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Diversify Your Adsense Earning Potential

Updated on March 27, 2012

I Didn't Make Money With Adsense Until...

Every time someone mentions not earning money with Google Adsense, my reply is " Don't put all your eggs in one basket ". What exactly does this mean?

Each article is a web page with it's own special URL. The more pages you have the better your earnings will be. Slowly but surely, you'll see an increase in your adsense earnings if you publish often with quality, original content.

You can earn adsense revenue with article marketing. Here are a few sites that I use.

  • Hubpages
  • Squidoo
  • eHow
  • Ezinearticles ( to drive traffic to my articles )
  • Xomba
  • YouTube ( you must be a partner )

There are many other article submission sites that you can use to increase your traffic and adsense earnings.

My Adsense Story

I began creating articles at eHow. Then I found a great potential to earn more over at Squidoo.

More recently, I've joined Hubpages and Xomba. I use ezinearticles to drive traffic to all of my online content. Using several different article submission sites, I'm able to drive traffic to my blogs and articles. This helps to increase my adsense earnings overall.

Make the most out of your Google Adsense earnings by using several platforms. Soon your cents will turn into dollars! I've made hundreds of dollars using this method. I plan on changing this into " thousands " in the near future :)

Drive Traffic To Your Adsense Ads

You can drive traffic to your adsense ads by using social networking sites like:

These sites will automatically update your status if you add your RSS feeds to them. I rarely log into twitter but, it's constantly being updated because of the feeds that I send to it.

Adsense Placement

Adsense placement is extremely important to catch the attention of readers. Place your ads at the top of your content. Here at hubpages, you can do this really easily by beginning your hubs with text only.

Additional Help With Adsense

Earn Income Without Google Adsense was created for those accounts that have been disabled. Please stop by and bookmark it in case this happens to you. Don't be left without options. There's many ways to earn a income online.

Check out the video below! It has lots of great information for driving traffic to your articles in order to increase your adsense earnings.

Best Wishes!


Adsense Money With Hubpages

Making Money With Adsense

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Try several programs to make money online. The more content that you create the better. Use several adsense platforms. The more you publish the better your adsense income will be.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Try several programs to make money online. The more content that you create the better. Use several adsense platforms. The more you publish the better your adsense income will be. | Source


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Thanks LSKing for some real great information on Google Adsense. I have been using it for some months now but only a couple cents here and there. Also, thank you for the follow. I hope you enjoy my Hubs and look forward to reading more of yours.


    • LSKing profile image

      LSKing 7 years ago from East Coast United States

      Thank you so much! I really don't consider myself a top performer yet.... but, I'm working hard to earn that title. Please send me a private message if you would additional help with adsense. I would be more then happy to help. Thanks!

    • Nikki D. Felder profile image

      Nikki D. Felder 7 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

      I wanted to thank you for following me. I've watched you become a top performer on Hubpages overnight. I'm studying your success and reading up on things or nuggets you share. Thanks to you I just answered 10 questions and got the award. I didn't even know that side of Hubpages. I'm out for profit and have yet to earn a thing. Presently my adsense account doesn't even exist. I don't know what I did, but I'm waiting now to get my account reinstated. Again, thank you for your expertise as I'm learning from you! God's speed!