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3 Unusual Ways to Make Money at HubPages

Updated on August 22, 2012

Hubs and You

Let's get started. HubPages, here we come!
Let's get started. HubPages, here we come! | Source

Ways to Make Money at HubPages

When I joined HubPages, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in creating a hub. While I do enjoy writing, I struggled to understand the "capsules" and how to organize the text into a cohesive unit called a "hub". When I initially joined, I created my profile and then it sat idle for two months.

After encouragement to return to HubPages (return? I hadn't written one word yet!), I created my first hub. Thank-you PoshCoffeeCo and Marc Babineau for your encouragement for me to contribute to the HP community! This is my one hundredth hub and I am proud to reach this goal!

There are many ways to earn money at HubPages. While it is primarily a writing website, there are other ways to generate income on the site. I outline three ways here and tag them as "unusual" because they are unique to the website.

Learning Center

Read the Referral Trackers hub created by peoplepower73:

Referral Trackers, What are they and how are they used to earn money?

Invite New People to Join

Yes, you can make money at HubPages by referring new people to join the website!

Invite people into the supportive community at HP by sending out invitations by social media or by direct email. How does HubPages know to credit you as the referrer? Use a referral tracker, which is your unique identification code.

Your referral tracker is found by visiting My Account > Earnings > Referral Trackers. Your tracker is the "tracking token" or unique code in blue. Add the code into your URL when you send out electronic invites for new people to join the website.

For example, I can add my tracking token to the URL for the HubPages signup page, and share the link to get people to join the site. The default URL for the signup page is Here are the steps:

1. You find your token is 2densagor9X2 (example!).

2. You add the token to the sign-in URL by inserting backslash and underscore symbols. Here is what you get:

3. You send the invite to anyone interested in joining or share via social media networks and forums. Twitter is a great place to reach many people when you have several followers.

If someone signs up for HubPages within 30 days of referral, you will receive 10% of their hubs impressions. No time limit on the impressions! You can make money without even writing a hub. You just need your referral tracker, which was created when you first signed up for HP.

Share Hubs on Social Media Networks

Let's share hubs!
Let's share hubs! | Source

Share Hubs of Other Hubbers

Another unusual way to make money is by sharing hubs written by OTHER writers. While you likely already post your own hubs on other websites, you are encouraged by HubPages to also share other hubbers' works.

When you share a link to a hub that contains your referral tracker, you make money if that link gets clicked within a limited time period. You also earn money if that person continues to read other hubs within that time.

You make money without writing a hub. Wow, now this is even more incentive to share the quality hubs that you read regularly! To get your unique code:

  • Users need to scroll down to the bottom of the hub, the very bottom.
  • Click "link to this page" to obtain the referral tracker; the code is embedded within a link.
  • Copy and paste the link to share the hub.

As well, if you enjoy a hub you read, press the "Share with followers" button at the right-hand side of the hub. Hubbers who see you share are likely to return the favour with your own hubs. In turn, your own hubs will likely receive more reads and generate more income for you. Here is another unusual way to make money at HubPages!

Like to Cook?

Make money by posting recipe hubs at HubPages
Make money by posting recipe hubs at HubPages | Source

Post Recipes to Make Money

While I have not personally tried this method, there are several writers that share recipes as hubs. Recently, HubPages created Special Layout Options to add to hubs.

By adding these additional capsules, you are able to improve the success of your hub at standing out within search engine results. The capsules allow people searching for recipes that contain specific ingredients to find your hub easier.

If you love to cook and share recipes, the option of posting recipes is a great, unusual way to earn money!

The HubPages recipe-oriented capsules are:

  • Cook Time
  • Instructions
  • Ratings
  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition

Videos can now be added to hubs as well.

Do You Use Your Referral Tracker?

Do You Use Your Personal Referral Tracker?

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