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Building your own Website | Profitable or not

Updated on May 28, 2011

Your own personal website

The best and the most flexible remains "Owning a website". This provides you with full 100% control about all the parameters building your website and other control authorities-

1. The design and format of your website.

2. The control over the real-estate of your website. Each pixel is your's and you decide,0 whatever comes and goes from your own website. The amount of Advertisement which shows and where on the webpage

3. The power to change the overall look and feel of your website. Hence you can change the design of website according to the turn of events.

Now time for the Disadvantages

It makes you a businessman. You start to think differently as it requires a lot of resources on your part. Making a website requires following

· Registering domain

· Preferably a good command over HTML and CSS language if you really want to get a good ad unique graphic design.

· Hosting platform.

· S.E.O. Optimization and back building.

Now you need that and you don't get

· Good community

· Viral traffic

And others which sites like HubPages provide. They actually provide you much more than a writing platform and an eager audience not the search engine ones but the HubPages community.

You make efforts for a website and then you have to make even more efforts to market it. Create a brand and build a traffic base. You get entangled in a vicious pyramid and this is where you flow of thoughts take a toll.

It's time for you to decide.

It's not always Profit or Loss; it's about your writing and your thought process. Think of creating good content which proves helpful to others who are looking for it. Which satisfies them and I guarantee you success.



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