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Are You A Dedicated Hubber?

Updated on October 10, 2012

Do you enjoy hubbing?

See results

Do you check your hubpages more than 3 times a day?

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Do you create more that 5 hubs a week?

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Doy you enjoy reading other peoples hubs?

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How much do you love hubpages?

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Is hubpages your main blogging site?

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A's) If you answered mostly A's , you are dedicated to hubpages and you have a passion for hubbing

B's) If you answered mostly B's , you like hubpages but you dont have much passion for hubpages

C's) If you answered mostly C's, maybe rethinking your intentions for hubpages would be a good idea.


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      I enjoyed the quiz.I'm just another dedicated hubber who likes to have fun.Especially when the hubs and the hubbers are endless.Thanx for sharing.

    • lou2212 profile image

      L. Caulton (Author L.L.CAULTON) 5 years ago from barnsley, UK

      Im glad you enjoyed it, thats the whole point of the quiz. :)

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

      I had fun taking dedicated hubber quiz.

    • lou2212 profile image

      L. Caulton (Author L.L.CAULTON) 5 years ago from barnsley, UK

      Nochance, I could not think of a word to describe it, thats why I put blog, ill change it when I think of a more suitable phrase.

    • Melch-i-zedek profile image

      Darth Vader 5 years ago from the Outer Rim

      Great Hub! I'd like to see these questions answered by many, as I have a feeling it would yield some interesting results.

      I have 2 A's, 2 B's, and 2 C's, which can be interpreted in this way: I enjoy participating in the community, but I'm too lazy to write Hubs.

    • nochance profile image

      Chloe Davis Smith 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I voted mostly A's. Great questionnaire. I have a problem with your last question though because Hubpages really isn't a blogging website. Each hub is stand alone and not in chronological order. It's more of a "write an article about something awesome/useful/funny/interesting/beautiful and connect it to other articles with the same qualities" site.

      A better question would be "Is Hubpages where you do most of your online writing?" If so, my answer would be Yes.