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BLOG ON BLOGGER; HUB ON HUBBER: Injecting humour on Ways to Edit a Hub

Updated on September 11, 2012

To hone a hub is not a bad opinion.

“Drive perfection into your work by motivating yourself to work on perfection.” But we cannot be perfect at all times, no matter how we try.

In this topic, I have put “my” interpretation about ways to edit your work, what to do at the end of your blogging or hubbing and what you have to do before publishing it.

To hone a hub is not a bad opinion.

I am neither a professional writer nor communicator. My interests in hubbing build up when a friend had summoned me on my Facebook Wall to check out her hub and follow her.

One of the policies in HubPages: They do not allow content duplication that is also available on any other site or Hub even if you wrote it or retained its copyright. I received two warnings about “duplication” from the HubPages Team. It is a good thing that I can delete the duplicate (actually, the original posting) content before publishing it to HubPages. It would take 48 hours or a few days until the url has completely left the web. But then, too many is too much for having 3 blog accounts, plus a photo-sharing site, and a social network and commonly like anyone else, 2 email accounts. As my friend had advised me, “Try HubPages, it is way better and it’s a money maker.” Smile!

Hop on to HubPages to the right direction


ON EDITING (ways to edit a blog):

Some blog sites have an editing feature. With the editor in place, it doesn’t really give total satisfaction. It leaves us no choice when we have to juggle a sentence a few times until the editor accepts it, but then, the whole “thought” has changed. HubPages do not have it. Adding an editing tool would be great.

Your best bet for editing is to use Microsoft Word. Don’t we just love Bill Gates! It is like he is embedded inside my computer and pointing his finger to where grammar, spelling, spacing, formatting, and punctuations should be corrected with the inclusion of inserting Symbols which has more characters than HubPages. Weird, but I can see Bill staring at me and peeking down (no, not what you’re thinking). He is checking my work behind those eyeglasses. Working with Microsoft Word would directly prompt us to save our topic, too. Now, we’ve got our original files stored. There are times when even using Word, we find ourselves lazily editing right on Hubpages. The original Word document becomes eliminated, and then copy-pasting the revised body from HubPages back onto Word, and have Word review it again. It is like telling Bill, “Here, eat this instead.”

Soon after, the reverse editing above (applying the changes on your hub page) becomes simply annoying clicking on the “done editing” button a few times back and forth. Like, how many times do I have to be “done”? Let me count the ways to getting done; oh no, I would need Mr. Count, for I am not done as yet.

“You need not rush your hub.” a tiny voice whispered to me. Get up, stretch and give your eyes and hands some rest. Do chores to stay away from your blog work (the kitchen sink is full.) Have another set of eyes read your draft. Our own eyes can betray us.

Each time I say I have a new hub, it sounds like I have a new hubby. Oh, well life is playful, sorrowful, painful, and beautiful and all the ‘ful’ I can think of. Anyway, I am thankful of my new hubby, the HubPages!

Going back to editing, it is not every time that Word would give the correct suggestion to your word in question. You know the red underline thingy! Oh, and “thingy” is even officially a word now. The word is a humorous term or means being uncertain about a certain thing. Like, “You know, you know. What’s that thingy again?” My kids are fond of using the word “thingy”, but they are reminded that it is only a slang word and not to apply it on their school work.

If you’re not satisfied with the Spelling and Grammar Check, you decide. What does that mean? It means not to depend on the machine because the human mind is a far greater friend than technology.

What are the simple ways to edit a blog?

  1. Use your comrade, Google. This is convenient for me. Type the word you wish to find to identify how other writers use the word you are not certain of like spelling, capitalization or lower case, connecting or single word, abbreviation, short-cuts (omitting of letters), and of phrasing a group of words.
  2. Aside from Mr. Gates assisting you with everything else that matters in making your blog look good, you can always double check with Mr. Oxford online or take a free trip to Babylon. Ninety-nine percent, you’ll find an answer to your questionable word.
  3. Or use the remaining one percent of your final lifeline and ask the one and only Redeemer, God. “God, may I use my own judgement?”
  4. Talk and Look. Read it aloud and examine again.

Let your hub and yourself have some rest.
Let your hub and yourself have some rest.

ON CONCLUDING (know when to stop)

When we are in bed, our mind travels to a galaxy far away. In most times ideas come floating. One night, a thunder and lightning had a rumble outside the bedroom window. I was trying to sleep when I was asked if I heard the thunder. In my mind I thought, obviously yeah, but I pretended to be fast asleep. I found the question silly because it was ear-catching and even eye-catching seeing a flash of lightning briefly entering the room with my eyes closed. I thought, “The saints in heaven could really play bowling.” For the second time I was asked, “Hon, are you still awake?” Okay fine, so I replied, “I’m trying to sleep but my head is working.” Third question, “What are you thinking? Hubbing?” I guess he got that right. If only we don’t need to sleep, I will still be up hubbing.

What to do at the end of your blogging?

  1. Kiss the screen and wish it good luck.
  2. Let your newly composed hub sleep overnight. (Both of you need sleep.)
  3. Relax, don’t fret. The night is getting shorter.

ON PUBLISHING (and what not)

You get up early to check on your sleeping hub first thing in the morning. Did it sleep well? Perhaps it did, but you didn’t, lol! Since I am not working, I have an ample time to sit and write, snack-on and write. But if you are rushing to work, I’m pretty sure you have your hub screen minimized to easily peek on it over and again without your co-workers noticing you.

So, whenever you catch some chance to wake your new hub and review again together, you are hoping that there will be no more touches to it and that you will not be interrupting the very busy Bill. But if you do have crazy ideas lingering the night before while your head rested on your pillow, then add them on. “Hey Bill, do you have time to check 2 sentences, please?”

What to do before you hit publish?

  1. After examining and resting, review again.
  2. Have better and new ideas to remove and add? Fix it.
  3. Polish it to shine.
  4. Finalize editing deciding it’s your last.

12 WISE HUBBING TIPS You Should Care About…

  1. Enjoyment: Have fun with your hubbing.
  2. Getting Skillful: Lubricate your brain. Getting rusty is not attractive.
  3. Being Stagnant: Make hubbing a hobby.
  4. Hubbing: “So, you call yourselves, HUBBITS?” my daughter asked. Be a hubber, not a hubbit.
  5. Feeling Dumb: Don’t let perfection depress you. If it is looking good to you, it probably is.
  6. Over Fatigue: Don’t let Hubpages eat up your time and turn you into a zombie (with broken fingers, loose arm, popping veins, blood-shot eyes, cracked shoulder, expanded calves, rotating kneecaps and a flattened butt. And oh, you start to stink!) You’ll be gratified enough if you find yourself as a pretty zombie!
  7. Appetite: Remember to eat. Fasting every single hub day will make you dumber. And hey, the kitchen is smoking!
  8. Pets: Please share time with your cat or dog. Your cat has been trying to get your attention. Your dog has been snoring all day.
  9. Kids: They are talking to you. Listen. Texting your teen at home while he or she is in the bedroom does not really show love and attention, though they pretty much rather like to avoid to be around their annoying parents.
  10. Affection: Go grab your hubby or boyfriend and give him a kiss and a hug once in a while. Anyways, your lips are getting dry and you need some stretching. Don’t forget the cold beer.
  11. Experience: Write what you’ve lived. Live what you’ve written.
  12. Wishful thinking: Wish yourself some good luck after posting your hub.

Good luck! ≈ ♥ ≈


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    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hahaha, yes, it is stressful, eh. I spend hours mostly gobbling up my whole day. Man, I write from noon til late night, can't really make it that quick and short. I'll be getting callus on my bottom cheeks squatting on the floor (my most comfy position with the coffee table just right for my typing) and I am already stealing my dog's cushiony bed to sit on. Even after multiple times of reviewing, and by the time I hit publish, boy, where did that mistake or error come from? Was it hiding all the time?

      Cheers, greatstuff!

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

      The temptation of hitting 'publish' is always there, esp. after spending long hours doing research and writing. To have it publish immediately is like crossing the 100m run, first. It takes a lot of patience to hold on, check and recheck. Who say writing is not stressful!

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hey Goowa Dijon! Nice to see you here and thanks for your comment. Start one soon, there is no pressure to write, just follow the HubPages Rules. C'mon now! (oops, did I just pressure you? lol!)

    • profile image

      Goowa Dijon 5 years ago

      Ess good, ess making the sense to mem i like a learn it, yes.

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hahaha! Thank you Cris for spotting the imperfection there. That is exactly what this hub means about "editing". This is why we need another set of eyes before posting to read on our hubs to find mistakes. How I didn't see that overtime, I don't know why. I just fixed it and thanks again, eagle eyes!

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Voted up and funny! But I saw imperfection there, "Weird, by (shouldn't this "by" be "but"?) I can see Bill staring at me and peeking down (no, not what you’re thinking)." Lol! You are hilarious and I ? Ur hub!

    • smartincome profile image

      Lor M 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks coffeegginmyrice! Looking forward to it. :)

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hi smartincome! What a smart name you've got there! Thank you for enjoying my hub here. I hope that I can contribute more and make someone laugh. I will cherish a smile too!

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hi Deb! Thank you for finding your way to this "humour tips" hub of mine. I thought later on after posting it that it might not find its way to get attention. Your visit proved me wrong. In my part, I honestly admit that there are several ways to hubbing tips from helpful hubbers that I still need to understand and accomplish them without difficulties. At this time, I am a failure to follow fellow hubbers' simple instructions and don't understand where I don't understand how to do it. I've been pulling my hair out a strand at a time! Hope I'm not going bald. LOL! Once I get it all right, perhaps I could share some tips too to newbies like me. Thank you once again! Cheers!

    • smartincome profile image

      Lor M 5 years ago from Philippines

      I enjoyed reading your hub specially the 12 wise hubbing tips. I love it! Great hub!

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 5 years ago from Iowa

      I enjoyed the humorous way you have presented these good tips. Thanks.