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The Kickdown: About Me! My Writing Style & Why I Write

Updated on April 10, 2020
Joshua Nightshade profile image

Joshua is a self-proclaimed Driving God with an almighty Forza Game Rank.

About Me...

This article isn’t the usual professional looking article I usually write. Far from it. This article is more personal. This article is about me. So with that said…

Dear Hubpages & Readers

I’m thankful for the existence of a platform that allows me to get my ideas out. I’m a guy that you could say has a lot of friends and yet no friends at all. I don’t have friends to really talk about my love for cars, music, wrestling, writing or anime with. I have friends but none that share my interests. So I am glad that here I am accepted for who I am. That I get to write for all the readers that read my articles. It is a privilege. One I do not take for granted. Writing here has made me a better writer and has made me come into my own. I’ve come to realize that I possess my own style of writing. A style that clashes a lot with Hubpages editors & editing algorithms. I also feel like I need to make a more conscious effort to connect with my readers. So I will be writing more articles in the coming weeks & months & revising a specific article, “Overpriced: The GM C-1”, when I get more information on the subject as I only want to relay accurate information or opinions based in reality. And an article like that needs more concrete facts than what it has. In writing articles this way, I run columns. You may have noticed that my articles are headlined by the terms “Inertia Report”, “The Lockup”, or "Fantasy Branding” These are to separate the types of articles I write. The Inertia Report is where I give my opinion on topics in the automotive world. Controversial topics, as well as topics nobody has even thought of, are all topics I discuss under that article column. The Lockup is where I give a review or critique on a car or car company. So far, my heat has been aimed at Infiniti, and trust me, there is more heat to come. But things I feel need a critique in the automotive world fall under this column. Finally, Fantasy Branding is the last column.

Now I’d like to explain in detail what Fantasy Branding is. I know some people have probably been like, “Yea Joshua, explain?" Well, simply put, "Fantasy Branding is what I feel the car company should have done. These are articles where I take a vehicle, a set of vehicles, or a whole company, and present a hypothetical situation of how I would market or conceive a particular event in automotive history. An example of this would be...

"Fantasy Branding: How I would launch 2016 Infiniti Eau Rouge and give Infiniti a legit performance division."

Not only in that article am I launching a car but I’m also giving a detailed description of how it changes brand perception and the company as a whole with facts & an insightful opinion.

If the name isn’t obvious, I rewrite history & explain what the car company should have done, either to one model or the whole brand's vehicle lineup. This is because I feel a company could or should have done something better than they did in real life. There are different variations to this article collum, as I could write about actions a car company should take in a future tense scenario. Essentially, a well explained what-if. Overall, I write articles about car stuff in general.

In the end, I want to continue to create and write entertaining and informative articles for the readers. I took a hiatus on writing for health & then for personal reasons. But I can now clearly state that I am back and ready to write. I also have an announcement to make. YouTube videos explaining my articles coming soon, sometime this year. I won’t give exact times. That said, I hope that you guys have a peaceful and blessed day. And thank you for the opportunity to write about what I love for an audience that appreciates it.

© 2019 Joshua Nightshade


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