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Building a second income from hubpages -my first week report. Updated with 3rd week figures!

Updated on December 10, 2010

One week ago I published my first hub and kickstarted what I hope will be a long and profitable relationship with Hubpages. I'm hoping that this hub and subsequent updates will encourage new hubbers and remind them that at this daunting early stage they are not alone! Hopefully it will inspire constructive comments that everyone, particularly us newbies can learn from.

The story so far....

I thought id start out by keeping it simple. Prior to publishing my first hub I did a week of research. I looked for introductory hubs and the help pages to try and clarify in my mind the process of producing effective hubs. As I went along I kept a note of any words that sounded important or relevant. Once I thought I had a plan, I researched the topics on this list and adapted my plan as I went.

Finally it was time to take the plunge, but what to write about? Many hubs spoke of basing this decision on finding high paying keywords or specific affiliate products. I thought that if I wrote a decent amount of words then perhaps quantity would make up for quality until my learning had progressed and I could return to tweak if necessary. To write a decent quantity id need to either spend plenty of time researching a new topic or write about a topic I know well. I chose the latter....

The initial plan

Keep it simple. I decided to write 15 hubs based around a subject I know a bit about, backed up with some primative keyword research. This research involved entering my subjects into the adwords tool and looking for related terms or words with high search amounts and relatively low competition. I know this might not be an approach that will maximise reward, but hopefully it will get quicker results in terms of visitor numbers. This basic success will motivate me into writing more hubs to a higher standard. A basic plan I know, but I hoped it would be a fairly pain free way to get the ball rolling.

What was clear to me is that it takes a lot of hard work to get the kind of return we would all like. In fact I think for most it is incredibly daunting, so breaking it down into achievable chunks is paramount to me. 15 hubs over the first three weeks and then a week of research and tweaking.

For the record, this hub isnt one of those 15, I havent approached it in the same way as the others, its more of an introductory tool to help me meet others and let them learn from my mistakes!

The first one!

Subject chosen, photos uncovered, just a case of getting the words down. The premise of writing a top ten meant the structure should take care of itself. Keep it simple. It also made it easier to ensure I wrote a decent amount. 100 words per section and Id hit my 1000 words minimum. It took me two hours to get the words down and a further half hour to add the photos and my primative stab at an rss feed.

Hit publish and wait for the money to come rolling in right? Wrong!  I had read somewhere that id be doing well to make a quid in my first month so I had fairly low expectations, yet I have to admit to being dissapointed when I checked in the next day to find I hadnt made a penny. Yet there was progress, id gained my first follower AND a comment....Success!!

It gets easier...

 This week ive managed to churn out another two hubs so far. Keeping to the same format as before the whole process has only taken two hours for each. After writing my third yesterday I was feeling confident that it was only a matter of time till I saw that first encouraging penny in my adsense account. It would only be a penny, but it would be invaluable in proving to me that I hadnt made any fundamental errors and just maybe my first step would be a success.



 Before I started writing this tonight I checked my stats. 89 views of my hubs and that magic first adsense penny is still evading me. I had planned to wait till after my first 15 to improve my presence within the hubsense community, but this week I also proposed a topic in the forums and followed a few hubbers that had inspired me. For someone unused to blogging or participating in forums, ive found commenting on others hubs a little awkward, but I recognise the importance of it.

What next?

I know nevitably that tomorrow will start with an optimistic check of adsense. Later after work, i'll get stuck into the two new hubs I have planned. Hopefully I'll have some comments on this or one of my other hubs to respond to. Most of all im hoping that tomorrow I pass the 100 views mark and maybe, just maybe I'll be updating this hub with my first financial statement.

Please dont hold back with your comments, I know I will have already made mistakes and will undoubtedly make many more, so all views are well appreciated. If you are as fresh to this as I am then I wish you all the luck I feel I may need myself!

3rd week update

 In the past two weeks since I wrote this hub my hubpages learning has been astronomic. Two weeks I had 3 hubs and approaching my first 100 views. As of today I have 15 hubs and have just passed 400 views. Proportionally things have slowed and I can only assume that as a new member there were perhaps additional views from people welcoming new users. Ive continued my research and it is becoming even clearer just how much work is going to have to be done to get a small trickle of cash, not to mention an amount that may help with the bills!

Last week I had my first income from a hub! 13 pence from a single click...Is this good? It is still my only click, but I'm encouraged to see that about 30% of my hits are now coming from google. I link my hubs to facebook and twitter as soon as they are published and I think that is getting them indexed quickly.

My original plan was to get to 15 hubs and take it from there. Well my plan now is to get to 30 hubs before xmas. At present my daily views is 20-30 so I'm going to aim for 50 views a day as well.

I'll do a christmas update, so watch this space!


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    • DGS Choudhury profile image

      DGS Choudhury 

      7 years ago

      Hope for your success I too am just trickling near a $1 a month so far with little work...

    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi simeonvisser

      Read your hub, very interesting. Nice to read of someone having similar experiences. The last few days ive seen a significant increase in page views that im hoping is due to my older hubs maturing rather than post christmas boredom!

    • simeonvisser profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey dosburros, I see you also joined six weeks ago. You can see my traffic graph in my latest hub (What I Learned at HubPages in 2010). It has been very slow and I have not earned much yet either.

      I have earned a few euros so far. It takes time, persistence and patience really. All the best in 2011! We will keep writing more hubs and we'll earn more money soon enough.

    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      hi dolores,

      Thanks for your kind words. A week on from creating this hub, ive increased my hubs to nine and am about to cross the 250 page views mark. the last couple of days have seen a bit of a slump in what till then had been daily growth in the page views...strange...

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Good luck here at HP. It takes some patience before the payout. Many people wait for 8 months. But once it starts, the earnings increase quickly. I think that you will do very well as you checked it all out first instead of plunging in like I did. Research and small goal setting is a sure path to success!

    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Autumn Lynn, thanks for your kind words. I was feeling quite overwhelmed at the scale of the job in hand and the 15 hubs target has helped me keep focus. good luck with your own journey.

    • Autumn Lynn profile image

      Autumn Lynn 

      7 years ago from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

      I am also very new to Hub Pages. Still in my first week. You had a plan from the start-that is great! I wrote one hub and just put it out there to get my feet wet then I realized all the various things I need to be considering and that I can actually develop this into a business. I have started to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. Your hub and others have helped me to refocus on writing. Hopfully I will learn the rest as I go. I love your idea about 15 hubs around a similar topic. I have read that is the best way to go. I am going to be adopting a similar structure (I hope!). Thanks for sharing your journey.


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