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Avoid Getting Banned From Google Adsense

Updated on May 30, 2011

Increase Your Chances of Success With Adsense

Avoid Getting Banned From Google Adsense

I guess I’m not the only one who was banned from Google Adsense due to a violation of their stringent rules which I had allegedly committed. Right, pardon my naiveté but I hadn’t known like the most of us until I rediscovered techniques in how to fully enjoy your adsense earning without the fear of being banned again. The reason why my adsense account was terminated was the lack of a Private Policy page. This was a recent update of Google making it a requisite to have some sort of privacy policy for your site. Anyways, if you have an e-mail subscription or newsletter, this will also help your web visitors heave a sigh of relief knowing that their e-mail information will not be shared.

  • First off, Read, And Studiously Adhere To Google Adsense Terms and Conditions
  • Then, you must be legally 18 years old or above.
  • Ensure To Create a Privacy Policy Page. You can always make one from free online private policy generators.
  • Never Ever Click On Your own Ads Nor Attempt to Have Your Friends Click The Ads On You Site.
  • Avoid Posting Want Click Ads All Over the Net
  • Never use content promoting adult or porn sites, tobacco, weapons, downloads that infringe on copyright, gambling sites, hacking, patronizing illegal drugs or fanatical religious/racial extremism.
  • Aim For High Quality Articles. Create a keyword rich article composed of between 400 to 700 words.
  • Be Aware of Copyright Regulations of Licensed Materials. Especially when using photos or articles from other blogs or websites.
  • Don’t Tinker or Play with Your Adsense code. It doesn’t matter if you’re a techie, Google has a way of knowing.
  • Heard of traffic exchange programs? Right, because it’s a surefire way to get banned if you join these campaigns.
  • Promoting your blog across PTC websites is also a no-no.
  • Avoid posting spam links on numerous forums and blogs (useless comments or limitless comments on a single blog topic). You’ll eventually get noticed.
  • Cheating your way by using adwords to increase adsense earnings should be avoided. There are numerous websites for adsense web templates out there but they actually do you no good.
  • Don’t Keep Your Ads Hidden. That’s Simple.
  • Others get banned by Google with an “Under Construction Website” warning. Wrap-up your blog and make the necessary finesse. It should have at least the following page: Home, About Us, Sitemap, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Forum/FAQ
  • Also, using click bots to click your ads won’t help.

  • Importantly, avoid creating many websites with many high paying adsense keywords all at the same time. Google will ban your account for all eternity.
  • Let your CTR develop naturally and don’t alter it.
  • Avoid Keeping Google Ads in emails and pop-ups.
  • Keep Your Adsense Earnings a Secret in terms of its eCPM and CTR.
  • Lastly, never ever attempt to cheat google adsense by whatever means necessary. It’s bluntly printed in black and white that their Adsense team is always on the lookout for cheaters.
  • Let’s just play it safe. And earn soundly. 


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    • StevenRobaina profile image


      7 years ago from Miami, FL

      very helpful...thank you


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