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Amazon does NOT care about You the Affiliate

Updated on November 17, 2011


I finally got a response from Amazon. AFTER I pointed out that it is NOT possible to cut and paste code to HubPages as HubPages controls the way ads are displayed.

"I understand that this situation is frustrating, and I regret that we have not been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any additional insight or action for this matter.

We hope to see you again soon.

Did I solve your problem?"

Amazon STEALS from me. Refuses to make this right and ask me if Stealing from me "Solves my Problem".

They steal from me and have the Audicity to say "We hope to see you again".

What a crappy company.


Of course Amazon sent this to me from a NO REPLY email address. Totally Classless.

Hopefully Not Censored

I wouldn't be surprised if HubPages Censors or unpublishes this hub... after all money speaks volumes and they make a lot of Money from Amazon. There is nothing in this hub that I have written that is derogatory. It's all the TRUTH. Amazon is not the Corporate Angel they they try to portray.


I’ll get to the Why they won't pay me part a little more below, but first a little background.

This is NOT the first time I’ve had problems with Amazon. Last Christmas I ordered a product that was supposed to arrive by Christmas. Funny how when you want to give a Christmas Gift you expect it to arrive at Christmas. I ordered with plenty of time for arrival. In fact the Amazon shipping estimator even said it would arrive by Christmas.

3 weeks after Christmas it finally showed up. I tried to Cancel the Order and Amazon tried to Stick me with additional Shipping Charges. They wouldn’t cancel the order and wanted me to pay return shipping.

Lesson Learned. I don’t order from Amazon anymore.

So why do I promote Amazon products? That’s a great question. I suppose like All Affiliates I’m a sell out. Seriously how many Hubbers who are promoting every little last thing on Amazon actually buy from them? We do it for the money… or more correctly potential of money. Because Amazon has a 24 hour cookie and because most people take several visits to a site before they purchase… Amazon actually has to pay out a very small amount of commissions. You are basically working for them for free.

That is the culture of Corporate America. Get the LEMMINGS to do all the work and pay them as little as possible. Most Hubbers will never even make anywhere close to minimum wage for the time they invest. And its all perfectly legal.

Honestly I do not promote much Amazon because I know they are USING me when I do. There is little reward for the investment. I work with over 100 Affiliate opportunities and Amazon is one of the lowest paying. Because I don’t promote much Amazon and they are such a small part of my Revenue Stream I don’t monitor their stats much. I own a lot of Websites and make a full time living promoting other peoples products and the results pay the bills!


I have been reading hubs by others about their Hub Earnings Results. I was Amazed when I read some about people earning more with Amazon than with Adsense. I have made a ton of money from Adsense over the years. Mid 6 Figures money and I’ll leave it at that other than to stay I run it on a large number of sites and started back in 2003. I still pull $1 plus clicks on my network. And had a $4 plus click on one site just this morning. For this reason I’ve been very happy with Adsense.

Amazon not so much. So after reading other peoples experiences with Amazon on HubPages and comparing to my own results I was a bit baffled. I do this for a living, how are these people making money and I am not? I know that HubPages takes 40% of the impressions, but even so I should be making sales – what could possible be wrong?

So I checked my code. Yikes! There was a TYPO. I had left out one letter in my code. I have NEVER been paid by Amazon for any of my Hub Traffic.

I have more than 350 Hubs and started 2 years ago and not one dime. Yes I have been paid from my other sites where I do a minimal amount of Amazon, but nothing from HubPages.

So I wrote Amazon Support a message explaining the situation. And here is their reply.


I am so very sorry to hear that your links had an incorrect associates/tracking id inserted into them. Associates only offers support for the tools that are listed in Associates Central and are not responsible for the maintenance of individual sites. Also, we're not able to provide support for HTML coding beyond the code we provide in Associates Central.

We offer online automated link-generating tools in Associates Central for the exclusive use of our Associates.

You can find these tools by logging into Associates Central at and visiting the "Links and Banners" and "Widgets" section.

We ask that you use these tools to create the links you need. The tools will automatically insert your correct Associates ID into the HTML code, which allows us to track sales from your links and will present you with images where applicable.

I hope this helps.


Sorry to hear? Really sorry? Amazon can follow me around to everything I view and send me a half dozen emails a week trying to sell me stuff, but they can’t… excuse me WON”T pay me for the work I’ve already done?

They blame me for not using cut and paste code, when they know full well that I can not use cut and paste code on HubPages. After all they have an agreement with Hubpages.

They tell me to do something they know full well I can not do then tell me “I hope this helps”.


It’s outright theft!

I have written them AGAIN and in typical Amazon Fashion they are refusing to respond.

You would think that some HubPage Staffer would step up to the plate and help? I seriously doubt that.

Both have earned from my work and I don’t expect either to pay me.

How hard would it be to run a report based on a unique Affiliate ID? They know the error. I’ve done a small amount of programming, I have friends who program. I have worked directly with Programmers developing Billing software. To run a report based on the Affiliate ID error is maybe a 5 minute job.

It might take another 5 minutes to correct the error.

Instead they would rather I never purchase another product from them and tell everyone I know about my miserable experience?

You would think they would want to pay me? Why would you not want to keep a person working for you who is making you money? The payout vs the amount of profit generated is minuscule.

Negative publicity is not something most companies want. Over time it’s a cancer on the bottom line. It will put companies out of business.

Amazon thinks they are too big to fail? Well as soon as the State Tax Commission get their way… Amazon is going to take a hard fall… and then they will remember those affiliates who made their business go.


Kudos to Amazon for being douche bags. They need only to look to Netflix to see what happens to businesses who put themselves in front of their customers and affiliates.

PS: I’ve had problems with affiliate error in the past and this is the FIRST time an affiliate company has refused to correct the problem. I even had one affiliate company go back and pay me for an error that dated to 2006! Commission Junction, even though small on staff has always corrected any payment errors.

So as you are writing your Affiliate Hubs to Amazon products, good luck to you. It’s a sad country where people are so desperate to earn a living that they are willing to sell out and promote a company with no ethics.

I will be purchasing local this Christmas… supporting small businesses and buying American whenever possible.

Here are some experiences of other Happy Amazon Customers

They will never have my business again and I will tell everyone I know and love to boycott their site. I just got off the phone with an obnoxious sing-songed voice customer service supervisor named M*******. After wasting 15 minutes of my life, nothing can be done. Well, at this point, the aggravation their company is causing me has brought me to yet another level of consumer disgust at the policies of this corporation!

I placed an order this am for over 150.00. Then I chose another item and expected, as per their instruction, that I could combine the order. But when I try, it says I may not combine. So I call and get their CSR, M*****y, who then actually cancels the aforementioned order, all apologetic and empathetic, and tries to combine it with my earlier one. She cannot. So now, because of what she has done, the 2nd order cannot be cancelled. She created the problem. She cancelled it once, then couldn't cancel again. At this point, I ask for her supervisor, who is M*******, who comes on the phone and in an offensive sing song tells me in so many words, "tough nuggies" Now you have to refuse delivery of the item and have it returned to us. Good Grief! The order was placed a few minutes ago. Mallory screwed it up after the fact. And I don't want the aggravation and worry of a package on my step that could very easily get stolen if I do not stay home from work so that I can personally refuse the package. My other option is taking public transportation to the post office so I can drop off the package to be sent back. You've got to be kidding. This is totally unacceptable. What the heck kind of a company cannot cancel an order that was made moments ago?????? I've been ordering from them for over 15 years. And this is the kind of customer "respect and treatment" I receive. It's reprehensible corporate behavior and I'd rather pay more for an item to get acceptable customer service. It's no wonder the likes of this country's corporations are being bailed out by their very victims...the people of this country! They are all going the way of Amazon - HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND INFLEXIBLE POLICIES FROM WHICH PROBLEMS ARISE THAT THEY REFUSE TO DEAL WITH!

A former employee of the online retail giant Amazon has spoken out about the brutal working condition at Amazon’s Lehigh Valley warehouse. Elmer Goris worked at Amazon in warehousing for a year before quitting in July, 2011. He complained to the media that the work demanded mandatory overtime and the warehouse was an unsafe working environment as it would often heat up to above 100 degrees. Goris has worked in several different warehouses in the last decade and explained that:

Goris isn’t the only employee complaining about Amazon’s warehouse poor working conditions. Out of the 20 people Morning Call interviewed, 19 0f them expressed their concerns over being ‘forced to endure brutal heat inside the sprawling warehouse’.

It’s been reported that during summer heat waves, Amazon arranges paramedics on stand-by to treat workers who have suffered from some form of dehydration or heat stress. Nevertheless, workers are expected to jump straight back into work or be in the risk of getting fired. Because most of the employees working in Amazon’s warehouse are hired on a temporary basis, they can be easily dismissed.

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER go to again- WORST customer service Ive ever experienced. Not only was the "customer service agent" completely unable to help me, provided NO solution, she knew absolutely NOTHING about how to help me- Aside from that- She LIED, MADE UP information that she had NO IDEA about and I called her out on it and she admitted doing it- Even worse, She was extremely RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, INSULTING, and by far crossed a line with me. I have every intention to file a formal complaint with the company, although if the the email address is anything like the call center, it will probably just get sent to the Philippines or India where they apparently show little regard and no respect for Amazon customers. But I do NOT maen to single out the country- She, as everyone who works for the company's call centers, all are paid and "trained" (doubtful) to REPRESENT the values and ideals that the company,, wish to share with its customers. Apparently Amazon could NOT CARE LESS about its customers and is supporting its employees choices to make up LIES, be DISRESPECTFUL, INSULTING, and RUDE! This so-called "agent" should be held responsible for her actions (She should be fired!) AND needs to be held FULLY accountable for this as well. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! WARNING TO ALL: BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

I just placed an order with today, and guess what? The item Amazon said was available is on BACKORDER and out of stock for SIX WEEKS! And guess what again? Amazon was happy to take my money, but apparently couldn't be bothered to tell me about the delay in receiving my order until they grabbed my cash. NEVER AGAIN. Amazon, your ethics SUCK. And if you d*ck me around with games you seem to play with everyone on this complaints board, you can plan on me contacting my credit card company and the Attorney General.

Have repeatedly found Amazon customer service department employees to be uncaring, arrogant and condescending. As with most individuals forced to contact Amazon customer service, I was merely seeking resolve, but Amazon agents are callous and calculating, shunning all moral responsibility, hence, no resolve.
Regrettably, it is more like dealing with politicians in DC, than professional business people.


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  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    6 years ago from Ohio, USA

    Sold some Amazon socks this week. Planing to retire in 142 years...

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    39 Total Clicks? I wouldn't expect sales from that low of clicks consistently. I never actually look at clicks only sales, so I just logged on and looked it up. I'm at a little over 600 clicks from hubpages and a little over 30 sales. So that's a 1 in 20 ratio. I can tell you that the majority of clicks come from articles about specific products. General articles almost never result in sales. I'm not using infolinks... no point in that for me because Adsense pays so much better. But my Adsense earnings from Hubpages is a drop in the bucket compared to outside of Hubpages. I'm not sure any of this helps or how much it has to do with Amazon overall, other than I'm not really a fan of Amazon. Mainly because of their very selective customer service and their reluctance to step up to the plate when there are real problems. I also am not a fan of any program that uses a 24 hour cookie. Most people who are pitching Amazon are making them a ton of money (Because most people will not buy a big ticket item on the first visit, and the next visit they will just go direct and you won't be credited for the sale even though you introduced the customer to Amazon) and a very small amount comes back to the affiliate on average. I can tell you that I stopped using Kontera because the payouts are pathetic, I can only assume Infolinks is similar. Seriously why work for a penny a click when you can make 30 to 60 cents per click from Adsense in most niches? In some niches I'm still pulling in excess of $1 per click, and it's not uncommon to pull in excess of $5 per click in highly targeted specialized product/service niches.

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    6 years ago from Ohio, USA

    BTW, are you making any money with InfoLinks?

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    6 years ago from Ohio, USA

    Mike, good points. Through February I was getting about 4% of sales from my clicks. This month I have 30 clicks and no sales. Last month I had 39 clicks and no conversions. If the conversion rate was remotely consistent I should have 2.4 sales over the past 2 months, but I have none at all.

    I like your suggestion about ordering something. Great idea. Thanks@

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Nicomp. Something doesn't seem right about that. If they have traffic and you have made zero sales something is up for sure. I no longer actively promote anything from Amazon but I did not take down existing links from HubPages or other sites. And articles that are years old still produce traffic and sales albeit small as most people are okay with ordering small items from Amazon, but big sales are few and far between. Check your code and make sure it is working. It's my understanding you can buy through your own links. So if you need something small it may be worth your while to click on your own link and make a small purchase to see if it gets logged. I stand by my statements about Amazon not caring about Affiliates. They do nothing to help you and are happy to take the money from your efforts. They are also putting many local businesses out of business, especially companies like BestBuy. People go local to view and test the items because it's a little bit cheaper and they avoid sales tax. Once the Government forces Amazon to collect sales tax the balance will shift back because Amazon is not always great about returns. Anyone reading this that does buy from Amazon should be VERY CAREFUL not to buy from the 3rd party resellers, if you do your problems can multiply.

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    6 years ago from Ohio, USA

    My sales have dropped to zero the past 2 months. Nothing at all. Before that I did actually reach the payout minimum and I still have that check. I've probably got at least 50-100 amazon hubs, but they are languishing. It's depressing!

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Apparently people are too afraid to comment for fear of reprisal and losing the $3 a month they are making from HubPages. This hub has had a lot of views and not one comment. All my other hubs with this many views get comments.

    Really a sad state of affairs. The Internet has no ethics. At least HubPages is not censoring my message... well at least for now.


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