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A New Bloggers Quandary

Updated on October 12, 2014

Where do I go from here?

About 6 or 7 months ago I was surfing the internet and happened upon some sites about making money online. Most of them appeared to be scams and I showed no interest.. I started reading about how people could make money writing blogs describing their hobbies,interests and their everyday life.. I am retired and living in Malaysia, so I have plenty of time to during the day to spend on whatever I want. So blogging began to interest me.

I have always liked expressing my thoughts and opinions and I also loved writing essays or short narratives in college and grad school. When I was in college I can remember my classmates fretting over having to write essays or theses, while I looked forward to doing them. So I decided that writing blogs would be perfect for me. I could express myself and even make a little money doing it. I researched many different resources regarding writing blogs, promoting them, adding the perfect key words and adding AdSense to make money. I came to accept the conclusion that I would not get rich and it would take a very long time to start making a few cents and develop a following.

I have 2 blogs which I started at about the same time. One blog is called Retired in Malaysia, which is the continuing story of how I retired from my job in Boston and moved to Penang, Malaysia to live. My other blog is Senior Neurons, which is an opinion blog about my thoughts and feeling on what is happening in the United States, from my perspective as an expat. Retired in Malaysia drew traffic from the beginning and began to make money, even though just a few cents, here and there. Senior Neurons, however, has been floundering from the start. For the first couple of months, both had an equal amount of traffic, but as of now, Retired in Malaysia has over 3 times the amount of traffic.I have tried back-linking, posting on other forums and blogs and using social networks, to no avail. I decided at one point to make similar posts on Hubpages and on Senior Neurons to see which drew more traffic. Hubpages was very disappointing. From the traffic my Hubs attract I would say political opinions or controversial subjects are not as popular as pets, travel, health and other non-controversial subjects.

After spending a couple of days studying the Google AdWords Keyword Tool I made a post on Senior Neurons using my new keywords. Within an hour I had 250 views, which was more than 8 times my average. The next day this dropped to 80 and now it is back to normal. I tried another post using new keywords, but nothing happened.The visitors remained a dismally low number. This must have been some kind of a fluke. I have spent twice as much time trying to promote Senior Neurons than I have on Retired in Malaysia, but have gotten little results. I am not giving up. There must be some way for me to increase the traffic on my lagging blog and I will find it. As far as Hubpages go I will also continue writing here, even though I have seen much less of a monetary reward here.


It has been about 9 months since I posted this Hub and there really has been little change, at least in the monetary sense. My blog, Retired in Malaysia, has been doing relatively well as far as visitors go. Regarding money earned, things have picked up a little. I'm not a millionaire or even a hundred dollaraire. I have made $25 in two years. Just enough to pay for the domain name. I have increased traffic, but not many people click on the AdSense ads. I am also having a hard time attracting followers for the site.

My site Senior Neurons is still struggling. I have made a little over $1 and have not attracted much more traffic. Being a political blog, it is much more difficult promoting it than the Retired in Malaysia site, which is a travel blog. The only way to promote it is to utilize existing political blogs, which usually do not accept reciprocal links or allow using your website name in comment sections of their blog. Also since posting this Hub I have added another blog, Steveso Thinks, in which I share my opinions of a variety of subjects, including politics. This blog is doing better than the Senior Neurons blog and I am debating putting more of a concentration on Steveso Thinks than Senior Neurons. I will give Senior Neurons another year before I decide to continue or not renew the domain name and the blog.

How long did it take to make money and have more than 1000 views a day?

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    • steveso profile image

      Steve 5 years ago from Brockport, NY


      Welcome. Don't get discouraged. It will take a while before things start to look up. Just keep going and soon you will see the numbers increase.

    • rdown profile image

      rdown 5 years ago from Usa

      I just started blogging my self last month and am only up to 260 views to date. I guess we just keeping going at it!

    • steveso profile image

      Steve 6 years ago from Brockport, NY

      CZCZCZ and PurvisBobbi44,

      Thank you very much for your supportive comments and suggestions. I will keep plugging away to improve my blog performance. Thanks again.

    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 6 years ago from Oregon

      It took me a little over a year to achieve that amount of views between personal blogs, hubpages and a couple other sites that I have Adsense ads running on. As you develop a better understanding of what is needed to get content out there and begin to generate a larger voulme (Content is King here) then you will see continued increases. Took me over a year to get my first check from Google, now I get one every 2 months as well as additional revenue through sites like hubpages, commission juntion, and amazon and eBay. Here is a hub I wrote highlighting some of my favorite easy to use websites that can help promote your content.

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida


      You probably need to write more hubs, What I have learned from the Hubbers on this site is content-content and more content.

      I have been here eight months, with 55 hubs, and I just slowed down to work on getting traffic to my hubs. So, I

      hope some of the experts can advise you better.

      Don't stop--- keep going with your writing.