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Best Goals for Hubbers 2015

Updated on December 28, 2014

Happy Year 2015!!!

Greetings everyone! Its hard to believe its almost year 2015 and how else would we prepare ourselves for the upcoming year without setting goals and objectives to at least be a guide as the time goes by. Minutes turn into hours, hours to days, days to months, months to years and as I look back on my Hubpages goals for last year I realized I didn't even scrape the surface of what I wanted to do. This often happens to most of us. It doesn't matter how small or how big the goal, if we don't set any at all most likely we will never achieve anything. So what kind of objectives should us hubbers have this year? So many exist, from actually writing hubs to making money there are a multitude of different goals one can have in mind. This will be my guide to goals, averages people should aim for, including different goals for different levels of hubbers from the daily writer to the person who stops by once or twice a month.

There are Many Kinds of Writers on Hubpages

There are many different types of writers on Hubpages. Some write reviews about products they like or hate, some write poems and short stories for all to enjoy, a few like to make us laugh with funny adventures through different sorts of tails, and others just like sharing their experiences of what they see and hear in the world we live in. While creative writers are encouraged and loved by us all, unfortunately these guidelines will be mostly aimed at those who are here to write for monetary reasons. While following these guidelines would be awesome for any creative writer, the time frame and earning potential wouldn't fall in line for these types of writers. Remember these are just examples of goals you can set and meet, don't feel obligated to follow them in their entirety!

What Type of Hubber are You?

Where would you find yourself among the groups of hubbers?

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What Kind of Writer Are You?

Its best to ask yourself this kind of question to know exactly where you fit in compared to others for these goals. I would say a good example of groups for writers on Hubpages would be:

  • Light Weight - Stops by once or twice a month. Writes once or twice a month.
  • Ordinary - Writes 1-5 Hubs a month, takes part in the community.
  • Average - Writes 5-10 Hubs a month, comments and gives feedback to the community.
  • Advanced - Writes 1 Hub a day, does everything possible to be in the community.
  • Power User - Writes 2+ Hubs a Day, does everything possible on the site.

Goals for Each Level of Hubber

Light Weight
Power User
Hub Frequency
1 Hub a Month/12 Total a Year
1-5 Hub a Month/ ~45 a Year
5-10 Hubs a Month/ ~80 a Year
30 Hubs a Month/ ~360 a Year
60 Hubs a Month/~820-1000 a Year
120-150 Comments
300-500 Comments
1,000-3,000 Comments
5,000-10,000 Comments
Questions and Answers
2 Questions asked/Answered
20-50 Questions asked/Answered
100-200 Questions/Answers a year
500-1000 Questions and Answers a year
1,000-2,000 Questions and Answers
Forum Posts
Maybe 1, Maybe None
Active Status, ~5 posts a month
Kinda Known in Fourms, ~15 posts a month
Well Known in Fourms, ~1,000 Posts a year
You are the Fourms. ~2-3,000 Posts a year
Traffic Goals
Around 10,000 Views a year
Around 45,000-100,000 Views a year
Around 80,000-250,000 Views a year
Around 250,000-1,100,000 Views a Year
Around 600,000 - 3,000,000 Views a Year
Money Goals*
Around $50-100
Around $300-500
Around $1000-1500
Around $ 5,000-15,000
Around $12,000- $20,000
*Money Goals vary on many factors such as topic, traffic, hub frequency, and how many advertisers are competing for the topic space. These goals are rough estimates. This is only for Google Adsense Income, not Ebay/Amazon. All Views and Earnings are

5 Ways to Write More Efficiently

  • Write Your Entire Hub before formatting.
  • Do pictures for multiple hubs at the same time, so you can segment it all together.
  • Make a list of Hubs you want to write, instead of sitting their and making your topic up on the spot.
  • Don't look for products to link into your hub until its ready to be published. Same goes with videos.
  • Hide your cellphone until you're done, texting and playing Draw Something will use all of your time and make it impossible to finish anything.

If you work out your Schedule you will Meet your Goals Easier!

A lot of time is wasted on the creative process. While writing reviews to some come naturally sometimes layouts, images, and other factors during the creation of a hub adds minutes and hours on. A good example is looking for the perfect picture, if you stop writing to search through images theres a good chance a hub that would take you 2-3 hours could take as long as 5-6 hours! Keep your mind focused and keep your working environment peaceful and non-distracting to you. Try to make your hubs and hubtime a streamlined experience and not random chaos.

Focus on Quality!

Regardless of your goals, they are all meaningless if you don't provide a high quality experience for your readers!
Regardless of your goals, they are all meaningless if you don't provide a high quality experience for your readers!

New Year, New Capsules

It's a new year, why not try including new capsules you don't normally do in your hubs? The results might be better then you think!

Content is King

Never forget that you are writing for people, not robots. Every hub regardless of trying to meet a goal or not should be high quality. Any idea can be represented in a high quality fashion, even something as simple as buying tube socks. Try to include lots of different kinds of fun images, interactive capsules, and videos to get your messages through. Some pages are more of a calibration of media on a focused topic, kind of like your own wikipedia page. Others are just homed in on one subject with no supporting subjects at all, regardless of which your making if the user doesn't get anything of interest they will hit the back button and try again elsewhere. The mos important tip that goes along with good content is making the into content REACH OUT and grab someone, make them look twice or they will most likely disappear.

Ride the Wind and Complete Your Goals in 2015

Soar threw the year like an eagle.
Soar threw the year like an eagle.

Best of Luck in 2015

While I truly believe that anyone that follows around the guidelines I presented can achieve around those traffic goals and monetary goals it can only happen if the hubs written are top quality, highly detailed, and highly in demand by people throughout the year. Good hubs that are very popular will very easily excel past the averages and bring you ultimate success, that is what I wish for all hubbers in the 2015 year, to follow their goals, write the best hubs they can, and SOAR TO SUCCESS.

It might just be a single Tweet, it might just be having a friend read a hub, ether way Sharing is Caring and will help out everyone!
It might just be a single Tweet, it might just be having a friend read a hub, ether way Sharing is Caring and will help out everyone!

Tips to Make Everyone Successful this Year

  • Share similar writers hubs that you enjoy on social media, if two people write about dragons it will link to your fellow hubbers and the hublove will be spread.
  • Introduce your friends, family, and coworkers to Hubpages - not only as potential referrals and writers, but as readers and sharers.
  • Leave good detailed and keyword oriented comments - it really does help!
  • Take part in all Hubbers polls and quizzes, it really helps them with feedback and potentially writing more hubs!
  • Follow other Hubbers and build your own followers, who knows your fellow Hubber might be the biggest promoter of something you write.


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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 2 years ago from Cardiff

      Helpful tips and goals there, Ive been MIA in 2014 due to work commitments, but im hoping to come back in 2015!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I found your article very interesting. I have slacked off tremendously this past year but hope to be around more this year.

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 2 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      Very interesting and thank you for the advice! I bookmarked this hub for reference later on. Two thumbs up.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i am the light one, I post one hub per month but active for QA and forums

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