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Addressing the Blank Page

Updated on August 22, 2010

When I sit down to the computer, I want to write. At first, that consisted of penning every thought that came to mind with more or less success. I had many people who egged me on and patted my butt but I find that as a style started to immerge I started to care less about followers and more about starting and maintaining conversations. I am still not sure I am very good at that kind of thing. Still, conversational articles have their value. It connects you to your readership and gives one the chance to be further inspired to write about whatever is occurring in the minds of readers to clarify an article or to further address other issues that in the subject field that the pen’s poetic utterance wouldn’t allow for the first time around.

I am not convinced, that writing for plaudits or conversational recognition is very helpful in the end even if it feels better then slapping readers and trying to make them like it. It even is more helpful then writing things without even a regard for the fact that putting pen to paper is meant to communicate something to someone and if the pen is indifferent to what can or cannot be read then there is a risk of failure of the pen that is very palpable. I am not a gambler so I abstain. When first writing articles or dare I say that my start in being in love with my pen was in poetry, I wrote every though that my mind could ejaculate and that created catharsis for a while but not forever. I have managed to put out a healthy amount of literature so far and not all of it was evergreen. I imagine that I might one day decide to toss out the pieces, which have been left unloved by the way side, but in all likelihood, I will hesitate.

Still none of that tells me what I want to write today. Do I cave the pressure of finding out what evergreen content is? I probably aught to do something in that respect but I am not sure that I have any thoughts that a majority of people in their right minds would come back time after time to reverence the thought such that I didn’t feel obliged to have a new one for them to examine. I have taken some pains to clean up my old pieces and make them a little more readable. Still, my pen itches and the page is filling up with excuses as to why the content does not match my will to be heard. I could go on Titter or Reuter’s News Service. That is usually a very good idea. I think I will by and by. Being inspired by professionals about topics they really don’t have time to give proper love to as the subjects become current off the press is a fabulous way of going about things.

Still, the present bad, good, or indifferent news of society is not the only material that will satisfy my itch to fill the page. I live a life that is largely filled with quiet contemplation on many pithy matters. If they concern me, perhaps I should not feel so arrogant as to think that they will not also concern others. I have present daily concerns that also might interest others in ways I may not be aware of. True, chancing such exposure to my life in public is not always the safest route but it is a route if I am brave enough to go that direction. Heaven knows such things happen every day with varied levels of appropriate methodology on Facebook and other such sites.

Am I an exhibitionist though? I could try to hazard streaking outside and find out but I do not think I want to wait cold and naked in a cell down town for the trouble of gaining that knowledge about myself. Am I a coward then? How can it help fill the page? It is interesting as I go down the list of things I could, should, or might write about how I keep coming up with questions. It is the questions that keep making my fingers tap in the incessant manufacture of words that lead to sentences that form paragraphs and bring me gradually to a point that might have some value in publishing.

Perhaps that is the answer then. Question everything. If you are bored, ask why. The answers might shock you. If you are sad ask why and you might find incite that will fill your fingers with things to express and pages worth of content to proffer the public, some of which people may find evergreen. Who knows? However, if you do not start you will never comprehend how interesting thinking on paper really is to those who think.

The world is full of questions. Explore every one. If you run out of questions there are things happening every day that will raise new ones. Some questions like, “What is Justice?” Still do not have answers that are universally accepted. You could pick up a book of Socratic thought and dust it off for this generation if you dare and present the arguments anew. If you want to write and fill the page, by all means write. That is what writers do.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      :-) so do I, Dave, sometimes so do I.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      I enjoy writing just to discover the sort of thoughts and Ideas that God can fill my mind with and help me to create on His behalf.

      Brother Dave.