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Can We Promote Amazon Affiliate Program with Paid Traffic?

Updated on September 5, 2011

It is a baffling question as to whether we can promote amazon affiliate program with paid traffic.About the same time in last year, amazon announced that it didn't approve direct paid traffic to its site to buy their products. From this statement, we can be assured that we can draw indirect paid traffic to its site.

amazon affiliate program

amazon associate
amazon associate

The Possibilities with Paid Traffic

It is an open secret that we can buy paid traffic to earn commissions. The common formula is Adwords plus ClickBank. So what should we do is to make a landing page, through which consumers can lead to amazon site and buy. We should give much thought to making the landing page.

Amazon saves cookies only 24 hours, which means you can only earn commission if users buy the products within 24 hours after clicking on affiliate link. But the question is how we can make sure they could buy it after looking at your page? One reason is Amercians have a strong consuming ability.

When we perform a search on a certain product on Google, we would find that there are so many product comparing sites. They earn money by price difference between advertising cost and commission from sales.

The Steps

First of all, product analysis. Consumers should have enough motives to buy the products. The cookies only lasts for 24 hours, so we should give the full descriptions of the product and evaluate motives. There are also free or paid keyword research tools available for you.

Secondly, make a landing page. There are many ways to make a landing page, product reviews, product description and comparisons are choices. For personal promotion, I would recommend making only one product description page.

Thirdly, cost control. Almost all investment involves risks, so you have to control your cost, which is money and time. What we should do is to making a test, and test again, till we know which is the right choice.

By the way, you can always place your adsense on the landing page, the click rate is not low.


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