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Benefits of Using the Poll Capsule

Updated on October 19, 2016
The poll capsule
The poll capsule

The Poll Capsule

I was browsing through my Hubs one day looking for a Hub to improve upon - and God knows they could all use some improvement - when I came across one in particular. In this particular one, which was a Hub related to learning the Brazilian Portuguese language, I had added the Hub poll capsule. And, upon having seen the results of my Hub's polls, I had an idea.

"Hey, why don't I create a hub related to the sentence structure of the Portuguese language?". And then, shortly after that, I had an epiphany (which was shortly followed by "duh!"). My epiphany was: "Hey, I can give back to the Hub community by sharing what I learned about the use of Hub poll capsules". And so here I am sharing my idea or "epiphany".

But I would have never discovered this benefit had it not been for this capsule or the Hub community. Since my Hubs have picked up more traffic, I can see how these types of widgets can be more than just "extra content" for my Hubs. Call me late to the party, but I just became overwhelmingly excited upon finding this out that I just had to get on my computer and begin sharing my "naïve" discovery.

Statistics Are the Benefit

In our society, We have statistics related to traffic incidents, drug related incidents, crime statistics or, to put it into a more positive context, statistics related to lottery winners, NFL, NBA, or NBL game winning statistics. Points, yards rushed, yards gained. A players average points per game or statistics from the most winning NFL team - ever!

NFL players stats
NFL players stats | Source

Wow! Impressive numbers

UK lottery winning stats
UK lottery winning stats | Source

In my particular case, my statistics are telling me what percentage of people like the most and want to see about a particular niche. That niche being, of course, learning Brazilian Portuguese. These statistics don't lie, but they do give us the facts about the subject.

Poll Capsule Results

My Poll Capsule's Results
My Poll Capsule's Results

It also is telling me that there are more people interesting in this particular language than I expected to see. Armed with these statistics, we are able to create a POSITIVE and winning campaign. So, the benefits of polls are the "statistics". This prepares me for my next Brazilian Portuguese lesson. I have the necessary information I need to complete multiple language lesson plans for the next few months - at least.

So, I hope you found this information as helpful to you as it did me. And, for those interesting in more sentence structure in regards to the Portuguese language, I hear you and I got you covered.

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    • Danielspages2013 profile image

      Daniel Baker 3 years ago from João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

      Yes, so there you go! Yet, another reason to use the poll. Thank you for the comment!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 3 years ago from USA

      I really like using polls in my articles. It helps me to better evaluate how my viewers receive the material and whether or not I'm on the right track.