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A Note to My HubPages Followers

Updated on October 10, 2011

Hello and Thanks to My HubPages Followers

So I felt like I wanted to write a note to anyone that follows me on HubPages. In the last while I have lost a few followers and I think I know why that is. But first of all if you are following me then I would just like to say thank you very much. I very much appreciate the fact that you have chosen to follow me and I would think that there are a large proportion of you that I also follow back - particularly those that comment on my hubs.

I know that part of the community of HubPages is about following people, learning from them and finding out new things, which I definitely do with the people I follow. Added to that there is the entertainment factor of some hubbers that always cheers me up if I have a bit of a gloomy day!

But the main reason I wanted to write this hub is just to explain the way things have been going in the last few weeks. When I started writing for HubPages I wrote the majority of my articles about my favourite subjects which are painting and golf! I also wrote quite a few things about the place I live part of the time (Dubai). I know some of my early followers were also artists or those interested in painting and that is probably why they followed me. Recently I have not written so many art hubs and that may be why some of those followers have left. Rest assured that I will write more of those when I have more valuable tips to share. I have actually been told by some people that I shouldn't give away so many artistic secrets that have taken me years to learn but I think it is all a bit of give and take.

This is me!
This is me!

My Current Hubs

So you may have noticed that many of my current hubs are product based hubs. In the last couple of months I had some success with a few of these which kicked off some Amazon sales. As things are tough financially for a lot of people right now, including me, I wanted to explore that avenue further to see if I could earn more Amazon income. As I said in my profile I wanted to earn $100 a month, which I did, but now I need to see if I can get that up to about $500 a month so that I can actually take care of a lot of my bills without having to worry.

Being an artist is a tough profession to do full time and constantly be wondering where the next job is coming from so to get some residual income through HubPages is a relief for me.

So that is why I will keep writing product hubs for the time being. Maybe some people will get bored with all this commercialism but, without sounding rude, and not wanting to offend any of you, these hubs are written with Google in mind and not the HubPages Community.

I will continue also to write articles that I think will be interesting to the HubPages community and my followers, but in the meantime I apologise if this is not what you want to see and you are tempted to unfollow me - that is your right and feel free, but I hope that you don't.

Hubs to Come

So like a lot of people, I go through phases of having things to write about and drawing a blank. At the moment I am in a phase of writing and I have a bunch of ideas that I want to write about - a lot of these will be product hubs for Christmas as I have never really tried to cash in on that market before, having only really written seriously for HubPages since January this year.

So, if you are following because you are interested in art, golf, Dubai or perhaps just to watch someone as they try and make some money, then I am very glad to have you :-)


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks jenubouka and prairieprincess, I appreciate your comments very much. I think I felt that I also did not have a 'face' on HubPages but didn't necessarily want to put my pic in my profile for various reasons.

      pp - I would say go for it, write that hub, it has been very cathartic for me for sure :-)

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      I understand your need to make money. I have had a similar transition. I started out writing a lot of teaching and relationships hubs and have recently started to do more Amazon type hubs. As writers, we are also looking for ways to pay our bills!

      I appreciate your honesty in addressing the issue. I had thought about writing a hub to explain my shift to more commercial hubs too and now you have shown me it can be done. Wonderful and honest hub. Take care!

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      In my opinion Azure, I believe a good writer can write about the sky being blue and still entertain and attract readers. I "follow" hubbers that can write quality and engaging pieces as well as subjects pertaining to my personal interests. Which art is one I like reading from your perspective, although that does not rule out any new material you may want to discuss. I think its great you are honest about economic woes, and are open to share with readers how you are trying new things to earn income.

      Always a loyal Fan!


    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Hi crazycatman - I wrote one hub about getting to the $100 target. I think I will write something in more detail when i get to $500. The main part of that income was $40 from Amazon from my product hubs and the rest was split between adsense and Hubpages Ads - I have about 8 websites on different topics and I have just done a bit of backlinking on those but really it is the choice of URL and main keyword that has done me well - I picked something that I knew about very personally but something that not many web site builders would be interested in writing about...

      And I am happy to say following the addition of my recent product hubs that I have, for the first time, got over 600 views total in one day, woo hoo!

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Oh my goodness I go to bed and wake up to a whole bunch of comments from you lovely people. Thanks you so much. I do so enjoy writing here even when it is just about products or whatever and you get interactions from people, especially some of your favourite hubbers (barbergirl, cogerson ;-) )

      bbg, you are right about the following thing it is all a bit weird and I do feel guilty if I look at someone's profile who is following me and decide that there is not really anything that they write about that would interest me so I don't follow back, but I know I shouldn't as, when I do follow someone, I then don't expect them to reciprocate! I have to admit I saw your P90X hubs and I had no idea what that was so I haven't had a read yet but will scoot right over and check :-)

      FBR, I have to admit I thought I was following you but it appears I was not so that has been rectified!

      Endamac, thanks, I think there are plenty of people that are here to earn money so I guess we are all in the same boat :-)

      Cousin Fudd, yes, it has taken a while to get here and I read a lot of other people's comments in the forums about how many views they get and how much they earn but I have to think that I am doing OK, even if it sounds like a lot of them are doing better. I did think about giving up at one point but am glad I persevered.

      PWalker - sounds like you have an interesting and eclectic mix of hubs there so I will be sure to check those out, thanks.

      Cogerson, the great movie star writer, thank you, I always appreciate the comments you leave and thank you for your good wishes.

    • crazycatman profile image

      crazycatman 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Thanks for updating us. I would love to see a clear, well written article series on how you have been able to earn $100 a month from hubpages. Do you target key words? How do you drive traffic to your blogs? Best wished on acheiving your next goal of $500 a month!

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      This was a wonderful tribut to your followers and who you really are. The whole following thing is a bit of a touchy and weird subject. Do you follow a person because they follow you? Do you follow a person because you truly enjoy what they write?

      Recently I have started doing a ongoing hub series about the P90X program. To me, this is more of a personal journey that keeps me accountable. However, the interaction and the amount of views have greatly declined. At the same time, I do understand that some people just won't be interested.

      Overall, I just want to say, I don't follow you because of what you write or what you don't write, I follow you because your writing is crisp and clean. It is an easy read, without being overly complicated. For the most part, you are just a great writer. I look forward to following you, even through your transition of product review hubs! Cheers! Hope you find great success! :)

    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      I think if you've been on HubPages for any length of time, the types of hubs you write about will shift and change. I started out writing about metaphysical topics like the law of attraction and intuition, but recently, I've been writing hubs about crochet, knitting, and health-related topics. That's the great thing about being a writer - you can write about whatever topic(s) you're interested in. If you lose some followers, you'll gain new ones who are interested in the topics you're currently writing about.

      And I can certainly understand the desire to earn some income from your writing. I'm looking forward to reading your product-review hubs, especially how you achieved $100 a month from the Amazon affiliate program.

    • profile image

      Cousin Fudd 6 years ago

      Best of luck to you. I think you are doing better than most on hub pages. You have a gift and if it brings in some cash, well that's good.

    • EndaMac profile image

      Enda McLarnon 6 years ago from Belfast

      There's nothing wrong with making some money and you are right, times are very hard. Congratulations on reaching the $100 a month mark and good luck on reaching the $500.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      I have a variety of hub topics and a variety of types of followers. Some read all of them and comment.Others read but never comment-(I can tell these people exist by the number of views-can't be all hub hopping). Some follow specific topics only. Thus there are people who only read my creative writing. Some read only my hubs about hubpages and technology. Others read my hubs about movies and books.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks for the update....I wish you all the luck in reaching your goal of $ keep writing and I will keep reading. Sounds like you have a good plan to reach your the Christmas season seems like some good subjects and great potential revenue builders. Voted up.