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An Open Letter to My Readers

Updated on March 9, 2010

With Best Wishes Always

I appreciate each and every one of you!!

 Today my doctor signed a letter of " total and complete permanet disability". This didn't hit me until I read on and realized that it's meaning was that my health would decline to the point that in the coming ten years, due my physicial disability or the mental disabilities I suffer from will end in my being totally unable to function or in my death.

I am not sad. I have made peace with God a long time ago. What I noticed and missed in the past few months is the inability to write like I did at the beginning and that my hubs have become more personal and I can't put my thoughts together like I used to. Due to my loss of memory, the inability to write the days the crippling arthritis freezes my fingers, the days the depression from bipolar disorder makes me immobile. My inability to answer all of my comments due to the tiredness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder that leaves me gasping for breath, all of this hurts me. I do believe that God is the only one who knows when we will go and i find comfort in this.

I have written on many subjects, most of which have touched my life in one way or another. Some were poems. some were stories, others were article like. The only thing i am trying to say is " for each and everyone of you who took the time to read one of my hubs" I hope that you learned and took something positive away from it. That is my reason for writing. Not to become famous, or get rich, but to educate and help someone like me along the roads of life.

I have made many good friends and cherish each and everyone of you. I will keep writing until I am no longer able to. I hope that my words can open doors for you, teach you and remind you that every day in life is precious. I appreciate your comments, your best wishes. To Tammy, Tam, and itakins... my best to you always.

be blessed my friends, take care, live today like there is no tomorrow.

I will always be thinking of you.

Warmest Regards,


P.S. Excuse the spelling somtimes ot the tone of the hub. I mean no offense to anyone.


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    • christalluna1124 profile image

      christalluna1124 7 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Itakins, Tammy and Crazy bean,

      It has been a difficult 2 months. besides my own diagnosis I have lost 8 family members in 6 months, 7 of them very young and so needlessly. I am trying very hard to go on but my concentration is off. I am at the present renaming and editing some of my hubs to see if a keyword increase helps my traffic. thanks for your prayers and best wishes. They mean so much to me.

      Always, chris

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 7 years ago from Washington MI

      I have been having some family troubles and just read this. It will be hard accepting disability, but you will do it and it will be a new chapter in your life. I am sorry to hear about your health issues. Take care and keep trying to write, your hubs mean alot to me. I hope you are healing, as I know it must be hard.

    • Tammy Lochmann profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 7 years ago

      Chris...Hi I have been on holiday...I have gotten behind on my reading. I am hoping you are having a good day today. Keep writing I'll keep reading. I hope your family is being good to you and keep in touch okay.

      Your Friend, Tammy

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 7 years ago from Irl


      Gosh,I hadn't seen your hub until now.I am so sorry to hear this.I really hope you will fell somewhat better-maybe the weather getting warmer willl help a bit-does that sound silly?

      You are grieving still I'm sure ,for your niece and sister in law also.

      Please keep well and keep writing-you write so well.

      God Bless


    • christalluna1124 profile image

      christalluna1124 7 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Thanks Tubbs,

      I love writing but here lately I haven't been able to much. I have a charming array of illnesses, varying from bipolar and the hosts of others that go with that, to recently diagnosed COPD, epilepsy, crippling arthritis...boy I feel like I got the basket full. But if in the art of writing I can teach someone else maybe not to smoke... or about the justice system (my favorite) then I am blessed. I was just diagnosed totalally and permenatly disabled. It's still kind of unreal still. I know how hard it is to live on disability. I wish you all the best.

      Warmest regards,


    • Tubbs Merouge profile image

      Tubbs Merouge 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Just keep on hubbing Chris and I'll keep on reading. Really good hubs!! I'm on temporary permanent disability right now, facing 2 upcoming surgeries. Take care!!