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A HubPages Milestone: 100/500

Updated on May 25, 2016

Yahoooo and Many Thanks!

With Thanks to HubPages Hubbers
With Thanks to HubPages Hubbers | Source

Milestones on HubPages can be Surprising!

Could 100 hubs and 500 followers in 19 months with HubPages be a milestone for me?

It did turn out to be a week for one of the small milestones for my work at HubPages! When I realized that if I spent some extra time on the effort I could probably get both 100 hubs posted and make it to 500 followers all at once, "Could/Would it happen?" were all of a sudden big questions!

Now for the significant moment in time: At 8:30 Saturday evening, May 14, I posted the 100th hub, but my followers count remained at 498--not that I was complaining about that number. Though I had to see what the final verdict on the count was after midnight, I was close enough to be able to write about the journey to this milestone.

Reaching My HubPages Milestone was a Project to Work On!

While I’m not sure if it is unusual to meet these two goals in the same week, it was fun to think it through and work on it. Fun, first because I like everything about writing--even the proofing. (I just need to get really good at the proofing part.)

Also fun because trying to meet this objective has meant that I’ve met new hubbers and revisited some older hub friends. That would not be as in ancient friends, just familiar. Discovering new work from either group is always an adventure.

Before this past week I had already written over 100 hubs, but I took some of the early ones down because they were really poor work. I still had too much to learn about hubbing. For this milestone I only counted currently posted hubs. I've revisited and improved some of the other early ones, and still have work to do on more.

Over the past several days I've done some additional how-to-hub reading. I learned more about linking other hubs to my hubs, and more about what I didn’t understand regarding a few other aspects of the work. Though it's good to have crossed those thresholds now, I need to continue learning!

A Thank You to Mentors:

It was important to learn more about the rules and etiquette of hubbing, and more about what I need to do to polish my old work as well as do new work. I was clueless about the summaries that I needed to be attending to, but now I have the chance to go back and take care of the neglect.

Mostly, I learned that I have a lot to learn. I’m glad we have the learning center/faqs to refer to, and that, as an added bonus, some great writers have been kind enough to produce quality hubs on questions that come up.

They are often willing to give good practical answers to questions. It’s been delightful to read through hubs on writing and come across one-liners such as this from htodd, “most writers see their craft as a labor of love, something done in private and hard to boast about.”

With Appreciation for Hub Community Encouragement

With Gratitude!
With Gratitude! | Source

Thank You HubPages!

Although I always want to give an author a chance no matter what the comments on a hub look like, I notice that one way to tell if the author of any kind of hub is worth reading is to quick-check the comments. Not whether there are any, or how many there are, but to look at whether there is mature dialogue going on.

My one big problem with other hubbers is that I would love to be able to read more of the work out there. There is something to learn from nearly every hub. What I am interested in has to take priority, though, because so very much is available--and distracting!

At the beginning of my HubPages journey I barely understood how to get started, but after reading over the instructions a few times, one step led to the next. I could have just plunged in, but if I had made mistakes I wouldn’t have known it, therefore I would not have been able to track down the problem. Reading, reading, reading helped me start understanding the process and how the building blocks worked.

Once I was able to cross the bridge of joining and learning the initial basics on how to make a hub I realized that there was a lot more to hubbing than just writing and posting a piece. I could not seem to grasp much at once--maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right places for the needed info--but that wasn’t my main goal anyway.

What I really wanted to focus on was refining my writing by writing. Reading other hubs, both great ones and some poor ones has been help that I really appreciate, but developing my HubPages voice and practicing good writing skills was my priority.

Being really good at writing and hubbing is still a future goal. I want my work to become more than it is, but I have come a long way--and I’m thankful for other hubbers' help.

Celebrating My HubPages Milestone with You!

This hub is not only a celebration of my milestones, it is a chance to say thank you for the learning experiences and the information gained through your work.

Acquiring knowledge about topics, as well as knowledge about writing and working on the web via HubPages are all benefits I am very grateful for.

Thank you for good examples of your work, encouraging comments, and a core community of people who want to see HubPages continue to improve, grow, and become an ever higher-quality work zone for anyone interested in the opportunity.

How to Say Thank You:

Practical Advice for Maintaining Hubs

• Good, practical advice on how to do some hub housecleaning to keep your hubs in shape.

How to Reach HubPages Milestones:

What do you appreciate most about HubPages?

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    • Mickmc profile image

      Mickmc 6 years ago

      Hi RTalloni. Congratulations on the milestones!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks much Mickmc. Appreciate that you stopped by and left your congrats. :)

    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      Congratulations, RTalloni! I am extremely impressed - 100 hubs! That's awesome. You're inspiring me to start writing more. How did you get 500 followers??

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Well, as in the first paragraph, the followers count is still at 498. Thanks bunch for helping to highlight the hub by leaving your comment though, for the 500 could still come. :)

    • nightbear profile image

      Susan Kaul 6 years ago from Michiagn, USA

      I'd happily follow you again, if that was possible. I love to get to milestones. But whatever your goals you are already successful. So just keep going.

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