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A hub written with a crystal clear purpose

Updated on May 17, 2016

Strategy makes all the difference

10 Useful Tips on creating a purposeful Hub that works.

  1. Think before you type - the thinking process of purposeful hub writing is crucial.
  2. Study all resources - prior to getting your hub idea launched onto the monitor releasing it for the community to view, do some intense research, and especially if your looking to score on relevance of a particular subject matter of widespread interest.
  3. Submission of good well thought out content - Make sure you have all your content handy & ready to be submitted, because if your hub is going to have a strong effect, you need additional content to back it up meaning great imagery, or awesome video coverage, and some positioning knowledge of where to place this content onto the screen.
  4. Render your content accurately- people will respond more frequently if you take your time weeding out potential errors, and you should try to be wise as to what terminology your going to utilize to get the message across, because this is the web and people are mainly seeking to find some resourceful purposeful content.
  5. Keywords- Any and all the search engines are being actively alerted by your use of any keywords, especially those highlighted, used as tags & titles. This equates to part of your SEO, or search engine optimization. (I read a great deal of hubs overall in only 2 months of being on hubpages, and quickly noticed that many people have no idea about this dominant factor of using keywords to attract viewers outside of this given web location known as Hubpages.)
  6. Build a Frame - Try to sketch a framework for your powerful hub in the making, maybe out on paper first to see where in the future this awesome content you've gathered might actually go.
  7. Strategics - Develop a strategy of knowing what topic best suits this objective purpose.
  8. Creative usage of Titles - Using exclusive titling techniques that have a universal application is essential; essentially meaning that you need to think of a topic that almost everyone one on the globe can relate to specifically.
  9. A Great Titles Importance - This title must be unique from all other titles being used currently, so it takes a clever usage of word choice to come up with, but it can be done. The shorter the title the less unique it will become, because everyone is battling for the best topic choices and titles.
  10. Marketing: Specific link references being used in your hub writings body, shouldn't be purely meant to advertise, or market your own external web locations, for purposes of gaining traffic. Most people online & on Hubpages are expert users today, and can detect this sorta overly self promotional behavior immediately, so if your purpose is to be overly promotional you pretty much have earned a bad rep instantly, and your hub is now considered to be purposeless.

Don't forget to add a video to keep visitors occupied

Utilize Youtube or Vimeo for sharing video content onto your hubs, and make sure that they're relevant as well as useful enough to keep your readers occupied
Utilize Youtube or Vimeo for sharing video content onto your hubs, and make sure that they're relevant as well as useful enough to keep your readers occupied | Source
Try to create video hubs
Try to create video hubs

Rules of engagement

Hubpages only allows two links per hub to your own stuff you privately own on the web for self promotions, so keep that in mind & don't ever over do it, the hub community overall responds in the form of negative feedback, and many other approval or disapproval methods to keep spam to a minimal,.

This is very effective here & many other places on the web as well. So if you expect to grow a huge following here, be mindful of your content you've submitted for eventual viewing and community feedback.

Additional tips for advanced intense writers

  1. Topic selection - This is also a crucial area of giving your hub the chance to flourish, if your not a subject matter expert you may be weak in this area of choosing a topic that best fits your writing skills, don't fret though there's always room for improvement. After first starting your hub there's a category grouping list for subjects to choose from, pick wisely, don't just go with the suggested topics, hit start over to choose your own.
  2. Learning from the pro's - The most powerful & purposeful hub writers seem to exhibit the same similar attributes. They all fully comprehend the importance of editing, proof reading, and clarity across the board on all content being rendered onto the screen, so be wise and do so as well prior to any publishing.
  3. Read The Best Hubs & Leave Engaging Comments - Try studying the Hubpages Elitetechniques, they show in great depth some awesome examples of how to make hub writing fun, interesting for viewers & leaving purposeful engaging comments as a sign of a true community leadership acitivity.
  4. Intelligible Clean References - If you plan to get a rapid response to this hub that you choose to make purposeful to your viewers, don't forget to add references to all content being submitted, & especially if its not authentically of your personal ownership.
  5. Rest - take a break every so often so you don't overload your thinking process, breath, eat some food, get some fresh air & stretch.
  6. Hub Reliability - Not all hubs remain relevant all year round, or for the next year, and so update them, edit them especially if you see them ZZZ's and keep track of your low performing hubs.

One cool hubpages Contest that has come and went

Hubpages Contest

Hubpages Contest Rules Page
Hubpages Contest Rules Page | Source

Winning the Contests

Many people have no clue when they first join Hubpages, that there's many contests that are visibly & non visibly being initiated at all times based on your hub submissions here. If this is the very first time you've ran into this knowledge then now your in for a huge surprise, because I am living proof that anything is possible, and especially on Hubpages.

Even though there's a navigation button above that leads to the contest page, you'll be surprised how many people haven't the slightest clue whats behind it, cause they're so busy writing, not very observant, or just not interested maybe thinking they can't win like I recently felt. You never know, & unlike the Hubnugget, these contest earn its winner some good money!

This Hub won me a Hubnugget - On Cloud Computing

Hubs can truly gain notice with added Purpose
Hubs can truly gain notice with added Purpose | Source

Quick hubbing poll!

Do you know what A Hubnugget Award is, or the Hubnugget Team

See results
Set hubpages Goals to achieve! for yourself
Set hubpages Goals to achieve! for yourself

What is a Hubnugget

I had no clue what that word was, or what it meant, but when I first found the email, stating that I was nominated for an award by means of random selection by the Hubpages Elites I was literally blown away. I quickly responded to the award letter & proceeded to follow the hyper link back to Hubpages to bear witness to a dream come true, which I had no clue would ever be possible. (Hubnugget Awardee Page supplied by LadyJane1, titled "If the Shoe fits".)

The Hubnugget turned out to be a Contest in which new Hubpages members are selected to receive, if their hub gets noticed by the Hubpages Elite community members, which are actually part of an exclusive HubNuggets Team. Then if they make it passed the scrutiny of their hand picked selective eyes & committees decisions then comes the all time voting by the entire Hubpages community, which is each of us as well as the entire world wide web. The more votes your nominated hub receives, the greater chance it has in winning one of the 3 hubs selected from three categories for the Hubnugget awards. What a tough course of selections to get by, but at least its democratic in nature somewhat.

LadyJane- Hubpages Elite Elegantly shows & tells all about Hubnugget Awardees
LadyJane- Hubpages Elite Elegantly shows & tells all about Hubnugget Awardees | Source

Poetry Prose & Creative Writing Contest

I tried to win the poetry contest, but I think the competition is gruesome, lol. There's so many great writers worldwide that its a slim chance to none to win such a contest as this one on Hubpages, more over because everyone is aware of its presence prior to joining such a contest, so this type of contest falls in the category of the Visible kind.

I'm not really sure if I can make more then one submission to any one contest, or one submission overall. So I need to do some research myself on that subject, but I do know that there are specific contest rules that are in existence, so make sure to read them up prior to joining any or you may miss out on some truly important key ingredients and by laws they expedite to the Hubpages contestants who choose to submit content. ( Ask the experts )

As for one of the important measures to know before you submit, say your poetry hub for review for instance. Make sure to properly place it in the corresponding Poem & Poetry topic category, and write "Contest" into the tags area during the initial creation process of your Hub. I'm sure if you made an error, there shouldn't be a problem if you adjust the topic, as well as tag later on after the hub was first initiated. Check the contest rules for more relevant info on that and anything else you may have missed.

Good Luck! to all the contestants & Try writing with a Crystal Clear Purpose on Hubpages.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Austinstar once again for sharing with me today, I created this hub in my very first 2 months on hubpages, and I was absorbing all the info I could at that particular time frame.

      Today I'm much more balanced, since I naturally slowed down when it comes to hub creations, and so my efforts have been sharing with many others recently, and thus how I found you from FB.

      It's nice to meet new people every now and then and to network in such ways, awesome times we're in for sure. See ya soon in more of your hubs as well.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Great references for building hubs. I hope to read more soon. One can never know too much about this topic. I have learned so much with my 2 years on hub, but there is always something new.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you again Jenubouka I'll be visiting more of your hubs soon as well, I also enjoy reading them.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      Great reminders for me, awesome info, as always.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for the comment disturbedpsyche I added a cool resource for tips, I hadn't got back to this hub since yesterday when I first published it.

      Many of my hubs are being developed daily so, its not that easy to update each one, and I'm sure you understand how that goes to. Hope the new update works for ya, and for others that are to discover this hub. Enjoy!

    • disturbedpsyche profile image

      disturbedpsyche 6 years ago from Germany

      Hey I like your concept here. If you could maybe go into a bit more details with some of your tips and give some examples, that would provide everyone with a great starting point. Nevertheless, I marked your hub as useful!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Ms Dee, I learned a great deal in a short time, from everyone I come in contact with on hubpages, especially the Hubpages Elite members.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 6 years ago from Texas, USA

      Excellent principle to focus clearly on the purpose of one's hub. Hope many hubbers see this and can apply your great suggestions


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