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Adsense - Moving to Another Country

Updated on July 21, 2017
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How to update Adsense when you immigrate

If you are relocating to a different country where the currency is the same as your existing currency, then relocating is a simple procedure. It’s a matter of signing in, clicking on the gear icon > payments > payee profile > edit > country > then choose your country, save, and that’s it.

When you relocate to another country where the currency is different or where there are financial regulations differing in type between your home country and your new country, then Adsense will ask you to close your account in the country from which you are relocating and, once you have arrived in your new country, to reapply for a new Adsense account.

Google states in its information that there are three instances in which an old account would be closed and a new one would have to be opened. They are if the country has a different currency to the one you are in, if your original contract with Adsense didn’t include your new country, and, lastly, if you’re relocating to China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepak, Singapore, or Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka, you will have to take the route of closing your account.

If you're moving from Taiwan, this is article is good to read. It's good to read even if you are moving from another country as the general ethos of it is correct. It shows you some of the complications.

When to close your Adsense Account

It is important to close your account while you are still in your old country because Google can or will only pay what is owing into your bank account (or make out the check payable in your old currency) and will not pay anything to you in your new account. Adsense website is set up in such a way that it will not accept a post code outside the country from which you initially applied for your account (your contractual country). So you cannot insert a change of address and you cannot insert a new bank account from another country.

In order to close your account, you will need to sign in, click on account > account information > cancel account.

The moment you click the ‘close account, your account vanishes, so be very careful that you had an active bank account or an address to which your check can be sent.

Threshold amounts for cancellation

Adsense does not pay you if you are below the cancellation threshold. The cancellation threshold is different to the payment threshold. So, for instance, the cancellation threshold may be $10 while the normal payment threshold (if you don’t cancel your account) may be $100. You can check different thresholds for different countries here.

When can I expect payment?

Adsense states that it takes up to three months to pay what is owed to you. So in order for you to receive your money before you leave, you will need to close your account a full quarter year before relocation takes place. This means that you could be losing sizeable income.

Should you decide to close the old Adsense account once you have reached your new country, you will need a bank account which is still active in your previous country. However this can be tricky, especially if you immigrate. By law, many countries, including America, do not permit you to retain a banking account if you are leaving permanently. If you are a permanent resident, as opposed to a citizen, you will need to notify the bank every three months that you are still outside the States. You can, then, possibly, receive your money. However, you will need to ask for the check to be sent to a friend or family, and them ask friend or family to bank the check for you. It does become endlessly complicated when you need to close the bank account in your old country at some point as some banking institutions requires your presence. You might be able to close your bank account remotely by a snail mail letter. Find out the regulations before you exit your old country.


Sometimes, before you can be paid, depending on which country, Google will need to subtract the tax for you and send you the balance owing. This is likely to happen if your home country does not have a tax agreement with your new country.

Reapplying for a new Adsense account in your new country

Unhappily, you cannot reapply with the same email that you previously used for your old account. This means setting up a new gmail account. While that doesn’t seem momentous on its own,

If you are earning through a content writing site or some sort of affiliate like Amazon, then the different gmail address isn’t difficult to negotiate. It becomes problematic when you have a youtbube account or a blogger account. This is because these accounts will be held under your old gmail address while your adsense account is based on your new gmail address. As no browser allows you to have two gmail accounts open at the same time (unless you are use different browsers or two different computers) which becomes very frustrating when you need to work with both.

That said, once your new account has been accepted, they give you the option of using a different email. However, they state that you cannot use another gmail address so it is only an email address from another provider.

Once you have been accepted, you can then add your previous hosted accounts linked to your previous gmail. This is not explained anywhere. So you do not lose your blogs or your youtube accounts just because you needed a new gmail account. You do, however, have to add these to your Adsense account.

You do that by taking your blogger and youtube URL, going to my ads > URL channels > New URL channel > add url to pop up box > Add URL channels. Then check to see if it has been completed by clicking on gear symbol > site management. You should see your new blog, youtube, content site, or website added.

It is somewhat inconvenient if you cannot log in to two different google (your old gmail and your new gmail) accounts on the same computer (unless you use different browsers.). So if you have a blog under one gmail account, have changed countries, and had to get a new gmail in order to do so, then once your new Adsense application has been accepted, the best way to handle this inconvenience is to change your email address on your Adsense account to one that is not gmail.

Reapply to Adsense here.

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Your new country

Once you receive the acceptance email, you will need to verify it by signing in and activating, putting in your new address, and then waiting to earn the minimum threshold amount before completing your payment method.

Now you are all set to go.

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