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Are you suitable with Amazon affiliate program?

Updated on June 20, 2016

Nowadays, there are many ways to start earning money online, but finding a right way with the constant, stable and high-income guarantee is not easy. In this post, I will give you some first knowledge about a famous way to earn money online and in somewhere people call it: make money with the niche site. So, what is start a business with niche site? Is it stable and constant, can you make a passive income with it? Let’s read my post to answer all of these questions.

In 2011, a friend told me about a new method to start an online business with a very low upfront invest and can give me a passive income in the future. At that time, I was too busy with other methods, till 2013, when he reached $3000/month income, I understood that he was true and I ask him to join. After few months of exploring this new field, I saw that it is the truly good way to start a long time business. I can’t earn any money in the next 6 months, but I get my first 100$ in the 9 months. Yes, it’s not easy with Amazon affiliate , but after that, the income grow quickly and you will realize that your choice is true.

In some first words, I want to say that you probably hear a lot about Amazon affiliate program or niche site making money method, but have you ever try to research deeper about it?

What is niche site?

A niche site is a way that you can earn money with affiliate marketing method (ex:

Best Pool Maintenance Kits 2016)

. You have to build a website about a small field ( a niche) and then create content for this site. By attracting more people go to your website and then buy products from Amazon through the site.

For example, I want to start a niche site about 360 cameras. Yep, now I have to create a website about 360 cameras like What is the best 360 camera, how to use a 360 camera, how to create 360 videos …. for these content, you attract people to come through Google Search, Facebook advertising … After people finishing their order, you will receive a commission from Amazon.

So you don’t need any product, products are from Amazon and your mission is persuading customers to buy from Amazon through your site. The commission is from 4% to 10%, you may think it is too small in comparison with the product launch, Clickbank. But don’t worry because there are many people will buy from Amazon. There are many my friends have a good income with Amazon from $1000 to $2000 a month, even som pro I know they have a $10000 a month income with Amazon affiliate.

Why should you start with Amazon affiliate?

Long time investment:

Let me ask you a question, if you create a site about a cooking toolkit then you can get money from it. So let’s imagine the next 10 years, do people continuously search on Google about this? Yes, the answer is yes. That is an advantage of niche site business, you can have a passive income from this year to next year.

Stable income:

When you finish building your niche site, your task is SEO your site to Top of Google search result page and continuously developing content and site day by day. It’s very difficult for the people who start later in this race to defeat you on Google. Amazon is a super big company, so I swear to you that it will develop well over the next 10 years, don’t worry about the thinking that it will get bankrupt.

Passive Income:

What people like in niche site Amazon is a passive income for your in the next years. When you post your site to Top, it’s very difficult to let your website down, so you can earn a lot without doing anything in the next period.

Earning few hundred dollars at Amazon is very common now, there are many newbies can do this. Earning thousand of dollars is difficult but hundred is so common now. There are a lot of online courses that teaches you how to start with Amazon, but mostly, you will learn the basic information and knowledge of this course. There is no pro open course for you with $100 fee.

Don’t need to have products

When you start with affiliate marketing, with any method, you don’t need any product. You just have to use Google to promote their product and you will get your money. That is the reason why you can easy to choose the niche that you want.

Use Google Adsense

If you know Adsense, you can earn few dollars a day, that mean you can earn hundred of dollars when your site is bigger and get more traffic. After a period of updating content like the blog post, video, infographic … you have big enough traffic to set AdSense.


Amazon affiliate is not too difficult like you imagine but it’s not easy for lazy people. This kind of business requires you a lot of skill from Web administration, SEO, advertising, copywriting …

but it’s worth. With a high passive income, Amazon affiliate attracts more than 2 million people around the world participating in, after a period, there are some people get failed, but some are successful with a bright future. Everything you have to do is stick with this kind of method long enough to understand it and improve your skills.


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