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Blogging Is Not 9/5

Updated on March 30, 2019
Blogging is not 9/5
Blogging is not 9/5

Blogging is not 9/5

When people hear the word blog or the term blogger what do they think of? They think oh you can do it whenever you want, and you have no deadline or writing for a blog doesn't take a limitless amount of work. Well in some instances that might be true and in others it isn’t. Blogging can be limitless and for the most part, it is. Most people go to their job and work from nine to five and then come home and go back again, but bloggers don’t do that. When you are a blogger, you are always thinking of new and interesting ways, to blog about the topics that are coming into your head all the time. Which means blogging is limitless and not 9/ 5. Most bloggers work from their homes so things could come up that might take precedence over writing a blog post, It is limitless because it can happen at anytime you can always be working on something whether it be editing, writing something new or coming up with blog post ideas. Blogging can take a limitless amount of time because there are no set hours for the most part.

Your friends might want to do something with you because they know that you are home during the day. What your friends don’t know is that blogging is supposed to be your livelihood for the most part, anyway. Not that you can’t do both, you just have to be very organized or do things with your friends and then blog later. That is why the title of this post is blogging isn’t 9/5. Blogging can be done at any time of day when an idea strikes for a blog post that is when it is written usually. So if you get an idea at two in the afternoon, you could be writing then or ten o’clock at night. It just depends on when you feel like writing, and when the ideas strike.

You could have a list of ideas and just write from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. It just depends on the blogger's mood, you might even want to blog on vacation, or during a party. Although I wouldn’t blog during a party no matter how much I want to, I just jot the thought down and leave it for later. What I mean is that ideas for blog posts, come in all day long no matter where you are. You can even be sleeping and an idea will come into your head, so what do you do jot it down.

Blogging, and the ideas are always coming through to you, which means what? You are working 24/7 in a sense anyway. You can write at any time of day, you don’t have set hours when you are a blogger, which is why it isn’t 9/5. Although you can make it that, way but most of the time when you plan something like a blog post other things get in the way. I have been a victim of this, the phone will ring when you are in the middle of a great thought or the doorbell will ring. Things like that will make you lose your train of thought or just frustrate you so much that you give up writing until later in the day.

Since you are a blogger you can do that, unless you have set hours to blog. Some people do, they are a blogger for a specific company, and if you are a blogger for a different company you don’t really get the leeway, of blogging whenever you want. An example of how blogging isn’t 9/5, you can start writing a blog at noon and you aren’t finished until two, or you can start at five and not finish until eight. It just depends on when the ideas strike to write, and what time you have.

Blogging what you can do for people
Blogging what you can do for people

The time you blog can always change

You might have a family or another job and just be a blogger on the side. Which means you blog when you have time, or when the kids are in bed, and the house is cleaned. You know that you have chores to do, so you do that before you blog, which means you are not completely devoted to blogging, which nobody should be unless it is your full-time job, but even then there are other things you need to do keep your life moving smoothly. So no blogging is not nine to five, it is when the person blogging has time, but when you are a blogger you have to be very organized so that you get what needs to get done when it needs to get done.

People can make blogging 9/5 for sure, but most of the time they don’t. Why I say that is because, sometimes other things come up like having to go grocery shopping when you realize you don’t have food in the fridge, or to a doctor’s appointment, or a friend really wants to spend time with you. What do you do then, tell them no because of the need to blog? No, you just make it work. Are you the type of blogger that just writes down what they want to blog about it and leave it for a later date? I am willing to bet probably not if an idea pops into your head you jump either in a notebook or onto your computer and start writing. Most bloggers don’t have deadlines, so when they write a post and post it then it is up and running at whatever time they choose.

What if you don’t have an idea, and you need to figure something out to write? That could take hours or even days. Or you could have a whole bunch of ideas and just write for the day, and before you know it is after five in the evening and you realize you have been writing since the time you started. You can blog whenever you feel like it, it doesn’t have to have a time limit. Which is why it isn’t nine to five. Some days, I will start blogging at nine but I will stop at noon and then start up again at six or something when another idea strikes.

If you are a blogger, isn’t your mind always reeling, thinking up new ideas for your next post? I know that mine is. If you are a hobby blogger, blogging is definitely not nine to five because your soul focus is not your blog its job and your family. Even for full-time bloggers, it isn’t 9/5 because since most of them work from home, things come up like, kids getting sick, appointments or outings that aren’t planned. Which is fine that just means, that blogging is going to have to wait until later and it can, because you can make your own hours it doesn’t have to be office hours of 9/5. Do you agree or disagree, are you the type of blogger that only works 9/5 or do you just write when the ideas strike? Or when you have a free moment?

Bloggers are always thinking of new ideas, so their job is limitless in my opinion because if you are a blogger your brain never shuts off, you're always working on something. People might think that you blog 9/5 but in reality, you are always working when the kids are sleeping. late into the night or early hours of the morning before anyone wakes up. That is why blogging is not 9/5 because most bloggers even if they blog full time don't have set hours to do so, they blog when they have a free moment or for a couple hours either during the day or at night depending on their schedule.

I blog in the morning most times from 9 until 2 pm and sometimes I will write more at night depending on when the ideas strike as I mentioned before. Blogging can happen anytime there is no set time for a blogger to blog usually that is why blogging is not 9/5 and that is also why blogging to me is considered limitless. It is limitless because you will sometimes try to get blogging in, in the little cracks of your day, so you are always thinking about it.

Blogging when a career and passion come together
Blogging when a career and passion come together

Career and Passion

If you are passionate about your career it will become a passion and who doesn't want to work on their passion every day all day? Blogging is a Career and Passio which is why it is limitless.

Why do you think blogging is not 9/5 let's discuss?

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