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Updated on June 5, 2011

Catholic Myths

Catholic Myths
Catholic Myths

Old Catholic Faiths

The Catholic faith is one of the oldest forms of religion to provide long-lasting following and faith-based values. Throughout the years, Catholic faith has developed quite a large myth-based ideology due to the mere age old practices that were followed along with the updating of beliefs and doctrines to be more relevant for today’s society.

As with any major following or belief, the more changes are been scrutinized, the more loopholes were able to be found that can provide the unique ability to punch holes throughout the primary belief system. This article will uncover many of the myths associated with the Catholic faith while providing a baseline as to where these myths have been created.


Millions of people believe that Catholics still as in previous days worship statues. This, of course, is not true. Many Protestants started the myth of Catholics worshiping statues while deflecting blame of not being an actual religion when they broke from the Church. This has been a longstanding myth that has yet to be proven or witnessed. Statues are present in the Catholic Church as when the religion was founded, there was no printing press or mass media to illustrate the faith. Thus, statues were erected to reflect popular belief.


Another common Catholic myth is that Catholics worship Mary and the saints. Catholics do pray to Marry and the saints while also holding a special place in their hearts which provides the unique spin on this myth. Mary and the saints are in heaven along with God, creating the desire and structure to pray to them along with God. Praying for guidance is not necessarily the same thing as worship.

Worship incorporates an entire doctrine. Praying merely requires a belief of existence. In fact, the fourth commandment provided in the Bible which is used by Christians and Catholic provides that we should honor thy father and thy mother. Of course, when praying and believing, Catholics are often merely following the commandment when they pray to Marry as she is the Virgin Mother, providing the life of Christ.


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    • profile image

      pius tongzum boniface 4 years ago

      we donot mary but honor her

    • profile image

      Richard 4 years ago

      They are asking for the saints to intercede on their behalf. They sometimes sing and pray in a respetitive chanting manner but it doesn't make them mental cases, it makes them fervent.

    • profile image

      penguin 6 years ago

      popycock I've witnessed them praying to saints and walking around blessed wells with beads in their hands while chanting like mental cases