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Best Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

Updated on April 25, 2013
By erichhh
By erichhh | Source

Writing Online

Writing online becomes even lucrative when websites pay you a share of their ad sense revenue with you. Below are some really good websites that do just that. | Source


Squidoo is an excellent place to write online. When you write an article for Squidoo, it is called a lens. Squidoo currently has a page rank of 7, which means Google trusts the website.

Unlike most ad revenue sharing websites, they pay based on tiers. There are 4 tiers in Squidoo. Depending on the tier you are in, the amount you get paid varies. Here is the rough estimate you get paid monthly based on the tier you are in:

  • Tier 4[Rank 80,000 and up] - Usually makes no money.
  • Tier 3[Rank 20,000-79,999] - Usually 30 to 40 cents.
  • Tier 2[Rank 2000-19,999] - Usually $6 or more.
  • Tier 1[Rank 1-1999] - Over $40.

As you can see, you will want plenty of your lens on tier 3 or higher. I did not include Amazon sales, as they are independent from the Squidoo payout. Unlike most revenue sharing websites, their paying system does not only include how much traffic it brings. Here is a list of factors that determines lens rank:

  • Squid Likes - More writers from Squidoo liking your lens increases rank
  • Frequency of Updates - Updating your lens helps maintain rankings
  • Inbound Links
  • Outbound Links
  • Amazon Revenue generated
  • Guest Comments | Source


Hubpages of course makes it to the list here. Like Squidoo, HubPages is a great place to write and earn money online since they do have a high page rank of 7. An article published on HubPages is called a hub. Hubpages pay you according to the number of page views you get on your hubs. The total is calculated to the ad sense pool and they pay you 60% of the revenue that they receive from their ads.

What is cool about HubPages is that they are easy to use and the interface for creating your articles ia well laid out. They also encourage interaction with other hubbers. Since you can get traffic from both hubbers and organic traffic from search engines such as Google or Yahoo, it is better to diversify a bit. Below is a good article written by a fellow hubber:

Why You Need Both Hubber and Organic Traffic

I personally enjoy writing on HubPages due to the attractive layout and ease of use. I am also doing a 60 hubs in 30 days challenge. It is set to end in April 31st 2013. | Source


Bubblews is a great website to write short posts. They are a relatively new website that was launched in early 2012 that has a page rank of 3. They have a rather unique way to pay their writers. You get roughly 1 cent per unique page view, like/dislike or comment. They split their revenue 50/50 with their writers.

The only downside is that they have not yet establish enough spam measures to deal with spammers effectively. They are always constantly improving, dealing with obvious spammers and those that post duplicate content.

Although they are rather new, they do pay and have a rather low minimum payout of $25. Just make sure you follow the rules there to get your money when the time comes. | Source


Zujava is also relatively new ad revenue sharing website. They have a page rank of 3. What is cool about them is that they have a rather strict policy to get your articles published.

An article in Zujava is called a leaf. They do require you publish 3 leaves that are up to their standards. Otherwise, you will be in the "Petting Zu". That means that you will have to learn how to improve your writing skills and knowledge on using Zujava before they allow you to publish your leaf without any restrictions. This is an excellent way to prevent spammers from joining the community to get some back links.

They have a rather similar system to Squidoo and uses different modules such as Amazon or eBay to promote items if possible.

Their tier system:

10% bucket - These are the top performing leaves that make the most from the ad sense pool.

20% bucket - The good leaves that get decent traffic and sales.

70% bucket - The lowest earning group.

Like Squidoo, you will be required to work hard and get traffic and sales there to be a top earner. Give it a shot! | Source


InfoBarrel is a good one to write on since they pay you 75% of their ad sense revenue. They also have a strict policy on getting your articles published there. First of all, your first 10 articles will be reviewed and will only become approved after they have decided that your article followed all their publishing guidelines.

InfoBarrel has a page rank of 4. They also have Amazon and eBay modules as well. They have been around since 2010. It has grown quite a lot since then. If you are serious about writing and reading good content, this is the place to be.


You can decide which one you would like to write for. I am currently focusing on HubPages, Squidoo and Bubblews. Once I get established in these 3 websites, I will start building using the other ones. I personally believe these are the best ad revenue sharing sites at the moment. I am going to update this if anything changes.

Have you written on any of these websites?

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