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Hubpages: BOOT CAMP

Updated on August 8, 2017


When I joined Hub Pages I was excited. I have been writing all my life so saw this as a great opportunity. Went through the boot camp and submitted a few ideas I had and kept getting rejected. I started to get discouraged and blame them for my work. Started to just give it up. The adversity took its toll on me until I realized that the problem was not them it was me.

The boot camp was very challenging. Me being the veteran writer I am I thought I was doing everything right so when I got rejected I felt insulted. Felt discouraged because the same thing was told to me on another blogsite I tried. To make matters worse my wife told me YOU NEED TO TAKE A CREATIVE WRITING CLASS.

To say it did not hurt is a lie. But the hurt was needed. I will not be better at writing without it. I'm still learning but looking foward to everyday. After +30 years I am more focused on perfecting my craft. I desire to become one off the biggest but also desire to inspire others to go after it.

You can always get better

Poetry is an art. Art of any kind inspires another. Boot camp hurt much but if you look up most artists who gained success you will see that it all started with heartache. They all had adversity they had to overcome. Their gifting was not enough. Through heartache and pain they had to learn. In pain you can grow or not. I chose to grow in it. Even tho I knew how to write I still needed to learn more. Thats what I learned here.

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    • Jevannel profile image

      Jevannel 2 months ago from Davao City

      I just landed to the perfect article I need :-) Thanks!