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Blogging Attire

Updated on May 28, 2017
This is my blogging attire what do you think.
This is my blogging attire what do you think.

Blogging Attire 101

Blogging can be limitless and so can clothes bloggers wear, some bloggers might pick one outfit out and then change it because of their mood for a certain blog post. Or they might change throughout the day out of comfort since most bloggers work from home there clothing choices can be limitless. Although I have never, done that. When people write blogs do they blog from home? or do they do it from the office if their company has a blog? Most people who are bloggers work from home unless you are one of the lucky companies who has a blog. So what do you wear while blogging, it depends on where you are blogging from, if you are at the office, doing the office blog you are usually in whatever you wore to work that day, which could be dress pants and a dress shirt and tie or casual attire, or a casual pair of pants or khakis with a dress shirt. It depends on where you are writing the blog from and if you are writing it for the company that you work for. If you are writing a blog for fun or blogging as a job what do you wear? Well, you can wear whatever you want. which means you can wear a limitless number of things while blogging.

If you are just sitting in front of your computer at home, it doesn’t matter what you wear. How many people have worn pajamas to write their blog posts? If you are just at home why get dressed, or do some people wear sweats to write in and then once you are finished take a shower and change into something else. Some people can’t do that, though, some people have to shower before they start anything and get ready for the day. It just depends on who you talk to. I know that some days I will write blog posts in my pajamas and then once I am finished I will change, that also depends on the mood I am in. I don’t usually do that, though I will usually wear jogging pants and top while blogging, actually that what I wear most of the time.

People might think well bloggers usually work from home, they can just wear pajamas. That isn’t the case though sure you work from home but what if the doorbell rings, and you are in your pajamas are you going to answer your door in pajamas? Probably not. You might not wear black pants and a dressy top to sit in your house and blog but there are appropriate things to wear blogging and there are things that aren’t.

The things that are inappropriate for blogging, are things that you wouldn’t answer your door in like a robe. Unless you can change quickly right as the doorbell rings. Although these are just my views, I wouldn’t wear a robe to blog in because my doorbell can ring at any time, usually, I am wearing jogging pants or pj's that look like clothing in case I get stuck. Most of the time though I am in jogging pants and a top. I am very rarely wearing jeans, while I blog. Although I have tons of jeans I feel as though jeans are something you wear when you go out and don’t want to dress up entirely.

While blogging you don’t have a dress code. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dressed in something while doing it, that is presentable if the doorbell rings or if you have to leave quickly. Sure bloggers usually work from home but in doing that, there always at everyone’s beck and call. The doorbell can ring at any moment, or the telephone saying that someone is going to stop by, or someone could be at the door, would you want to be caught not dressed in things that you don’t want people to see you in?

Blogging Attire

What is blogging attire

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Comfortable clothes can make writing blog posts easy

Everyone that blogs have different blogging attire, but I think that we can all agree it is presentable, if someone comes to the door unexpectedly or if you have to leave unexpectedly. Blogging attire doesn’t need to be dressy clothes or even nice looking pj's if you don’t mind going out looking grungy then fine, but what if you are the type of person that likes to put their face on before they go out. If you are treating blogging like a job do you factor in when you are getting dressed for the day the makeup that you wear even if you are working from home?

I don’t wear makeup when I am at home, I just wear it when I go out, but I do wear things other than pajamas. That is not because I don’t want to wear pajamas all day, it is because I just don’t feel, like the presentable enough if someone comes to the door. I feel as though I can’t start my day until I am dressed in something other than pajamas. I know that I am not the only person who thinks like this, so who agrees with me? Blogging clothes still have to be something remotely presentable for those just in case moments, nobody likes being caught off guard am I right? I have told you what I feel is blogging attire but what do you feel is blogging attire or do you care?

Blogging attire can be limitless because depending on the blogger depends on hon how they dress for their writing. Some bloggers might dress the part of what their post is going to be about or like they are going to an office depending on where they write their blog posts. However, I like wearing comfortable clothes when I blog jogging, pants, and sweatshirts. Sometimes Jeans but because I work on the couch I like to wear comfy clothes that I can move easily in.

Since I work limitlessly from home I can blog about anything most of the time it is jogging pants but sometimes its pajamas because they are comfy and in order for me to get good writing done I have to to be limitlessly comfortable.

A comfy Sweatshirt  is great clothing for blogging
A comfy Sweatshirt is great clothing for blogging

Comfy clothes for blogging

Blogging attire can be anything that anyone wants. It can be good clothes, comfortable clothes anything, that helps your writing flow can be considered blogging attire. I enjoy writing in either pajamas or jogging pants, something comfortable if I am going to be sitting all day long.


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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Thanks I find comfort is key when writing

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 2 years ago

      Your blogging attire is awesome. It's cool and make you appear very casual.