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Boost Your Online Income with this one Simple (Overlooked) Method

Updated on December 11, 2010

Using Pictures Like this Las Vegas Golf Course to Connect with Your Visitors

Picture of the Rio Secco Golf Course in Las Vegas I am using this as an example of how to use a Picture to evoke an emotional connection with your visitors.
Picture of the Rio Secco Golf Course in Las Vegas I am using this as an example of how to use a Picture to evoke an emotional connection with your visitors.

Make More Money Online by Properly Including Images in Your Articles

I’m not going to keep you waiting… the trick is very simple and the trick is to include images on your Hub Pages, Blogs, Websites without creating clutter! Images that connect directly with the products, services, and content you are promoting. Make the connection between your article and your visitor and you'll make more money in your online marketing. I’m going to use an example of Las Vegas Golf Courses as shown in the picture above.

Why include Images and How it Will Increase Your Online Income

First you remember the old adage “A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words”? It’s true! We as human being communicate visually? Don’t believe me then just go to any Online Dating Service like See (pun intended) who is popular and getting all the attention? It’s the attractive people…the people with the best pictures. No one cares about the “content” until they convince themselves of the image.

Think about that principal in action when you are marketing online. People want to make a connection to their search. When they come to your Website regardless of method – search, referral, advertisement, etc. the first thing they do is “look” at what is there. If all they see is a long string of text then they immediately have to ask themselves “Does this Site Have What I want”. And usually the answer is NO! A resounding NO! You’ve probably also heard the adage “You have 8 Seconds to make a First Impression”. This is also true. Take advantage of this opportunity by placing the correct images in your articles.

So why are you not leveraging the power of images? This works great on any product related Website! For example, because I live and spend a ton of time in Las Vegas and I work full time as an Online Marketing Consultant it’s only natural that I would combine my love of Photography and Las Vegas. And there are a million ways to do it!

Look at the picture above and what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s GOLF! This should be what you said too. Why? Because it’s a picture of the Rio Secco Golf Club in the foothills south of Las Vegas. When I took this picture I was standing right on the Tee!

Who else would be interested in this type of picture? Without knowing much about it you might not know it’s Las Vegas. It’s just another pretty picture. But what about the person who is searching for “Las Vegas Golf”. That person is immediately drawn to the image. Even better if they are searching for “Rio Secco Golf Course Las Vegas”. I just made an incredibly valuable connection with my visitor. In their mind they connected their search about Las Vegas Golf to the Image. They will STOP and look at the image. They will put themselves on the Tee (So write good Captions!). They now are past the 8 seconds I need to lure them further into my offer.

Now imagine a Las Vegas Golf website without any images of Golf Courses? Who read that? Why would they read that? They probably wouldn’t. Would you?

Let me briefly talk about the Psychology of images and Why You Should Use them.

I am not an expert in this field, but I have read plenty about it as it intertwines extensively with my chosen profession as an online marketer.

If you want to connect with your visitors (which is how you make more money online) the best way to make that connection is to evoke positive emotional feelings. If you love golf you will immediately put yourself in a mindset that you would rather be playing than looking at your computer screen. Then you couple this with lots of well written text about why the visitor to your site would want to play the Rio Secco Golf Course. Now you have come this much closer to making a sale!

Images are powerful! All advertisers know this! You couldn’t dress up an orphan in a suit and put them at a fancy restaurant and expect to get donations to a charity. But if he/she is toothless and destitute looking it will evoke an emotional response. It’s your job to be ethical in your use of images, but if you are not using them you are wasting an incredible opportunity.

For those of you here on Hub Pages you should take the time to look at Authors who write effectively and feature images. If you are not using them you should take the time to go back and edit your articles to include them. Trust me you will make a lot more money with a clean visual presentation than just text and ads.

You do not need many images, just those that drive home your point. This article is about this image! People love to look, I love to look. Don’t over do it… in most cases you may only need a single image to draw readers into your article.

And forget the clutter. I can’t understand why people will write a nice relevant article then just flood it with Advertisements. You won’t sell more by putting up more ads. Focus on a single product (Pictures work great for products) and focus on your visitor experience! Use images and make more money!

Best of Luck.


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  • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

    Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

    I totally believe in this. I use fair number of pictures on my hubs and traffic isn't that bad.

    Useful and voted up.

  • techman23 profile image

    techman23 6 years ago from Balochistan,Pangoor

    you are right images are something cool, someone having had hours working on his computer really needs to have some cool scenery to ease the eyes and brain

  • Storytellersrus profile image

    Barbara 8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

    Less is more??? I love images, but I hadn't really put this together. Thanks!

  • KCC Big Country profile image

    Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

    Great hub, and you're right. Images are great tools to draw your readers/customers.