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Amazon Associates: How to Sell As Much As You Can

Updated on October 5, 2012

Here is how I see several Amazon products frequently:

Here are my experienced and the examples of the most successful sellers in the world, magazines, newspapers and Google.

To make a long story short, the biggest secret to sell as much as you can with Amazon is to turn your Hubs into shops and stores and to expose as many Amazon products as you can otherwise people will only read and then go away.

Do not add some products to the hubs, instead add some hubs to the products. Make the advertisement to content ratio at least 50%, which means half of the hub are products and the rest is the content. Some will be so aggressive and will add about 80% products and only 20$ ads. This should work perfectly for you as well, so with a 1000 word article, you should have about 100 displayed products, giving your readers lots of ideas to shop.

You need to make these products really visible and you need to use large blocks of products. Make your reader feel just like he is in a real brick and mortar store. Make the reader feel important and give him lots of choices to buy.

Always use different products. Chances are the reader saw the first blocks of products and skipped them. If you add the same products below, the reader will skip them as well. The solution is to use different products so if he does not see the top products we will see the bottom products and if he sees the top products and skips them, he will see the bottom products and maybe then he will find something interesting.

Now you just need to make as many hubs as you can with really useful information that makes people want to read more and share more. The more interesting a piece of content is, the longer people will stay on the page and the higher the chances of buying something from you.

More content, the secret to money

It seems that Hubpages does not allow a product to content ratio higher than 50%. This is the ratio used by most magazines, newspapers and even Google.

With 50% content and 50% ads you have the perfect combination of content and advertisements for maximum revenue. Always write long articles along with lots of products.

After using the best system or definitions, all you have to do is to write like mad and share your hubs like mad. There is no better way to make money online selling Amazon products.

The product that sells the best are the books. Nothing makes me so much money like books because people are now reading more and more to learn more to stay competitive in this fast changing world and they want to be the next internet millionaires so they grab every piece of information they can.

Books are very cheap and Amazon has always and only the highest quality books so those who buy from Amazon almost never go home angry with the store.

Amazon vs Adsense

Which program makes you the most money?

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