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9 Ways To Improve Your Efficiency and Your Budget

Updated on July 27, 2016
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Lynne, a retired school Administrator, writes romance novels, children's books and articles. Writing has always been her passion.

1. Put cleaning supplies; toilet brush, cleaners, etc. in each bathroom in your home. This can save steps, make quick clean up easier and faster. It can save time on cleaning day by having your supplies handy. Your time is money in your pocket.

2. Use the "wrinkle free" setting on your clothes washer and dryer. Hang clothing immediately as you unload the dryer. You can avoid ironing "wrinkle free" clothing, keep clothing looking newer, fresher longer and save time. You can save dollars by not using the dry cleaners as often.

3. Don't buy premixed cinnamon and sugar in a bottle, it costs twice as much as the homemade version. Combine 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon with 1 cup of granulated sugar. Save the mixture in a small container. Buy spices at the dollar store or a discount store. This will save money in the long run.

4. Purchase a rechargeable electric broom or floor cleaner. It's an inexpensive tool that saves time and is great for quick clean ups. These lightweight vacuums are easy to use and can quickly clean up any minor mess. Don't pull out your cumbersome vacuum every time you need a quick fix. These power brooms are perfect for a busy homeowner.

5. Purchase bars of soap instead of buying pump hand cleaners. Pump cleaners can cost between $1.00 and $3.00 or even more. Bar soap is usually $.30 to $.50 each and can last two to three times longer. The pump cleaners can leak and get messy. Save money and keep the mess to a minimum with this small change.

6. Having trouble keeping your plants healthy? Do you have the time to tend to flowers and plants? Replace live flowers with silk flowers and plants. You can change colors for the seasons if you like. I have purchased summer, fall and winter colors. The silk flowers have lasted for four years and still have more life in them. The colors stay vibrant without daily care. Because I don't buy and nurture live plants every year, I save money, time and enjoy the flowers without effort. (I staple the vines in the box so the wind doesn't take them away).

Silk Flower Box
Silk Flower Box

7. Save old towels for clean up rags. Cut worn towels into smaller pieces and keep handy in the garage, laundry room, near the grill, for cleaning, dusting or any place you need an absorbent cloth. The rags can be laundered for reuse or tossed in the garbage if stained or ruined. You can prevent your good towels from getting destroyed and save money by not buying the pre-boxed rags or towels at the hardware store.

8. Use Ziploc bags to organize your car. Place insurance cards, registration, tow information and any important documents in a bag in your glove compartment. You can find the information quickly and keep documents safe from wrinkling and being stained or damaged.

Put napkins, salt and pepper packages, extra sauce packages, straws, plastic forks, spoons and knives in a Ziploc for travel. This keeps the items tidy and prevents spilling in your glove box. They are easily accessible when needed and you won't need to buy items while on the road or at a fast food restaurant.

9. When you purchase groceries, save yourself some money. Buy the larger packages of meat which usually cost less per pound. Cut roasts in half and freeze in freezer bags. (I usually use two bags for each package to prevent freezer burn), Buy ground beef in bulk. Place pound increments in freezer bags and flatten with your palm. (The meat will thaw quicker if it is not in large chunks and will stack and store easier if the packages are flat). Form burgers with half of the ground beef and place in freezer bags. Take out one or more as needed for handy, quick lunches or meals and reclose the bag.


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