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A New Milestone on HubPages

Updated on December 29, 2016


My new milestone on HubPages is achieving 300 published hubs.

- Dec. 2016

New Milestone

  • 2 years on HubPages
  • 300 published hubs, 250 Featured hubs.
  • 10 hubs chosen for niche sites.
  • 20 published hubbooks
  • Over 28,000 views
  • Over 2600 comments
  • Top 1% hubber (39,000 hubbers)
  • Reached a new high on monthly earnings (to be donated to Charity)

A Year in Review

Another year has ended. It seems to be flying by. HubPages has played a good part of my life. Having reached the 300 hubs level gives me tremendous satisfaction. I've debated with various hubbers on a variety of topics but always respectful. Thanks to everyone including the staff at HubPages. They are real troopers. Wish all a success in 2017. Happy New Year!

My Accolades 12/2016

Dec. 28, 2016 Stats


A milestone reached after 2 years with 300 published hubs. That is an average of 3 per week. Thanks to the staff at HubPages.


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