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Adsense Deluxe for Wordpress - "cannot load adsense-deluxe.php" error

Updated on August 22, 2011

Last month I changed my two blogs from blogger to wordpress.

Wordpress is really great and for me, the best solution to blog!

As you know, it has lot's of plugins, and one of the most used is "Adsense Deluxe".

With it you can populate your blog with any kind of adsense ad unit, in a simple, clean and fast way!

I heard everyone talked about this plugin and I had to try it... So I download it and made the ftp upload to my server, then I went to wordpress to activate it, and everything went fine. But when I tried to add a adsense block I got the familiar error: "Cannot load adsense-deluxe.php".

I search the net but I couldn't find an answer... Only a few days later I understood how to put it to work. My mistake was to unzip the plugin file, and upload it to the "plugins" folder, having something like this:

-> wp-content -> plugins -> adsense-deluxe-wp... -> adsense-deluxe files

The solution to get this working is just too simple:

Just upload the files, not the folder, to the plugins folder. This way you will have:

-> wp-content -> plugins -> adsense-deluxe files

With adsense-deluxe files I mean:

"myinfo.php", "licence.txt", "adsense-deluxe.php", "Optional Wordpress2.0Themes" (this one is a folder)

Having it like this in your folder, then activating it in wordpress and will get a great plugin working just fine!

Any problem, just message me! Hope this helps someone!

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    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 9 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Hi SunyFB,

      The "wp-content" folder is located on your web server, where you installed thw wordpress software.

      If you need any help, just message me!


    • SunyFB profile image

      SunyFB 9 years ago from USA

      I have a rather simply stupid question, where is the wp-content folder? Is it on my computer because if it is, I have no idea where I can locate it! Thanks for helping a low tekkie like myself!

    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 9 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Hope it help you a little! If you're still having doubts, just message me, i'll try my best to help you! :)

    • profile image

      Jeanette M 9 years ago

      I too have a wordpress blog and I have been struggling to add adsense to it! Thank you for this useful information.