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Applying for Adsense Chapter 5 (What if your Adsense gets banned)

Updated on October 24, 2013

What To Do If You Are Banned

Well here comes the hard part of the story. If you are banned then an
appeal to adsense is very unlikely to get your account back, unless it is
for genuine invalid clicks, of which you can appeal to Google, details of
which are shown in the last section of this chapter. This chapter covers
what you can do to get a new account towards the end of this chapter if your ban is permanent, but do read the whole chapter!!!
You can scream at Google in an email but it will do no good other than to
annoy them. The reason for this is Google is duty bound to protect its
advertisers from click fraud. Imagine if you were advertising with them on
Adwords (Which in turn drives Adsense) and found that 50% of the clicks
you were paying for were fraudulent? You would be fairly annoyed would
you not?So remember they do not ban you for fun! Firstly you need to read their email to see if you have got a site ban, temporary ban or a permanent ban – and it is very important as to what type of ban you have got as to what action you can take.
Whilst there are varying reasons that our account maybe banned, there
are three types of ban they all fit under:

Site ban

Temporary or partial ban

Permanent ban

Site Ban

A site ban is just what it says on the tin. Your site is banned, but not your
whole account meaning that you can continue to run Adsense on your
other sites but not the one they have banned its use from. If this occurs to
you learn from your mistakes. If this happens to you do not query it but
instead be thankful that it was not a total account ban. This is Google
being nice and giving you a second chance, so take it and do not
This is the least harsh form of ban. If it happens to you the first you will
realise that it has occurred is when your site simply stops showing
Adsense and you are just left with blank spaces instead of ads.
If this happens to you, politely write to the Adsense team and ask why the
ads are not showing and if there is a problem with the site, what that
problem is, so that you can ensure the same problem can be corrected
on your other sites.A common cause for this type of ban is pictures being sited too near to
Adsense ads.

Temporary or partial ban

In the event of a temporary ban They can ban you stating that they willnot reinstate
your Adsense account until you make changes due to the nature of your infringements – Typically such a ban can be overturned,provided that you have actioned everything that they have stated in their email to you.Typically a temporary ban will be put in place for content related issues,Adsense placement e.g. putting pictures next to the ads or similar minor infringements.
Before you even write back to Google questioning a temporary ban. Look at their email and make all the changes you think they need to your website, and do this as fast as possible, if you are short on time then take the site down, and write to them explaining what you are doing e.g. I am taking the site down and addressing the issues.
Only when you have made the changes (The faster the better!) write back
to them asking if the changes are okay, before asking if they will
reinstate your account. They can also give you a partial ban, now when this happens you are unlikely to get sent an email, you may find that just one out of all of your sites suddenly stops displaying Adsense.the infringement, note them, and learn from them. This is in effect a first
warning – Note: They don’t warn you twice, they just ban you permanently the second time (See notes on reapplying for Adsense).Also note with a partial ban, even if you sell the site Google will never let anyone display Adsense on it again.
Typically this occurs when you place pictures too near to ads, and you will only find this out by writing to Adsense, typically this is the nicest form of ban as it will just affect one site and not your whole Adsense account.

Permanent Ban

This is the one you never want to get, a permanent ban means just that,
Game over, goodnight. If you get a permanent ban then you can write to them stating why you should think that you should get your account re­instated. But only in exceptional cases will they re­instate it. If your ban is permanent you will never get the same account id back, but if you appeal and it is in your favour then you will be able to continue using the same id. If you are banned but want a new account then read on.
In general they give you a permanent ban for blatant abuse of the Adsense program such as clicking on your own ads, running text on your website saying “Please click on these ads” (You would be stunned at how many people do this, but is against the TOS in a big way), or employing other people to click on your ads – again some dumb people actually do this!This is why it is vital to protect your Adsense account from click fraud within Adsense Click Locker Lack of privacy policy is also a major reason for sites getting banned. It is a mandatory requirement so why not get a Privacy Policy up and running
today.Always bear in mind whatever the reason stated for a ban, be advised that this action will have been reviewed by a human being and bear this in mind when you are writing your email back to them.
They may take time coming back to you, but they never ban you for fun as every legitimate Adsense publisher earns Google money, so if they ban you they have done it to protect their advertisers whether you like it or not.


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