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Amazon Associates: Make The Most Of It

Updated on October 10, 2011
Euros and Amazon and Dollars go along with each other.
Euros and Amazon and Dollars go along with each other.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is the hottest affiliate program you can find online. It is also one of the oldest. Since 1996 Amazon has been paying affiliates to direct traffic from their pages to Amazon.

Why is Amazon doing such thing? Amazon has millions of users a day, yet they want to reach more. Since there are many more people on other websites than on Amazon, why not directing people from other sites to Amazon? That's the idea and you get paid every time someone goes from your pages, site or blog directly to Amazon.

Unlike most advertisement networks, Amazon shows images of the products, which increases the CTR and the conversion rate, something so valuable that even Google bans it. If you place images near the ads to increase the CTR you risk losing your Google Adsense account.

How To Make Money With Amazon Associates

The whole idea beyond this program is to deliver as much traffic from your blog, site or pages to Amazon and make these visitors buy the products you advertise from Amazon on your site or blog,

To make as much money as possible you need two basic things:

  1. To have millions of unique visitors a year.
  2. To show the most relevant products on your site, page or blog.

That's the secret!

To have millions of unique users a year means you need to give people a reason to visit your site or blog. Why do you buy the newspaper? Because you want to read the news. Why don't you start a free newspaper online and add products to it? Why don't you start a free newsletter online with product reviews and add Amazon products to it? Give something very valuable to people and they will have a reason to go to your blog or website.

Content building is the most important part of your business. Content means Visitors and visitors means Sales!

Writing content is the most critical aspect of your whole online business. Information is what makes the web go round and round. Think of a topic and start a blog about it. The key to success is to specialize and be the expert on something. No, don't try to be another general article directory. You could never do it yourself because you would just be a worse copy of another directory if you had to write everything by yourself, and even if you had people writing for you, the quality would be lower because you are not an expert to judge the articles they would submit to you. As a computer technician I focus on writing about computers and internet, and nothing else. I make more money when I write about computers and internet than when I write about cars, just as an example.

Content Building

Content is all about keywords.

First, make a list of all the keywords you are thinking about using on your blog or site. Since I am a computer technician I am going to use the example of computers.

No matter how smart you are there is no way to make a list of keywords by hand. You need to use professional tools like Google keyword tool. You write "computer" and Google will give you a list of similar keywords. With that list you can search each one on the keyword tool and get a list of sub keywords, which work like sub categories for your content.

Now with those sub keywords you can search even more and get a list of sub-sub keywords.

With these keywords you are ready to start.

I assume you want to be the best computer blog, so you need to cover everything. These keywords will help you get started.

No matter how good you are on computers, you need to get information from other sources. Add all these keywords to Google alerts and get daily news directly into your inbox. Choose just once a day.

Now information will come to you and you will have more than a lot of content to write about.

Writing everyday to your computer blog is a must if you want people to come back. There is no such thing as too much content.

The goal is everything

If I had to resume Amazon money into a sentence or word I would say goal.

Why goal?

Without a big goal you will never find enough motivation to keep you writing as fast as possible, for 16 hours a day, for 10 years.

The goal of becoming an online millionaire is what keeps me writing until the sun rises. When the sun rises, I go to bed about 4 hours, then I get up to lunch and start working again until the sun rises again, and I repeat the process every day of the week (oh, and weekend as well).

Do you want to become a millionaire selling Amazon products? Yes you can, with enough content!

You should have a deadline to accomplish your mission. The deadline should be about 10 years.

Why 10 years?

More than 10 years is too long and less than 10 years means you will not have time to become an expert on Amazon Associates and content building.

Which Amazon Ads Should You Use?

You need to obey two main rules:

1. The products must be targeted to the content.

2. The widget or ad must be as simple as possible or people will not click it.

This is how I have success with my blogs.

You should try different approaches and see what works the best for you.

Every blog is unique and so is the behavior people have on it.

If you do not want to add all the products manually you should use Amazon Omakaze because it is contextual. However if you do no like the products you are seeing, then manual selection is the road to travel.

Banners are beautiful and have a high CTR but again, if your blog has more than 10.000 pages it will be very hard to manually add banners to every page, especially if your blog is not about just one topic... untargeted ads will not perform as well as targeted ads and that means you are wasting money (or not earning as much as you could).

Should you use Amazon Associates With Other Affiliate Sites?

I find Amazon the best of all to make money online. I read the TOS and I never saw a sentence limiting the amount of products you can insert on each page. This means you will make more money adding another Amazon product than adding javascript from another advertising or affiliate network.

You can combine Amazon with Adsense but Amazon looks much better and based on my experience, it makes more money as well even though the initial commission is 4%. I used to write for Squidoo and I sold several books about cycling. I sold Lance Armstrong "It's Not About The Bike" book, I sold bicycle maintenance books and Adsense did not make as much as Amazon did on Squidoo.

However, you are always free to try a different approach and see if it works.


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