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Best Reviewer For Hubpages Users

Updated on June 23, 2011

What Is Best Reviewer

Best reviewer is one of the adsense revenue sharing site.This site shares 100 % adsense revenue with its members.This is created by James Colin ,who created the site which is a digg like 100 % adsense revenue sharing site. site allows its users to create top review postings and share adsense revenue with its users.As the site designer James Colin said in a forum posting "mostly read articles and forum posts start with 'the top aaaa' or 'x bla bla bla' in short top lists of any thing"

So he decided to create a site with top lists and he lunched a small research you can find that the word or term "top 10" gets over 6 million searches per month on google.In similar way the term 'best of' alo gets more than 6 million searchs.This site is centered with those two key words.

The unique concept with this site is to create top lists.You can create your own lists for example you can create a list like this "top 3 laptop brands of 2010".Everybody knows that people loves lists.


The one more great thing about this site is referral system.The big ad in the every top review you created is yours.If you refer any person the other a in their tops is also yours.Which is really great.

More than Adsense Revenue Share

The best thing is that you are using this site to make additional revenue by creating lists but the most important thing is you are building very important back links to your hubs,squidoo lenses or your blog pages.Every body knows the importance of back links for the search engine rankings and traffic.All the links posted in your tops are DO FOLLOW links.So every link is counts as backlink.

You Can also add your top list to and get benefit from that 100 % revenue sharing site also.

Hubpages traffic referral program and

You can use this site for hubpages traffic referral program and revenue in three ways with very little efforts.The action plan is very simple.

  • Find some hubpags by searching on a particular topic.
  • Create a top list with hubs you have researched
  • Post list to
  • Bookmark this on shetoldme

Finish !

You can earn money in Three ways by doing so.

  1. You Can earn Adsense revenue share from (Because you are creating top list)
  2. You Can earn adsense revenue share from (Because you are bookmarking your list at
  3. Finally you can get portion of adsense revenue from other peoples hubs, if somebody clicks your traffic referral urls (you can also use anchored text here)on your top lists at (Because of traffic referral program from

So Join and today and earn adsense revenue with little efforts.Please use my referral links to join and if this hub is helpful for you.(This will not take any portion of your earnings)


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