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How to Become Rich Without Committing Illegal Things

Updated on August 4, 2017

secret to riches

     “How do I make money to become rich in life?” I know quiet sure that questions like this has lingered in the minds of so many people globally and yet, millions if not billions of the world’s population live within or below the middle class why?

      Before answering this question, have you ever asked yourself; “why are my not rich?”, “why can’t I be financially free and live the kind of life I desire to live?”, “why is everything going wrong with me financially?” I know that these questions and more are already embedded in your heart, even before coming across this write up. But how well have you struggled to answer them correctly? This matters a lot.

      As a way of moving ahead in this tutorial, let me share with you, my success key-points which I classified as: “The Do’s” and “The Do Not’s”.

The Do’s

1.      Desire-Definiteness-Determination (The DDD’s):

    These DDD’s (as I refer them), are the greatest keys to attaining riches, why?

Firstly, if you do not desire to be rich or successful in life, definitely you will never make it (no matter how many times you study your Bible, Koran or The Hindu book). Therefore, your first step to becoming rich is to desire riches. Let everything about it please you, and always express your joy with those who have attained this state (of being rich), wherever you come across any (I don’t mean you should worship them). Make sincere enquiries about their success secrets, as a tool to guide you in your struggles. Do not envy or plan evil against them because that means you do not desire riches anyway?

       Now let us look at ‘Definiteness’. This is a simple word, but it carries so many actions with it. If you are not definite, I bet you will find it very difficult to become rich. This is because, being definite will give you a true definition of what you really want in life: to become poor or to become rich (it is a matter of choice). With your definiteness, you chose the type of business or job you want to do, the type of house and asset you want to own etc. but when you are not definite, you do not know if you want to be rich or poor (anyone is okay), and you do not know the things that you really desire in life. Therefore, you must be definite to make riches your loyalist. Take a stand now, not later.

         Finally, we shall now examine the last DDD’s, ‘Determination’. This is the courage and the driving mental attitude that pushes you to stand fame in your personal decisions like; becoming rich. Without this drive, your desires, plans and even goals shall become vanities. No matter the challenges and obstacles that you may encounter while struggling to become rich, be determined, do not give up easily because, failure is common to every successful man, and it is the number of failures that he encounters in life, that determines the degree of his success. Learn to be determined, no mater the prize, practice it, let it become a habit, and then you are on your pathway to becoming rich and successful in life.

2.      Focus:

     This is the guard that guides you from side distractions. This guard helps you to stand on one decision and ensures that you achieve something out of that decision, without being distracted. Without this guard, many people would want to buy a real estate or a share for future, and end up buying a luxury car they never wished to buy, just because they got distracted by a false or deceitful advert. This happens to many people every day, just because they are not focused, and such people always end up being poor, no matter how much wealth they have acquired at the present. You must be positively focused to become rich.


3.      Perseverance:

      This is a steadfast spirit, the spirit that manifests from the last                                                 DDD’s, ‘Determination’. If you do not persevere, you will not make it to the top, this is because, you will continue to jump from one business or job to another just because you encounter failures or setbacks. But with perseverance, you will always try and try till success becomes yours. I would love you to search for the life histories of Ford and Abraham Lincoln, and read more about them. This spirit has paid many, including I. it was this spirit that landed me on hubpages today, because I was about giving up my search for a place online to share my passion (writing) with others, after several scams by so many sites, but I decided to try more, and luckily, here I am, at the right place, thank God.

4.      Self-Control:

     Without this last guard, you might make huge money in life and lose it all. This might either be as a result of careless spending, shopping, lending or careless investment. Do not spend carelessly your hard earned cash on any woman or man, in the name of love or relationship- remember, no good relationship exist between woman and money and no man’s love can be bought with money, so be wise in spending carelessly in the name of love or relationship, by the way, love cost nothing but love itself. Be wise!

5.      Sharing:

     This might sound contradictory to being self-controlled, but it is not because sharing involves willful and careful giving while spending most times involves careless giving. Your self-control should therefore not stop you from sharing your success with; family members, friends, neighbors etc. as we all know that there is reward in sharing (giving), and it can also save us a rainy day or even open more door of opportunities. If not for space, I would have shared with you, one marvelous story of a good giver, pardon me, I won’t do that now.

6.      Invest:

     Lastly, you must invest to be rich. You can’t be rich by only gathering money everyday without investing them for the future. Answer these few questions and then give yourself the underneath tasks:

(a)How many company or bank shares do I have?

(b)How many real estates have I bought since last 5 years?

(c)How much do I have in my fixed deposit?

(d)How much money is in my savings account?

(e)How many bonds have I bought since last 5 years?

(f)Am I the owner of the house I’m living?


(a)I must buy at least three shares from reputable companies before the end of 2009.

(b)I must buy a bond in the next six months.

(c)I must buy a real estate before the next five years.

(d)I must buy a personal house before the end of 2012.

      I know you might be wondering what is wrong with this guy (me), because currently , you do not have any good job or business or even savings to do these tasks, but I bet you, many (who are reading this write up) having worse economy than yours today will surely meet these targets even before time. I tried it, it worked for me, a friend tried it, it worked for him, why not you? Remember the Do’s and the Do Not’s you just studied. Goodluck!

The Do Not’s


This is the first step to failures. Blame your parents for not giving you good education, better life opportunities and may be inheritance, then you are on your way to being very poor- perhaps, poorer than your old folk (your father). Never you blame any body for your not making it in life, no matter the reason or reasons, I don’t want to hear, and nobody cares to hear them. You are still ninety nine percently fit to be the next world richest man, how? Just believe, desire and work for it. I am not nasty as you may think, I am real and I know you can, come on? Let me tell you, many rich folks today are mostly from poor homes and most rich kids will become poor and many are already becoming poorer, why? Because they relaxed, hoping that their parents have paid all the necessary prize to escape middle class, and the, poverty hit them like a trigger. That does not mean that rich kids cannot become richer, of course they can, only if they are wise and reasonable.

-Do not be fraudulent in your deals because you will make it and in a glimpse, they will all go like a shadow.

Be honest, ill-gotten wealth torments the heart, no matter the treasures and pleasures. Why make money illegally, when there are so many legal ways of making money in life? Be wise; don’t be fooled by flashy things.

-Do not fear the future. If you fear too much about the future, your future becomes ruined. Again, the spirit of fear will dominate your heart and brain and hence, slows down your personal moves and drives towards achieving success. Feel assured and secured, then you can focus well in all you do in life. Put away fear now, no matter the situation, I promise you, your future is bright, just read on.

-Do not feel inferior: never you try to feel inferior to others, though it is normal in life, but do your best to overcome it, it is a success enemy. Inferiority will make you to lose good opportunities by putting in your mind; ‘how I wish I was an internet guru, I would have started this business’, ‘how is wish I went to college like Lala, I should have been very rich by now’ etc. who told you all these nonsense? Education is never a guarantee to riches, that is one. Secondly, any body can do anything; if they desire to do it (impossibility does not exist).

-Do not work just to get money: working for money is very bad, work for the passion and love to impact difference in your field. This will make your handworks look more perfect and nice hence, your more chances of receiving more patronages. Please do not work just to get paid, it is unprofessional.

          Now that you have known the keys to unlock riches, I know that you are wondering the kind of job to engage as a start to becoming financially buoyant. Just follow me?

The Jobs to start with

       Remember, these jobs will not make you to grow rich overnight, but gradually in combination with other jobs, I promise you will make it, just apply the keys your have just learned wisely. While practicing those keys, please avoid get rich quick adverts, offers and books, they are most times scams and are never achieved. Do not make any payment online without first confirming the genuineness of the business, because opportunities that will make you rich will only require your mental and physical efforts not your financial effort. Check for example, an advert that says: “make over $1000 a week from the comfort of your home!” then you click on this advert, they now ask you to register with a stipulated amount of money before you can gain access to the business. I now throw this question open, is this business real and genuine? Please I need answers from you guys, to me, it is never real, it is a scam, don’t put your hard earned money in it.

     Just try these opportunities I listed below, and please don’t think or believe that money can only be made through online businesses, fallacy! Also lay your hands on physical businesses, most times they are real and profitable than online business offers (many are scams).

The Ten Green Jobs

  1. Learn how to install solar panel systems for people (I am already in it, it cost less than $100 to get trained) and discover how much you will make in one month.
  2. Open a site for teaching people how to raise organic gardens and trees (it is very lucrative because the world is moving faster to a green economy revolution).
  3. Start a local garden consultation business and then gather some idle boys in your locality, train them to become garden and solar panel installation gurus, send them out to make money for you and themselves (through commissions).
  4. Do you know that you can make money by growing trees and preserving forests? Visit the UN official website, then read the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, CDM (for those from developing countries in Asia and Africa). Become a carbon marketer today and also save the Earth from global warming.
  5. Learn how to build or construct wind farms and then, build it for others on a commercial status.
  6. Develop a local tourist centre (research more on this, it is highly lucrative).
  7. Become a tourist consultant or agent, how do you do that? Note: many people globally are searching desperately where to spend their Easter and other vacations, this is a great opportunity for you. Design a website or homepage (if you don’t have money), register it with many search engines, flag it, and add to it, good and attractive tourists’ destination sites, including your contacts. You can also register it with your local or country’s tourism authority. Then these tourist destination seekers will contact you, tell them your terms and fees (make it affordable). A friend is making fortune through this.
  8. Become an online reporter or correspondent- many television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines are searching seriously for honest and competent people to supply them with reliable and confirmed news materials (videos, photos, short reports and stories). You can research for that. Check Reuters, Aljazeera and many others, I don’t know too sure if they still accept online reporters. i will get more info and let you guys know. Make more enquiries on this.
  9. Make good money recycling wastes- look around your locality, there are so many tins, cans and other recyclable materials lying there as wastes, make time out and gather them, then send them to a local recycling plant near you, then sell your products, they are on high demand. And you know the most joyful part of it? You are helping to make the Earth clean and green. Kudos!

Discover more opportunities around you, examine some things others are ignoring, they might be your greatest opportunity in life, they are so many to mention. Goodluck!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from L Island

      @norma jean, thanks for the commendation...I wish you greatness in your financial endeavors and thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      norma jean 

      5 years ago

      Thats is a very good hub. To the point but good information.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @magellansolutions,thanks for the positive contribution....glad you enjoyed it...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      a very nice advice!!!

      i like the part of focus!! yeah it's true!!! don't to much focus on a relationship, just make it as your inspiration to reach what you desire in your life!!

      thanks!! a very nice advice!!

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from L Island

      @How to become rich at a young age, thanks for the wonderful commendation...i hope to do that at a more convenient time soonest. as regards to how to become rich at a younger age, i have already written a book on the topic, which is yet to be published, and i am still carrying out tests and researches to ensure the tutorials outlined in the book, comes out with the expected result. and i am equally working towards achieving this status too...and to God be the glory, i am closer there...this is to ensure i have and do what i preach. thank you for reading and dropping a comment.

    • profile image

      how to become rich at a young age 

      8 years ago

      Nice hub accofranco,

      i hope you write another amazing article on how to become rich at a young age, as i am young and not much professional in anything i do..

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from L Island

      @6hotfingers3, thank you so much for that encouraging world of commendation, i really appreciate, keep reading and i wish you all the best in your financial endeavor. Good luck dear.

    • 6hotfingers3 profile image


      8 years ago

      Great advice to the individual who truly wishes to take charge of their financial world.You even gave examples of how to turn things around. Great!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yeah its a kool article

    • profile image

      paul friar 

      9 years ago

      This article is very good.

      I think that people should be investing in themselves, and the best way to do that, is by setting up a business selling ebooks.

      Simply due to the ease of business setup and the delivery of the product after sale.

      All can be handled by Paypal.

      There are many ebooks to download for free on the subject of making money online.

      I have lots of them myself for free on my own website.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from L Island

      Thanks scheng1 for reading. i have a book i am about to publish by February, i talked much about the power of desire in our life, and a more eloborative ways of building an empire of riches for yourself, without patronizing illegal activities, anyway, it pays to desire, and to be definite with your desire, with that alone, you can shake the world! Believe in yourself! Good luck!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      very insightful article. I like the part about desiring riches. Many poor people are forever condemned by their thinking, since they push away the thoughts of riches away.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from L Island

      ...and i also learnt that one cannot make it, if he or she fails to save as much as possible, no matter how small you earn a week or per month.

    • AEvans profile image


      10 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      You are correct investing is the right thing to do and this is a valuable hub. :)


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