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Advertising revenue-how is it working for you

Updated on September 18, 2011

Are you getting any clicks on the adverts from affiliates

Having not so much content on Hubpages,I am still in the dark when it comes to Advert revenue. This hub is basically a questionnaire to those with more experience on this issue. I think this information would be relevant for most Hubbers/bloggers.

Revenue from Adverts in relationship to the number of articles posted.

Are you getting good residual income from the adverts that run along your content? If so, is this directly connected to the number of articles you have posted?

Networking within Hubpages

Are you networking within Hubpages to increase your viewership? Is the time you spend doing so well compensated by the adverts running alongside your content?

Finally, which affiliates do you find work best for you? Any comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated


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