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Can you DJ With Your iPad?

Updated on September 21, 2017
Justin Spiegel profile image

Justin has been using his iPad to DJ for almost five years. He has performed at parties for small to midsize crowds.

Yes! You Can DJ With Just Your iPad

"DJs are the new rock-stars"- Tiesto.

You know, we are living in amazing times. These days, almost everyone under the age of 30 wants to be a DJ. To DJ back in the day, you needed expensive turntables and a backbreaking crate of records. Luckily, today, all you need is an iPad and an app that cost less than 20 bucks! Within a few hours, even minutes, you could begin to mix songs and emit the illusion that you are a skilled DJ. With practice and hard work, you could be mixing like a pro while having fun simultaneously; all by using your iPad.

How? Why don't you tag along till the end of this article?

Transform Your iPad Into The Ultimate DJ Device


Tip #1 - Download a Good DJ App

By my personal assessment, the best DJ app is the Djay Pro app by Algoriddim. It is integrated with Spotify, giving you over 20 million tracks to mix from. All you need is a Spotify premium account.

What makes this app so great?

The app is great for DJ'ing with your iPad because you don't need to jam up your storage with songs. Djay Pro has a "match feature" that gives you a list of songs that will mix perfectly with the present song that you have loaded. This app is also excellent for discovering new tracks. This revolutionary app is the reason why I am confident that it is possible to mix like a pro using just your iPad, and even your phone.

Tip #2 - Think of It as a Video Game

This could be termed the most important tip because excellent DJ'ing is usually achieved if you're having fun while at it. As long as your mix sounds good, and you have fun in the process, you're as real as it gets. Now, this is not an article that will suddenly turn you to a pro DJ, and make you start to earn a million dollars. Unless you are extremely talented, you will need to have a day job alongside your DJ'ing affiliations.

You need to think of the job as a video game. Only that this time, instead of crushing candy, or catching Pokémon, you are mixing beats.

Tip #3 - Learn From Your Mistakes

You should get yourself familiar with the meanings of the terms "train wreck," and "tomato." A train wreck is said to occur when your mix is completely off and sounds horrible. And trust me, at the beginning of your DJ experience, this will happen a lot, but if you know what a bad mix sounds like, you can easily adjust and fix it. It's acceptable to make mistakes as long as you know you are making a mistake. The basic point of DJ'ing is mixing songs without ruining them.

In the same vein, a tomato occurs when you make a mistake, and the music completely stops. It's called a tomato because if you do this while playing at a club, people with throw tomatoes or beer bottles at you.

Train Wrecked In The Beginning Then Fixed It

Tip #4 - Understand BPM (Beats Per Minute)

BPM is basically the speed of a song. You can't mix two songs that do not have the same BPM. That is, if the first song you wish to play has a BPM of 128, you can only mix it with a different song that also has a BPM equal to, or slightly above/below 128. A good rule to go by is to never exceed 5 BPMs lower or higher than the BPM of your first song.

Tempo is described or indicated in many different ways and with a range of words such as "Slowly," "Adagio," and so on. It is typically measured in beats per minute (bpm or BPM). Source: Wikipedia


Tip #5 - Record Yourself and Share It With Your Friends

You may think your mix is great, but when you get to listen to your recording, your ears may start to bleed, and you have to go the hospital to treat your severe migraine headache.

Well, that could happen, or in contrast, you could think your mix is trash, but when you play your recording, it could sound pretty good. By listening back to your recordings, you can detect what sounds good and what doesn't. This will help you to create your own unique sound and style. Every DJ has a distinct sound that makes them stand out.

Crossfader Spin

Tip #6 - Select The Right Genre Of Music

Although it's possible to blend any genre of music, some genres sound better and are a lot more fun to mix than others. For example, it is very difficult to mix heavy metal or country music and have it sound good. The most fun type of music is obliviously the Electronic Dance Music, such as House or Trance. If you dig Rap and Hip Hop, then you're in luck because mixing Hip Hop is very cool. As earlier mentioned, BPM is very important; so, find songs in your desired genre that have the same or close-enough BPM.

Tip #7 - Use Proper Hardware

You can DJ and have a lot of fun while using just your iPad and its built-in speaker. However, it is a lot better to use a good set of speakers. Make sure you use an auxiliary cable and not Bluetooth. All Bluetooth speakers have a slight time delay called latency and this will cause you to "train wreck." You can DJ a great set using just the touchscreen on the iPad. If you want to take it up a notch, there are a lot of great DJ toys - also known as controllers - available on Amazon that connect seamlessly to the iPad from great brands like Pioneer.


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