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Running Google Adsense is Dangerous in China

Updated on May 25, 2012

Millions of Chinese personal Webmasters running Google Adsense

I do not think there are other groups in the world will be so interesting and puzzling like Chinese Webmasters.

We have witnessed the rapid development of China's Internet, it not only provides a great deal of technology and content for the progress of China's network, but also trains and provides a great deal of talents along with the growth of the network industry. It can be said that if there is no millions of Chinese personal Webmasters, there will be no nowaday high speed developing Chinese Internet.

How many personal webmasters are there in nowaday China in deed? 100,000? 500,000? Or more or less, as long as it is a great figure. Then what is the exact number of excellent sites China has? Should be numerous as well, I think.

But, we don't know if this group has became a pot of slop or it was born soured, the whole world has preparedness to keep away from this group, of course, here you and me included.

For now, in Europe and the United States, more than half of the free hosting providers refuse the application from Chinese users. An increasing number of sites directly prohibit Chinese IP.

Why this?

It is for rules. The Chinese Webmasters do not know, or do not want to know, or even they know but still not to comply with the rules, including any rules.

Now we are talking about Google Adsense, a lot of people know that Google Adsense banned a large number of ads accounts of Chinese sites. Big ones, small ones, well-known ones and non-known ones. All only for one: violation of the rules.

Don't these webmasters know the rules of the game? I definitely should be No. A lot of Webmasters never and will never go to read any rules; On the contrary, they will very confidently go stand in the perspective of their own Google Adsense rules envisaged;

Don't they understand the rules of the game? It might be No..
If you have experience of creating a website with any certain rules, you would be amazed at understanding of some people who come to the site, (of course, not just limited the WEBMASTERS here) they might very carefully read the rules, but only one result: they absolutely do not understand what you talk about.

What will China webmasters do when their Google Adsense account get banned?

So, when their Google Adsense account banned, there will be a lot of Webmasters will exclaim:
- Why Google banned me for clicking the Ads in my site via proxy server?
- I just clicked the Ads in my site twice a day!
- I fortunately I have a lot of accounts to run Adsense.
- Etc.

Are there some ones who never want to comply with the DOs? Must be the most, these people are the product of an intensive course, full of lust on anything and overconfident, know the rules but deliberately violate them. These Webmasters always think they are the most intelligent, while other people are all fools.

Innocent or ignorance don't worth mentioning, what they need do is to know and lesson from the failure. But in fact the friends around us is not the case, the subsequent acts surprised me very much. Then what they do for that?
- Opposed Union.
A lot of people who had been punished set up or take part in opposition coalition, regardless of whether they should be punished.
- Abuse.
If Google Adsense Team is willing to put their representations received as part of the open letter, I think we can experience most filthy language in the world's.
- Malicious Retaliation.
Malicious revenge are the most frightening behavior, and unbelievable if I told you that. I had been in several big China Webmaster Forums, and saw relevant discussions and organizations in those forums. They have three purposes:
- 1, Abuse Google Adsense and any one who has support Google Adsense.
- 2, Gang fights to a website which with Adsense. No real fights here, but tens of hundreds of people simultaneously attack the Google Adsense ads on a site to make the account being suspended; and their aim is to have all of China's Google Adsense Account banned then have Google Adsense stopped exit China.
- 3, Intimidation to webmasters. A few years ago with a site if there is association grudges occur between webmasters one would speak a hard saying: I will hack your site! It was through the network technology's invasion and destruction of sites. Now may be not the case, they will say: Tell me your site, I will blow up your Google Adsense!

Now it remind me a saying that someone told me:

The Despicable Doesn't Need Pass.

What else can I say for that?


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    • profile image

      Ad eXchange sign up 2 years ago sign up for Ad Exchange here

    • profile image

      Chinese Man 6 years ago

      If you do not try to understand Chinese market, why you guy including the big g is so interested in earning the money from China. I think big g should stick to there hard stick to fight against the "naïve communism" and go with their own "monopoly". Facebook is a better advertising channel.

    • profile image

      GOD /Karbonkel 7 years ago

      Well, to bump this very old thread..

      I don't quite agree with your statement, I live in China for one-and-a-half years now and I did some business with a few Chinese webmasters, and all of them seemed to understand the rules of The Internet quite well.

      Furthermore, you are talking about free webhosting here, I think you should understand that people can't realy be considered a webmaster if they use free hosting. From my understanding there are only a handfull of usefull free hostings and all of them block China (or me in particular :P).

      Hope I made my point,


      PS: You seem to consider Google as a God lol: "...But big G will lose more.."

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 years ago

      lol. No one seems to question why google should get 67% of the advertising money when the ad is not on google's website. It all happens because google is a monopoly. They found a legal way to cheat people. They blame chinese who cheat illegally. How funny. Google wins anyway. They not only cheat people, but also make people call them honest while duping them. Just like microsoft.

    • adsensebaknow profile image

      adsensebaknow 8 years ago

      Even IF Chinese Adsense and\or Adwords marketers get their accounts BANNED, I will help them get them back FAST! Contact me or go to my website.

    • SeSharer profile image

      SeSharer 8 years ago from Tao

      Yes it's a good way. But big G will lose more..

    • profile image

      SG 8 years ago

      Agreed. People have a hard time following rules, I propose that Adsense close down ALL new applications. And only work with the publishers that show promise. Install some ad tracking that will stop counting clicks whenever too many clicks happened. And ban all those scum for life. The solutions are simple....but Google doesn't seem to want that.