with nature, which may be a historical, a waterfall, a cave ... Through this trip, I also had the opportunity to work more limbs than.

Above are 5 effective ways to make your child leave the phone and engage in some other activity. You can not "rob" completely out of hand the technology map, but you should be familiar with the new activities to help children develop some new skills, meet new people and become healthy.

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