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Adwords PPC ads or Google ads

Updated on December 9, 2010

Pay Per Click

Google Adsense remains the best home based online business

No doubt, Google AdSense is the best online business opportunities as it stands today, especially for web publishers. Google advertising through its program called, adwords, has generated a fast moving business opportunity for webmasters and online publishers worldwide. Sadly, not all online publishers do make it successful with Google PPC ads program called, AdSense, why? Read further and discover not just why people fail in AdSense, but how to also become successful with Google AdSense.

Many things contribute to low AdSense revenue, of which some are more significant.

AdSense tips number one: low cost per click (CPC) keywords attracts low CPC ads to your hubs, which means that you will earn less even when so many people click on the Google ads displayed on your site or hub. Go for the high paying key phrases instead, if you really want to earn big with AdSense. To write articles with high CPC keywords, you need to carry out a keyword research before you write any article using a tool called, adwords traffic estimator. This tool was designed to guide advertisers wishing to advertise on the internet with Google, by helping them to figure out which phrase offers more ads space competition, so that they will know the exact phrase to use for their adverts so that online users searching for their products will see them.

Being smart, webmasters hijacked this adwords tool for their own profit, by using it to carry out research on the highest paying phrase that online advertisers are competing for. To find out which key phrases are paying high per click, follow the steps below:

1. log on to Google Adword Keyword Traffic Estimator Tool

2. Do not enter any character or word in any of the field spaces provided except theses ones below

3. Enter a few prospective phrase, with each phrase on a new line (e.g. “fast moving cars”, “sporting cars” etc )

4. Click on: ‘All Countries and Territories’ located just below the space where you entered the key phrase to research on.

5. Click on: ‘Add’ on the left hand column and scroll down a bit to “phrase” and tick it like this: “*”

6. Scroll down again and look at the right hand side (located at the bottom), click on “columns”, select “Avrg CPC”, and click “save”

7. Scroll up again and enter correctly the toggle word displayed

8. In the select website field found around the space where you will enter the keyword to research, choose any website you want your search to limit on, e.g. “”

9. Click on: ‘search’

Watch out for a page display in columns and rows with this information on it:

* Maximum and average cost per click (Avrg CPC)

* Search volume

* Estimated clicks overall (across all websites)

* Search Trend (this tells you whether the phrase will be searched for or not in mere future)

AdSense tips number two: if you have high CPC ads displayed on your site, and still have low CTR (Click through ratio; that means how many 100 visitors to your site clicks an ad), it is very possible that you will earn nothing good from AdSense. To improve your ads CTR, make use of minimal AdSense units (log into your AdSense account, go to Account Setup, check out “ad units” and then read the help topics found there). Another cause of low CTR, is wrong placement of ads. If you place your ads in a location that makes it more invisible or distracting to the visitor, it is very much possible that they won’t click on any of the ads, and you earn nothing at the end. Hubpages is excluded from this, so if you are using hub pages, you need not worry about this unless you are also running a personal site or blog. There are so many other factors that contributes to low CTR; adding too many links, adverts, pictures, etc to your site, most times they do more harm than good.

AdSense tips number three: I have talked about the need for you to make use of high paying keywords or phrase that attracts high CPC Google ads to your site, I have also talked about the need to increase your ad CTR, now I want to talk about another important factor that contributes very much to how much income you earn with AdSense, web traffic.

More Internet Traffic = Google Adsense revenue

Increase Targeted Traffic = More Adsense Revenue

The more web traffic your site has, the more possible it is for you to hit big in Google AdSense. Therefore, many publishers or webmasters have failed to make it successful in adsense because their site had very low traffic.

To increase your site traffic and search engine optimization, you need to apply certain simple tricks. You can equally make use of internet advertising or adwords. Adwords is a Google program designed for internet PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. But as a publisher, I don’t think you need to place an advert with adwords, when you can make use of some free tools and mediums to increase targeted traffic to your site or blog. Space wouldn’t permit me to explain how you can drive targeted traffic to your site, so I would suggest that you click here to learn how to flood your site with traffic for free.

Do you really want to make big money with adsense?

If your answer to the above question is “yes”, then you must take a bold step by choosing the right article publishing platform that will aid you to achieve this goal. I would suggest that you start off with hubpages (if you are not already writing on hub pages) because they have easy to use but powerful tools that will help increase your Adsense profit in a short period.

To start writing on hub pages today, follow these helpful links below;

Signup for a free hubpages account

FAQS about Hub pages

I wish you all the best as you struggle to make a big hit with Adsense and with other affiliate marketing programs. Good luck!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @bloggingways, thank you for stopping by, I am glad you found the article interesting...pls do share and good luck in your blogging career!

    • profile image

      karan singh chauhan 

      6 years ago from India

      Awesome Post!


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