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Amazon affiliate program plus Hubpages - A smart combo

Updated on January 8, 2013

One of the my most effective tools for driving traffic to my amazon affiliate link is Hubpages as it has helped me earn commission on sales made in my affiliate account. Hubpages works in such a way as to give you a better exposure than your blog or website would give. Hubpages is good for affiliate marketing.

Amazon is a top selling website

When it comes to online shopping, it seems that there is no close competition to Amazon yet and if one must be an affiliate marketer, trying out with Amazon should be a first choice. is a top destination when it comes to shopping for products on the internet and Amazon serves a lot of locations globally although it has most of its customers in the USA. There is actually little or no household products one would not find on the shopping website. People can buy books, clothes, shoes, watches, phones, computers, software, cups, auto parts and so on from Amazon. Amazon represents the best online shopping mall when it comes to buying American made products and that's why it has consistently maintained good customer loyalty.

Amazon also does offer an affiliate program called Amazon associates which allows affiliates like you and I to earn commissions for conversions made via the traffic we bring. With Amazon's affiliate program, one can earn from 5% to 10% of the sales value of items we referred.

Making Referrals to Amazon via Hubpages

How do you then make referrals? How do you drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate landing page? You will need to have people traffic and in today's world, getting traffic online has to do with having sufficient presence on the web. You could have a blog or content site where you've made review of products sold on Amazon and when people wishing to buy visit your blog, they would then click through your affiliate link, probably make a purchase all to your credit. Imagine how much more effective your articles would be if you also published a similar article like that on Hubpages - a portal with over 1.5m pages of content indexed by Google. on the other hand is an article publishing community that rewards members in various ways one of which is allowing them to keep commissions on affiliate sales related to Amazon associates. So, Hubpages allows you to place you Amazon affiliate code beside your articles so that you would get a commission on them.

How to add Amazon affiliate code to your articles

By default, your articles don't come embedded with your affiliate code but you should first of all include your Amazon affiliate code in your settings by going to Accounts > Earnings >External Affiliate settings and Configure Amazon settings. You would then enter your Amazon affiliate tracking ID.

Once all that is set up, you can then include amazon products when publishing your articles by simply including Amazon capsules in your post.

Including Amazon capsules to your published articles on Hubpages will help you generate more sales when that article drives more traffic. So, you should first of all make sure you are enroll for the associate program and then configure your Amazon affiliate settings in Hubpages.

How to check your income from Amazon affiliate program

You can do this independently by going to Amazon associates website here: or by Clicking on reports under your External affiliate settings in Hubpages. You should log in and then check your daily reports to see if there were any converting sales.


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    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 5 years ago from Nigeria

      Cool. You can't go wrong when you combine the two. You just have to make it more effective by doing great product reviews.. Let it be a hot review and you'd see the sales coming in.

    • profile image

      Jane Holmes 5 years ago

      This is a great article. This is exactly what I hope to do. I have published my first article and need to ad the advertising through amazon. Such a great idea!