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Seo Techniques: What Is The Best Backlinking Method?

Updated on August 24, 2011

A lot of my loyal blog readers at my network marketing blog are getting into usuing seo techniques to drive traffic to their blogs. One technique they're getting into is backlinking. In my opinion, and in the opinion of most webmasters I know, backlinking is most likely the number one way to getting traffic to you website. I think it's way superior than any other seo technique out there.

Any how, the main concern my readers have about back-linking is whether they should hire a company to do it, do it themelves, or use a baklinking software. I was delighted to answer this question because I have experience with trying all three methods. So here are the three different methods and how they work. I hope that this article can give you more insight on which back-linking method is suitable for your needs.


Hire a Company That Offers Back-linking Services

First on the list are companies that offer back-linking services. These companies operate in several different ways, so the cost for their services can vary. You can purchase a list from them of place online you can manually post backlinks to. Of course this list is relevant to your content. Another way companies provide backlinks for you is by using back-linking software. We will be talking about software more in a bit.The last way companies can create back-links for you is through their staff. Many companies that offer backlinking serices hire staff to manully add you link to forums, websites, blogs, and social media websites.

My experience with this wasn't so good. I mean they did create some back-links for me, but most of them were added to low ranking irrelvant websites. It was also hard to get in contact them. They took long returning emails and when I called I never got hold to anyone. I'm not saying this is the case with all back-linking companies, but the one I dealt with did. It's really hard to find a good review about any back-linking company. I searched every where online and the only good reviews were written by the companies themselves. Overall I payed $20 which was supposed to get me 100 links, but instead I only got 23 lol. And I checked my alexa ranking and my blog ranking only dropped down a couple of numbers.

Oh well, one thing I made sure to do was file a complaint with the better busines bureau, Just so these guys can't try to rip off other people. So if you go this route and want to hire a company make sure you know the risks involved. Again, I'm not saying that all companies are bad, I'm saying just becareful when choosing one by doing the proper research.

Also make sure you purchase their cheapest back-linking package so that way if the company screws you over, or under delivers on what they promise you, you won't feel so bad because you only spent $9-$20. If you pay a back-linking company over $20 for their services then it's fair to say that you're insane! Don't throw large money away to a company you don't even know. $20 is a good gamble. If they provide a good service the first few times for $20 or under, then and only then should you can take a risk at paying for a higher priced service.


Back-linking Software

My experience with using back-linking software was pretty good. It worked way better than hiring a company. One software I was using generated a list of forums and blogs of my top competitors. All I had to do was type in a key word into the search box, in this case it was 'network marketing,' and a list of the top networking websites popped up. Not only that but it gave me a list of relevant websites that my competitor's had put their backlinks on. I literally could spy on my competition! It just blew my mind seeing all the different features it had. There is one thing that would be a problem to most people and that's the price of these softwares. A good one can come with a steep price tag. A lot of these softwares come with some amazing features but it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

Backlinking For Network Marketing Blogs


Manually Submit Your Links

The final way to create back-links to your blog is to do them manually. I can say with all honesty that even though this method will take some time to do,in my opinion it's the best way to go! You don't have to pay anyone to do it so you save money, and because you're doing it yourself you know for sure that a back-link will be created for your blog. The problem with most people is that they're too lazy to do this. But in order to get any results you have to put in the time and the effort. Traffic is not going to magically flow to your blog, you have to apply marketing methods in order to get it there.

What I always tell people who start marketing is to set a side some time each day to do some seo marketing; no less than 30 minutes. If you do just a little a day it will add up over the months and by the end of the year you will have truck loads of traffic coming to your blog. As I said before I absolutely believe that back-linking is the number one way to get traffic to your blog, and if you put in the work and do back-linking from quality content websites the results will prove to be amazing!

If you want to find out which forums, website, or blogs you can back-link from, search online and make sure you search for forums relevant to your blog content or else you'll just be wasting your time. The reason for this is that the search engine bots love back-links that are on relevant content websites. If your blog is about "making money online" you should be online posting back-links to websites that are geared towards making money online; nothing else. The search engine bots will see the relevance of both sites and will make sure your content is seen.

So there you hve it my humble opinion on back-linking. Which ever method you choose I hope that you have much success with it. Good luck.

Here's a Neat Little Backlink Trick You Can Use!


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