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Authoritarian government OR Totalitarian Government

Updated on January 31, 2010

Totalitarian Government

 The Totalitarian/Authoritarian government is one in which all the powers of a government are concentrated in the hands of one man the dictator.
The modern authoritarian government differs from the old autcratic type of governments.The old dictatorship was based on the military power.
Such was the dictatorship of cromwell and Napoleon.But the modern dictator,such as Hitler was elected one.he rules the country through party and propoganda.This form of government had been established in italy,turkey and germany after Ist World War.
The principle of this kind of government is that the exercise of the supreme powers of the state should rest in the hands of single man who is the leader.This principles gets its expression in the governments of manay other Europeaon countries.But in the three countries mentioned above this form of governments had been created not merely as a temporary expedient to meet unusual which is deemed best adapted to the permanent political needs of the country .It claims to offer a sloution to all problems created by democracy, and an answer to the question poised by socialist.
This form of government does not involve any such doctrine as the divine rights of the king for its moral or philosophical justification.The main principle underlying this government resembles the doctrine that is followed in organising the military and naval force of nation."just as authority of the military or navel commander is supermen,the men under his command having no right to participate in the formmulation of policies other than as he is willing to confer such participation upon them, and duty other than that of implict obedience to order, so in the whole field of political action,the will of the head of the modern authoritarian deemed to be supreme, all officers of the government to be his saub-ordinates and, as such, subject to his orders, all the citizens of the commonwealth to be, in effect, his subjects ith no rights other than those he is willing to accord to them and no participation in the formulation and execution of political policies other than those he seems fit to confer upon them."
the principle upon which this form of government rests is thus the very antithesis of the principle which underlies those governments where the exercise of sovereign power is deemed to reside in the people and those discharging the duties of governments are regarded as the people's agents and are subject, in the lasr analysis, to their mandate and control.


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