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Milestones: 50 hubs and counting!

Updated on March 8, 2013

It has been a long, hard road, but I made it! 50 hubs! I realize that in the scheme of things here on Hubpages, that ain't a helluva lot; but for me it is a milestone. This is my fiftieth hub. I have been on the site for some months now, and have greatly enjoyed myself thus far. I have put out a variety of hubs, varying from the suitably silly to the ranting and raving. There has been fact, fiction, and anything in between. Some hubs have had serious thought given them; others slapped together in moments it seems. I have given you things that happened; things I wish hadn't happened; and things I wish would happen. You have seen what type of music I enjoy; books I have read; and things I have experienced. You have weighed in on my movies, and given me some to view myself. I have had a blast so far, and look forward to putting out more for your perusement in the future.

While this hub is not meant to be an acknowledgement of fellow hubbers as billibuc has been so kind in doing; I still must shout out to a couple. Billy, or Sir William, I would not still be here if not for you. Your encouragement, comments, and critiques have broadened my horizons, to say nothing of the articles you have posted for us to read. In particular, your ideas on the "novel" I am working on sent me into another direction, and I look forward to completing it for your consideration. You are such an inspiration to so many, I truly do not think you realize what you mean to so many of us.

Amy in St Louis has been a constant supporter, and she understands the depth of acceptance granted by readers here on this site. She has had a rough go of it, yet always has a kind word to say, and is a gentle reminder that each of us has worth. She herself is tremendously worthy of our friendship, and that friendship is greatly valued.

And shiningirisheyes, you are a special friend indeed. You insight and comments have helped to keep me afloat as I struggle to find words to write. It is kind of odd, these friends and I; one is northwest, one just north, and the other northeast, and me smack in between. I get good from the left, the right, and the middle. How lucky am I!

I have met people in both the good ole US of A, and from places I never will be fortunate enough to visit. I have read of places and things that interest me, and others that I never knew would interest me, but found they did. My horizons have been expanded in ways I never hoped for. I continually stand amazed at the personalities I have met and been influenced by here on these pages. I have never been one to embrace technology, but I find myself trying to become immersed in this site. Thus far, there has been no bad, only good. It is rare to find such as this. I am thankful.

If you have read my profile, you know I am a 53 year old married husband to a wonderful woman, and father to a multitude of children. Our family consists of our three sons, and two daughters, plus our pets who are as much family members as the children. Each is special in their own way; each is trying in their own way. In my younger years, I was a small, skinny, "nerd" who tried every sport but failed at virtually every sport. I desperately wanted to be accepted for who I was by friends, yet never found that acceptance in those I desired it from. As an adult, I was the one who would take "friends" fishing and hunting to those places I had found on my own, hoping for repayment in some way. It never came. So I eventually got the picture that I was not worthy of said friendship, and stopped trying. I now prefer my solitude, and my family. I worked retail management for some years, and discovered I could "shine" the customers while maintaining a distance. I became popular with those I assisted, yet never found that which for years I sought. Then my wife found me. I learned that by not trying, what I needed found me. I now have a relationship with the most important person in the world, and I do not even have to ask: it is given freely. What a blessing.

So, I went on in this manner, having a front of a nice, warm, personable person who seems to care for the world but in reality was just faking it because it was my job, and keeping my family life as my sole point of contact for true feelings. I can honestly say this: no one I work with knows the real me. Nobody I come in contact with knows the real me. None but my wife, and my family. At least, until now.

Now, I must include those hubbers into my family of people who know me. I put myself out there, into the viral world; lock, stock, and barrel. I became secure enough (well, for the time being) to open the door to my inner self a slight bit, just a crack really. But through that crack came acceptance by you. I speak, you listen. I ask, you answer. I read and learn almost daily. Who among us does not desire something so wonderful? For some, these pages may be used for sharing, for information. For me, these pages have become a window to my innermost thoughts. I would never have thought this possible, for me to open up and allow someone inside my walls. I have dared to offer up my dream of becoming a writer to scrutiny by others, and have received not criticism on what I write, but praise and well done's. At first, I did not know how to handle it, and didn't believe it. But now, I appreciate it with each comment and feedback received. And while I am nowhere near Bill's 100,000 views or multitude of comments, I still feel blessed to receive any, and I am thankful for each one.

I aspire to write. In the grand scheme of things, I realize I may not amount to much in this arena, but still I try. I write here, little snippits of things to gain ideas and thoughts. To see whether I have the mettle to write elsewhere. I have three books on Amazon, each with small sales. Not much, but encouraging. I am working on no less than about fifteen ideas for books now; sometimes it is hard to find the ability to focus on one at a time. I tend to jump from one idea to another, expounding here and there as the mood hits me. Then I run here and try to see what is going on with my friends, and put out something worthy for them. Perhaps at some point I will drop a few paragraphs of those book ideas on here for you to comment on.

I understand this is a somewhat rambling hub, perhaps not falling easily into any particular category, but that is what I am. Slightly off center most of the time. I just wanted to say thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read one of my stories; to comment on what I presented; and to each of you who have enriched my life through my reading one of your hubs. I will leave you now, for the moment anyway, with a couple of videos from youtube. One is a video I found recently which I just love. It is an underwater scene from a river in the northwest, a trout stream. I sit and watch it several times each day; it is so beautiful and peaceful; and the trout shown being caught fuels my fire to go fishing! The other is just silly, something to laugh at. My wife and son love watching this silly dog doing its dance. As they say, laughter restores the soul. And I leave you to laugh, and remember why each of us joined this family. For a family it is, blended and together in a way which allows each of us our space, and yet binds us closely together, Many thanks, my friends and family. And many blessings be upon each of you in this holiday season.


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    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      5 years ago from Missouri

      Beckie, I am glad you and your family are alright! What happened? As if that storm Sandy wasn't enough, now you have to deal with this in the cold weather. I pray everything will be alright for you.

      It is wonderful to have friends such as you, Amy and Bill here. there are so very many others who have helped me on this journey, but I just had to thank each of you. You are a good person, and I truly enjoy your comments. As I was reflecting on the road to 50 hubs, it was natural to include you. May your holiday season be filled with love and joy, and may you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I send my heartfelt congratulations to you and continue by saying how much you touched my heart. I was enjoying the read when - what do I see? MY NAME!!!!! I can not tell you how special this feels knowing you consider me a friend as much as I do you.

      No thanks are in order, as I must thank you for adding some wonderful reading to my days.

      I am sorry this took so long to respond to but Mom caught the house on fire and my week has been spent cleaning and working with my contractor brother! It's OK to get a good laugh as we are OK!

      Again, congratulations and I am so happy you are in the world with me.

      Blessings - Beckie XO

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      5 years ago from Missouri

      Ms Titan, you are a giant here on these pages, and I welcome your visits and comments always. Thank you for your kind words; this has been a wonderful journey thus far, wonderful and scarey at the same time as all truly great adventures are. I would like to think I am progressing nicely as a writer, but 50 odd years of "not quite good enough's" is hard to shake. They are falling away from me, and I do my durndest to leave them in the dust. As I age, I find it somewhat easier to do. That statue my son and I are standing beside was in the Springfield, Mo. zoo. He, my wonderful wife and I had a great day that day. As the older children tend to do so much more with their friends, I find myself clinging to our youngest child, hoping against hope to maintain this closeness between he and my wife and I. I know it may be almost impossible, for as kids age today they fall away from their parents quicker than at any time before. But, thus far it is working and I pray daily for it to continue. Thanks for the thumbs up and wishes of luck, I need and welcome them. Best wishes to you as well, my dear lady.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      5 years ago from New York

      This was a truly indepth look at a compassionate and caring person. How nice to know more about you. We all start our journey with the first step Mr. Archer and it would appear you are way beyond that first step. I have to tell you, I had to look at that lion twice!

      Voted up and interesting. P.S. Good luck with the book!

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      5 years ago from Missouri

      Randy, thanks for the visit, and all of the visits you give. You are another of those who help me along on these pages. And you are correct: our lives most assuredly play a part in what we are as writers. Thanks SSSSSS!

      And a hearty thank you to you too Bill! I may not like carrots but this one I wanted. Wouldn't it be nice if we four kindred spirits and our families could get together sometime? What a day we'd have! Let's sit in your garden and drink iced tea and lemonade and just chat, shall we? As for the book, I work on it several times a week, whenever my time becomes available to do so. I must find that place, that room Stephen King speaks of where he can go for one hour a day and pound the keyboard. Thus far, it is proving elusive. Up at 5 am, at work at 6; a short break in the middle of the day to eat something, then back at it until 5 pm. Home shortly thereafter, and then family life. I try to do something around 830 or 9, but it is difficult. Ah well, someday. Perhaps that is why I have so many book irons in the fire: I have an idea and try to get it down before it fades. Then come back to it at some later time, whenever that may be. Maybe I need a ghost writer... Take care my dear friend. See you in the funny papers!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well, first of all, congratulations! I believe in milestones and I think they mean a great deal. They are one of those carrots that are dangled in front of us to keep us motivated, and then they are a reward for a job well-done.

      Secondly, thank you for the thank you. You are a genuinely good man, who is compassionate and cares deeply about people. I respect you and I am honored that you respect me.

      Thirdly, you named two of my favorite people on HP....Amy and Beckie have been so important to me since I've been here. It seems that four kindred spirits have found each other in a virtual reality that is amazing.

      Lastly, I'm going to insist you write that book. It is your dream, and you are as deserving of having a dream come true as anyone I know.

      blessings and happiness to you, today and always


    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      5 years ago from Southern Georgia

      Spoken like a true writer. Our lives make us what we are and what we write about, eh? Some very good people here, no doubt.



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