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A Reminder to Edit your Hubs: How To Edit Your Hubs To Make Them More Productive

Updated on November 15, 2012

Have you ever thought of going back to your previous hubs and edit them to make them productive? We all have written plenty of hubs, but I believe that more than 50-70% of those hubs are not fetching the hub traffic that they deserve.

However, by going back to your hubs and editing them, you can make them more productive. In this way, these hubs will be optimized and be able to bring you more hub traffic. As it is going to be my 101st hub, I wrote this as a reminder to all of you to go back and edit your hubs so they can bring more traffic.

Following are some of the things that you must do, in order to edit your hubs. I am here to take you step-by-step in this process.

Step No.1: Analyzing and Evaluating Your Hubs:

The first thing to do is to go your 'accounts’ page. There you can see the list of all your published hubs. Filter it down – in the descending order – by clicking the page views tab. You can do it by clicking any of the filter tabs: daily, weekly or monthly. However, daily and weekly will be able to provide you a much better and precise view.

By doing this, you will be able to identify those hubs that are not bringing you the adequate amount of traffic.

Step No.2: Copying the Statistics:

The next step is to copy these statistics into an .xlsx format – the Microsoft Excel Worksheet format. By copying and saving this information, you will be able to compare the end results with the beginning ones. However, it is not mandatory, if you are not a stats freak like me.

Step No. 3: The Title Tuner:

The first step in editing your hubs – and the third step overall – is to tune all your hubs’ titles in accordance with the search engines’ requirements and recommendations.

In order to do this, you should edit each hub individually, by opening the hub, click edit, and then go to keywords.

Or, on the other hand, if you are not willing to do it individually, you can go to your Account Settings > Title Tuner.

All the hubs, which are mentioned in the Title Tuner page, require some editing in the title, so they could bring more traffic through the search engines by increasing their productivity and page views.

When you will click any of such hubs, you will be able to see some keywords, which are constantly searched in the search engines; however, these words are not found in your hub’s title. If you can somehow add these words into your hubs’ titles, you will instantly see the results, in the form of increment in page views.

Step No. 4: Edit the Summaries:

This has been the most frustrating part, I guess. A couple of months ago, Hubpages changed a bit of their policies, and summaries – or descriptions, as we know it – were introduced then. Prior to that, there was not any option for adding the summaries for our hubs.

Now this leads to the result that most of our hubs that were published prior to that transformation do not have any summaries with them. Go through all of your hubs and add proper summaries into them. Adding summaries to hubs is very crucial, and it should not be neglected in any case.

You can edit the summary of your hub by:

Visiting a Hub > Click Edit > Look at the right hand side > Click the ‘Summary’ button > Write the summary or description in the given box > Click ‘Done Editing’.

Tip: Hubs, which do not have summaries, have an 'A' written against their name in the 'my account' segment.

The exclamation mark quickly alerts you about a broken link.
The exclamation mark quickly alerts you about a broken link. | Source

Step No.5: Revisiting Your Broken Links:

When you incorporate some other third-party websites’ links to provide the most complete set of knowledge to your reader, you also need to be proactive in revisiting any broken links. Since, this hub is a reminder to edit all the necessary things; we are going to repair some broken links as well.

When on your profile, click ‘Your Hubs’. You will see a list of your hubs. If you hub has any broken link included in it, it will show a mark of exclamation after it (like the one, which is shown in the picture).

This means that you have a broken link in that hub. For the sake of editing your hub, check out that broken link and replace it with a working one. Woila!

Step No. 6: Revisiting Your Affiliate Links:

It is wise to check and edit your affiliate links to the more appropriate ones, if necessary. If you place eBay links in your hubs, these links are very vulnerable to any changes. I do not put these links, so I cannot say much about it. I do not have the required experience for it. However, as much as I have read about it, I can say that look into those affiliate links to see that whether they are still valuable or not.


Step No. 8: Review your New Statistics:

As you would have already saved your previous statistics, you can now – after a couple of weeks – go back, review your new hubs’ statistics and compare them with the old ones.

You will be able to see the difference in your hubs’ page views, and hopefully, the increased earnings as well.

Step No. 7: Sharing:

Now comes the most important part, which is to share your hub as much as you can. Use social media websites, your blog, forums and other related platforms that can give your hub a decent boost. This will strengthen your hub's backlinks, when its link goes viral. All this will result in better traffic and improved search engine ranking.

Moreover, I would also like to share this hub of mine as much as you can. This is because I want to support and help this wonderful community as much as I can. I spent my time writing and publishing this hub, only to help people like you. On the other hand, I could have spent my time writing a hot-niche-keyword-cluttered-type-hub to earn more pennies.

If you feel that this hub can help your fellow hubbers, then do not forget to share it.

This data is from one of my hubs. I experienced this incremental change by doing all the above-mentioned steps.
This data is from one of my hubs. I experienced this incremental change by doing all the above-mentioned steps. | Source


How many page views do you get per day?

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Some hubs are written on ridiculous topics (like this one. Ouch!) and cannot bring you much traffic even after all the above-mentioned tricks. The reason is the lack of potential in that keyword/niche. If you are stuck with such a hub, I would recommend letting it go after doing the best you could. This guide will be more beneficial for hubs that already have the potential, but need some editing to unleash their full potential.

Best of luck in finding that!


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    • Hunbbel Meer profile imageAUTHOR

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 

      5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @Angie Jardine: Indeed. Many of hubs suffered the same 'zzz'd' you mentioned ;) but after the above-mentioned steps, the results were noticeably better :) I hope you successfully awake some of your hubs as well, if any.

    • Hunbbel Meer profile imageAUTHOR

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 

      5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @wetnosedogs: It did take a lot of time to finish this hub :)

    • vespawoolf profile image


      5 years ago from Peru, South America

      These are really good reminders on editing hubs. I also think summaries are very important since that's often what readers see when our hubs show up on Google's search engine. Thank you for these helpful tips!

    • uzma shaheen profile image

      Uzma Shaheen Bhatti 

      5 years ago from Lahore,Pakistan

      Bundle of thanks for writing this very helpful and informative hub. I appreciate your contribution to this wonderful community. keep it up good work. voting up and sharing as it deserves to be.

    • Angie Jardine profile image

      Angie Jardine 

      5 years ago from Cornwall, land of the eternally youthful mind ...

      Many thanks for this succinct and very useful reminder, Hunbbel … this is a handy list for when we get a hub Zzzz’d.

    • wetnosedogs profile image


      5 years ago from Alabama

      Appreciate this hub to do some editing on my hubs. This was written with a lot of thought and I really needed to read it. Thanks

      Sharing this.


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