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Bam Margera,How does it feel to lose someone so close, Have you ever lost a close friend?

Updated on June 23, 2011

Songs dealing with death.

A friends death is hard to cope with.

Losing a friend in many ways is hard to explain, you feel like a piece of you leaves with them. I have lost a close friend in the past year and i think about her everyday but it still wont bring her back to me. I think maybe its just closure knowing she is in a better place and maybe one day I will see her again. After reading about the death of Ryan Dunn who i have watched and laughed at his jokes on jackass i kinda feel he took apart of alot of people with him, knowing now the jackass crew will never be the same how does it make everyone feel? Pictures of bam margera emerged of him crying and how he went to the crash site and in a way I know how he feels at this moment in time, its hard to cope with. I did some research and found someways to look at the brighter side of death and knowing that only one thing is promised in this lifetime everyone will be laid to rest eventually.  I really hope no one has to deal with losing a friend close and if you do Im sorry but time heals everything and just know that they are in a better place. Give me some feed back on this topic if you would like and I truly hope you never have to deal with this.

Do you handle deaths well?

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Tell Me Your Story

If you have any heartbreak or are coping with a death of someone close to you everyone goes through hard times and support may be all you need. If you feel up to share your story maybe someone could give you words of wisdom. Thank You


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